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Found 1 result

  1. Yo, I bought this Rover 25 van off eBay a little while back for the bargian price of £325. obviously it came with a free kippered head gasket thrown in. I've never had time do do owt with it since but today i had a couple of hours AND I had had the forethought to bring it up the house so I would not need to set off down the garage! DRIVEWAY SURGERY, i've not done that for a while. I was annoyed cos the weather was so utterly shit today, you spend all week banging away at a computer in an office all week, the weekend comes and it pisses down all day doesnt it, flipping typical. ANyway by about 5 pm it had at least stopped lashing down even if it was still blowing a gale so I got wrapped up and got stuck in. I had a look at the throttle body. its one of these 'restricted' 84ps ones that only opens about 20%. In this case when you opened it loads of coffee cream comes glugging out!!! Nice. Anyway it didnt take that long to get it to bits. I was pleased to see it did not have a MLS gasket fitted, just the 'standard' single layer one with the rubber seal strip round the perimeter, much of which was no longer bonded to the gasket so it seemed a 'genuine' failure that a new gasket would cure. Hang on though whats that? Bloody helll!!! Its only got a hole in the piston hasnt it. I don't know whats caused this as the head looks OK on this pot, no bits of valves missing or owt. The shape of it and the fact that its right in the middle suggests its burned thorugh somehow but i'm not entirely sure how. Anyway I think the cheapest and easiest (and bodgiest) fix is to drop the sump and lob a secondhand piston in so now I am looking for a dead 1.4 bottom end, anyone got any suggestions?
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