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The oldest Land-Rover Series 3 around - new boots arrived


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Tyres removed, and prior to wire brushing.


Rust has crept into the seam, so unable to mechanically remove. My plan is to dunk in Bilt Hamber Deox C, and allow to remove the rust over a day or two.


It works much faster when warm, but after 12 hours still has more to do. But looking a helluva lot better already!


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After a little while longer it's all gone.


TBH, I was using it at the minimum strength of 1 kg to 20 water, so have ordered a bit more so I can do them faster. Still, it's not a bad result for little effort; all I did with the wire brush was to remove any flaking rust and paint.


I've now put a coat of galvanising primer on, and moved onto the next wheel.


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Eventually I got all 4 wheels clear of rust, and painted with galv primer. It made sense to get the tyres fitted at that stage, before the top coat in case of damage. 


No in-progress photos I'm afraid, but I painted them in 2-pack ivory colour, LRC354. My first time with 2k and I was worried about the paint setting in the can so gave rather a heavy couple of coats. So there are a few runs, but looks so much better!


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