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Autoshite in 2017 ?


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Hey Dave


First up, thanks for all your help behind the scenes.


As you indicate quite correctly in your post, it's 2017.  I reckon by now we really ought to be able to post with pictures from a mobile device without an extraordinary ball ache, switching modes, using 3rd party software and everything else.  I remember the great fire of 2016 vividly, but it's barriers like this that prevent me (and possibly others) from generating content.  I understand there's some romantic "autoshite" ethos about what's being used at the moment, but at some stage or another it'll have to change.  I guess I'd rather make that decision than having it forced on us by inevitable obsolescence.


Blogs would be good.


The only other thing I'd love, is if thread titles were clear.  We all love a pithy joke and "in" reference, but I (and others) miss stuff time and time again because of obscure thread names.


Otherwise, I'm happy.  I've all but given up on RR and haven't look at PH in about 3 months.  If we can clear more barriers, I'm sure content will increase and the environment will remain thriving.


Thanks again for all you do.

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Unfortunately this is not available on this version of board.

Am working on it though.

I'm sure you have explained that before as it has been a previous discussion so don't fret about it, it's only a minor grump really.


Thanks for the behind the scenes work that goes pretty much unoticed and unthanked.

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I wouldn't change much Mike, plus (sadly) whatever good idea someone comes up with, someone else will argue about.


Imho what we need is to be a bit stricter about stupid or troll threads. Remind people if they don't like the absolute crap posts being removed they're free to log out and find somewhere else to post bollocks. We don't need more arguments and shit.

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Señora  Ironía en un Palo asks if you can randomly limit the number of posts which any user can post in a 24hour period (except for those with a username starting with a "C")  then randomly assign the posts to topics and randomly limit the length of posts so that

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I'm all for anything that will allow the worst of the rhino wank threads to be scraped off the bottom and flushed away without any refunds or negotiation. If it was possible to barrel-bomb the homes of posters whose stuff gets 'flushed' more than once or twice I'd be all for that too.


Also leave the FS section mixed in with everything else, I like that. You can always click the for sale tag if you want to see a list of stuff for sale. Easy.

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Unfortunately this is not available on this version of board.

Am working on it though.

What's the restriction that causes this? Is it not just a case of copying over the part of the main theme for image upload into the mobile theme?


This is really the only thing that I think needs changing in the AS forumla.


Also thanks for the work in keeping the site up. I know from experience it takes a susprising amount of time to make sure things are kept up to date on production servers, without making everything explode and fall over.

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I know 'moar subsections' will go down like a sack of 16 plate audi a3, but maybe a 'projects' forum would help? So all the quality content that people complain gets buried amongst the general chat can go there and be more concentrated? I often don't see amazing stuff first time round because it's hidden amongst everything else, judging by the 'OMG Why didn't I see this before' posts on the same threads, it happens alot.


Then the main board can be car related stuff, and the open forum can carry on as that works quite well, I like to think we keep i fairly tidy.


The only issue with that is more work for Dave and Cav in keeping threads moved to the right place all the time.


Personally I can deal with the image upload on mobile issue, but then I rock a 5.7" phone so desktop view isn't a massive issue for me. I like the mobile view, and whilst image upload from within would be nice, it'd probably not worth a massive ballache


And maybe we need rules. All the hoo-hah about the cunt count etc. Even with my brief 6 years here the type of members has changed, I used to feel bad and almost out of place, but still welcome with my 1997 moderns, but we have people who don't own shite now, who hang about for the quality of the banter and the smell of the wood panneling. Fuck, we have some members who have NEVER posted about their cars. I know we can't be too strict, but we aren't just some random motoring forum, WE ARE AUTOSHITE! Maybe all new members have to make a blog/garage type pose and get 10 likes before they can post at all?

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I've not found it too difficult to post photos from my Androind phone on here: it just takes a bit of thinking through.

1) Open thread

2) Select "Full Version"

3) Click on "More reply options"

4) Select "Choose file"

5) Navigate to the photo you want to upload, and select it.

6) Click "Attach this file"

7) Once it's attached, you're ready to post the image, it'll have the little dot in front of it, but if you scroll to the right, you can click "add to post" and it appears wherever you've placed the cursor.

I've done this for this post.


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Me too, only thing I have to do if it's from my phone, is edit the picture in some form (doesn't matter what) otherwise it gets posted 'sideways'. I assume it's coz I'm on a devil's jizzum iPhone. 


Rest of the forum is fine as it is TBH, simplicity was always an attraction.

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Before we get too carried away suggesting about what/what not to add, hats off to Daveb47 for trying to improve this place. He without doubt has the real thankless task of doing so. 

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For God's sake don't touch anything!


This. Very much this. While I'd love for it to be easier to post pics from mobile (it's a serious faff, especially on the move), it's not a deal breaker because, actually, I really like a full post-caper report. Live reporting is always ARSE because you start off with lots of exciting train pics, then it goes silent while the lucky chap drives home. Everything else is fine as is. Autoshite has always been pretty resistant to change, and is all the better for it! #grumpyoldman

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<p>Make a separate for sale section, with 3 sub sections:

  • Cars
  • Car parts & car related tat
  • Tat
This would be best I think.


Cars for cars you own, work on, for sale stuff and cars you actually spot.


Car tat for all other car stuff and chat.


Off topic stays as it is.


Everything else I like as it is, I wouldn't tinker too much at risk of breaking something.

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      Sorry if this isn’t the way to do things but I’m really at a loss.
      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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