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Great number plates - got any?

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A VW SUV of some sort. S40 TBC spaced as S4 OTBC complete with Norwich city football badge.

On The Ball City.

I rolled my eyes so hard I didn't need a rear view mirror. 



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I’d like this palindrome plate. Thanks to the font using the same character for zero and for O you would read the same in your mirror as you read before you overtook me.

Even if I fitted one of the plates upside down.


On a Discovery according to dvla. Most of the other palindrome registration numbers do not seem to exist, either not issued or not in use.

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Years ago there was a Lotus (or similar small sports car) that parked in the same block of garages mine was in. I recall it was XOO 100X, but this shows up as being on a 2CV that has been out of MOT for 5 years. 

Maybe my memory isn't what it was, but i know i saw that number several times, and not on a 2CV.

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1 hour ago, puddlethumper said:

Stutter, I reckon. Isle of Wu Wu Wight.

That reminds me I'm born and bred islander and I had a delivery driver who had a stutter. He kept going n n n n n n so i shouted out batman. I really couldnt help it and had to walk away when he delivered

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