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13 minutes ago, Custard said:


Thanks for letting me in.

I have had much shite through the years and it's been great to see such shite appreciated.

My current shite is an 87 Reliant Rialto that I'm trying to get road worthy.

It came complete with tacky zebra print interior and a million spiders. Just waiting on a radiator and a few bits and bobs before I tax and insure it.



Welcome! You are in exactly the right place for this... :-)

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On 8/16/2020 at 10:32 AM, beko1987 said:

I've experienced it... My Zx buyer never posted again

Me too, and a good few years ago too.  My 323 buyer rocked up, paid the mega cheap price and was never seen or heard of again.  Still rankles with me.  It was a dead good car that I wanted to stay on the forum one way or another.  

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1 hour ago, goosey said:


thanks for letting me join this excellent forum,

hopefully be starting a thread on my day to day motoring woes soon if anyones interested in what it takes to run a 12 year old merc and a 24year old jeep plus all the stuff my son keeps buying.



Greetings welcome to the forum 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all, I'm horriblemercedes. You can probably guess that I have a horrible Mercedes.


I can gather a few pictures and make a thread if anyone is interested in seeing my old and current shite (a few shite and a few interestingish Vauxhalls for the most part)


I don't change cars that regularly so it won't be a very interesting one but might be of interest to someone. I'm always updating my shite shortlist in case I need something in a hurry. I love a defunct car manufacturer or an orphaned one (Rover and Saab are big favourites and UK market Cadillacs among many others)


I also have a soft spot for an unremarkable Ford or Vauxhall or Renner or Fiat or anything else really

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