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  1. In Front of me right Now.. a lucky man!
  2. Famous Schlumberger ignition was standard on 504cc as of September 73.
  3. No Sir. That crown goes to the Peugeot 504!
  4. We never found the time to fix it. So there the Tagora goes. On the way to meet his brothers in Norway. Good struts, bits and pieces in the trunk. Will be a quick fix for the new owner.
  5. One thing I can promise a teenager, when you show up with this at your new girlfriend's, it's over.
  6. Spotted today, upside down Reliant, reborn Isetta????
  7. same size, other brand: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283414439454 Dean Hunter has it listed (Peugeot 3350.12 or 3326.34) http://www.peugeotparts.co.uk
  8. CA is the "numero CArrosserie", chassis number, the little tag left of the Peugeot plate, reading 117647 in your case.
  9. I don't know, check the graphic for what you need, then match the part with the reference on the right side by number. Roulement = bearing, jusqu'a = up to (VIN) , depuis = from (VIN). Maybe check page 37A as well....
  10. you need not publish the VIN to look up the part,no?
  11. What is so difficult about reading the VIN and then follow the link i posted where all the parts are shown in most beautiful graphics and the bearing sizes are nicely printed using easily readable text, it's not even comic sans.
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