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Reginald Nutsack's K-series Kapers - ROVER 623 MOT GUFF


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Oooh I love this Rob. I never used to be interested in them, but since getting dad's old one I am a convert. Really wafty, and very reliable. Mine's only a fairly low-spec one, it's a runout 1.8 petrol auto model, with alloys and that's about it in the way of options. GSI sounds most appealing.


RT is also a local reg to where I now reside - does that Rover dealer front plate carry the tag for Ames Rover, Bury St Edmunds perchance?

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Yes it was my fault, sorry.  HGF.  It had a leaky radiator, and I must've run it too low.  My 2.0 8v Mk3 Cav was similarly afflicted at the time, but they are bombproof and these Rondas aren't.

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Blimey, there's a blast from the past.

The Dopehead Castoff 214SEi ended up with me and kettled itself good and proper, then proceeded to fight me every step of the way during my ham-fisted repair attempts, culminating in a snapped head bolt during reassembly.  That was due to be the end of it and it was about 5 minutes from an appointment with the hiab until a guy I knew through one of my clients bought it off me, he was an ex-Rover mechanic and not only did he fix it, he used it to do a charity rally around Europe, raising several thousand pounds for charity in the process.  Apparently it was totally reliable over several thousand miles and apart from a new water pump it needed very little to get it fit for the trip.


So that one had a happy ending, although I don't know where the car went after that.

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6 minutes ago, Jenson Velcro said:

Does he post about his vehicular progress

Not really. 


28 minutes ago, Dave_Q said:

Moderated away I'm afraid, he is on twitter.

He gave up on the blue forum too. I get the impression he CBA with forums any more and prefers to share quality links on Twitbook instead. 

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Just re-read the hole fred, 10/10 for excessive effort spent on ungrateful A-R heapz. This is proper content.

Also a few old members/memories in the early pages of the thread.

RIP to:

  • Davenumbers
  • Spartacus
  • Buying a shitter with a few months tax on it and sending the disc back for a refund
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