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  1. The best one in Liverpool (Key Auto Electrical) closed down as he said the modern Bosch alternators and starters were too reliable! Combine that with cheap and cheerful crap from China and he said the writing was on the wall.
  2. Can’t you get your local rotating electrics place to service the existing one?
  3. Think it’s a Lotus Excel!
  4. Couple more loads today
  5. They’re all for Hampsons auction in Cheshire. All going under the hammer this afternoon amongst many more!
  6. Some classics and collectibles moved this week…
  7. Back on the road for £185 plus local taxes.
  8. I know you can’t tell until you cut the brake pipes, but the wall thickness of the pipe tends to be very good on the old Mercedes models. I replaced the rear section of my 190 due to an MOT advisory. It was only when I took the hacksaw to them that I knew they were years away from causing issues.
  9. I’m pretty sure it’s a 2014. First of the ‘new’ shape.
  10. Friend just WhatsApp’d me. His Transit Connect had just started running like a bag of shit and clonking and banging. Had to pull over at the side of the road. Looks like the engine and box are hanging out 😂
  11. Is that petrol station unmanned? We have one in Liverpool. Unsure of the brand but it’s significantly cheaper than more typical options.
  12. @mat777 , do you have anything you’d like to share with us?!
  13. Borderline euphoria alert….. Im putting a new engine in the Scirocco, soon. It’s complete apart from the air intake pipe from the air filter to the turbo. I thought it would be a nightmare to find one and I’d end up (unsuccessfully) trying to make something myself. Last available from VW dealers in 2016 for £190 plus VAT. €19 plus postage from Volkswagen Classic Parts in Wolfsburg. Arrived in 7 days! I’m a happy man!
  14. I’m now mildly petrified for Part 3…
  15. I’m sensing a crushing part two…
  16. One of the Merc forums recommended chain grease for mountain bikes to lube them with. Silicon chain grease perhaps? It was a fiver for a toothpaste tube sized amount from Halfords. I levered mine open a bit and squirted the lot in, hoping it would make a difference. And that it did! Must faster and no more juddering!
  17. You’re lucky you got the wiper apart. They had two suppliers at the time. One design was serviceable, the other wasn’t. Guess which I had?!
  18. Good advise for anyone rustproofing their car: When applying Bilt Hamber to the bottoms of your doors through the drain holes, please ensure your windows are fully UP! If they’re down, they’ll get very messy indeed.
  19. After a very very protracted search, I appear to have found the holy grail (in old VW circles) of a decent AAZ engine! Hoping to have it in the Scirocco, soon!
  20. Different machinery but take a look at this Merc 190 on Facebook. Last owner 16 years and 65,000 miles. Very very toppy for a four pot at £5,000. Now look at the body. Dent under the numberplate. Rear bumper looks really tatty. Gouge by OSR lamp. Really bad gouge across the rear quarter into the OSR door. ‘Hammer on’ wheel weights used on an alloy. Rotten at the OS lower corner of the rear window. If the rest of the car is as ‘good’ as what can be seen here, you’d double the purchase price at a stroke. These cars are really REALLY old now. Both the Ford and the Merc.
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