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  1. My Scirocco took a knock from the bin men. There was no black ice involved, only midsummers inattention! Nearly 9 years ago now 😬
  2. That’s sad re the Volvo. I hope you do t get fobbed off with an insulting amount.
  3. Good to see you back @BorniteIdentity 👍
  4. I’d say the same about BMW moving away from that lovely orangey red they had from day dot. Now it’s bright white and bloody awful.
  5. MJK 24

    Battery quality?

    You may have a faulty one. I spent a lot of money on a pair of genuine MAN batteries for one of our trucks and it failed inside a year. They replaced it no bother. Is it a good brand or a cheapo such as Lion? I have found Yuasa Silver to be superb on cars that are used infrequently, or used only for very short journeys. They’re a lot of money though. I also rate Exide and Varta. I did have a Bosch years ago that didn’t last as long as I would have hoped for.
  6. Sometimes running old cars feels like….
  7. I’ve enjoyed all the recent videos. Fleet tinkering I find really engaging. Best part of the channel I think. Shame the Yugo is going but I can well understand the reasons why. I think your stress levels will decrease nicely with a smaller, working fleet. Years ago, I had seven cars. Usually, most of them were broken and it was just a nightmare that I’m glad is behind me. Now, I have three and I can keep on top of them easily enough and the whole situation is just more enjoyable and sustainable for me.
  8. MJK 24

    '93 Mondy thread

    From nothing more than a passing glance, how come the saloons make up such a high percentage of survivors? I’d have guesstimated than 80-85% of new sales would have been hatch and estate?
  9. I hired a car in Faro about 7 or 8 years ago. I usually use Air Auto but they were fully booked so I ended up reluctantly using one of the big brands. I think it was Avis. Anyway, I saw they had Dacia Sandero’s on their fleet and was hopeful of getting one of those. I went to the desk and the girl got my paperwork. I looked down nosily and noted I had been allocated a Megane. Only when she saw I had my own insurance cover sorted, she excused herself and went into the back office with the paperwork. She came back a minute or so later and the Megane had changed to a Sandero!! They must have thought they were trying to punish me!
  10. My top tip for hiring cars like a skinflint…. Choose the smallest car they have, C1, Up etc but tick the box for ‘automatic’. They probably won’t have one and voila, free upgrade. You just have to be prepared for the 1 in 50 chance they do actually have one available and roll with the punches if that happens…
  11. The wheels suit it! How does the AC compare to a modern car?
  12. 2 x Merc 190 ball joints changed in the sleet. Much heat was required. So we had the whole hot cold thing going on. Time for a super warm shower now. I’m knackered.
  13. MJK 24

    Jumbuck Shiting

    Cool machine. A friend worked one as a daily for about ten years! It think it was weighed in just before the pandemic. Only photo I have of it hiding behind my old 124!
  14. Pat has a new van and it runs on veg…
  15. I didn’t think that Autodoc would deliver exhausts to the UK?
  16. What was the cause of failing to proceed? Has the high pressure pump thrown its hand in?
  17. We had a 1.9d estate for a few years that was great considering everyone else considered it end of life. It was G reg and we got it in 1999 with a snapped timing belt and in need of spheres, accumulator, a good service etc. I can’t remember the reg sadly. A friend had a nice 16v. Pretty sure it was H474 YGF.
  18. Lotus Elise, just outside Sorrento, Italy 🇮🇹 Tuesday, 29 July 2014, 19:29 precisely!
  19. My Dad paid £14,000 for a very nice 2014 Audi A8 just after the first lockdown. The original owner paid £72,000. £805 down the drain every single month for six years. The mind boggles.
  20. Bloody hell! I wonder how your local dealer would want to proceed if there’s significant corrosion around the rear seatbelt mounts? I imagine that they’d be looking more towards buying it back instead of trying to repair it.
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