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  1. Wee blast from the past. I spent far too much time on ollr back in the day. A great forum that eventually fell apart.
  2. Glasgow rentals have gone a bit mad this year. The unis have oversubscribed themselves with hundreds of students fighting over every flat. Fortunately my daughter kept her flat on so got it tied up before the craziness. Might not be so lucky next year
  3. Couldn't you put the shelving on the same wall as the steps? You must be enjoying not having to work on the street while running an extension cable from your flat window.
  4. Hopefully it won't be like my Santa Fe as its suspension components rotted away in the Scottish salty road environment.
  5. It drives well. Quite nippy with the 1.4 engine. I had to put a new oil cooler on the gearbox though after an FTP. Thought I'd killed the box, but after cooling down and an oil change, it was fine. First start after winter hibernation the engine temperature got a bit hot and the mot is up, so it's off the road just now. My maestro is under a cover in a shed too.
  6. Hello from a fellow maestro and Renault 5 owner.
  7. drum

    Austin Maestros

    That M reg must be one of the last AR maestros.
  8. It was a crying shame when many long term posters left two years ago. Bollox leaving is a knock on effect of that. Ask yourself how you contributed to it all.
  9. I think someone has tried to balance the bad moderation of two years ago with another bad moderation. Like when the ref realises he shouldn't have sent a player off, so sends one of the opponents off to make amends. The problem of course was with the first sending off. That and the fact the game was two years ago and it was a different ref! Maybe if Mr Bollox had made a stand against the poor moderation the first time around the forum wouldn't have lost so many members.
  10. When you find a tailgate seal, buy two please. Then sell me the second one for profit. Mine leaks too.
  11. A+ engine so should be good for a few miles. I've still got mine in a shed somewhere.
  12. It's hellish news. Met Richard a few times. Typical droll Scotsman and top bloke.
  13. They put traction control on the disco 2 but the diff lock was still there, hiding. I don't think the traction control needs to be disconnected though.
  14. Yes, that is the place where the fuel filter lives! I had to change mine when I had a TD5 disco after it started leaking, probably due to that daft location. Have a good look at the chassis rails beside the tank. They all rot there. Google the 3 amigos to find out more about your dash lights.
  15. Just joshing, although it does work 9 times out if 10. Double hex socket, often an imperial on a metric nut, or vice versa, belted on with a hammer. For that time it doesn't work, I've got a set similar to yours but in a red box. The Irwin set I've borrowed in the past didn't have such a good range of sizes. If even that doesn't work, I split the nut.
  16. Just hammer a smaller socket on it
  17. If I can offload something this week Mark, I'll give you a shout.
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