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  1. Fuck me this Focus is 12 years old. Look at the price of the the thing!!
  2. I think the car could and should have been much better. I really don’t see the Golf as a competitor at all though. The only common ground is their dimensions. The German Deutschmark was very strong against the pound. Combine that with the Golf being more ‘premium and advanced’ and I’d guess the price differential must have been 15 to 20%?
  3. The Ford 1.0 Ecoboost is just under £1,000 plus VAT to the trade. A garage I use has fitted several. I think they’ll be charging around £450 for an engine swap. So including the VAT you’re in around £1,750 ish
  4. Not one 2CV boiled over in todays heat! 😉
  5. Did the Quadra have a carbon fibre prop shaft or is that one of my more crazy dreams?!
  6. Attended a car show this morning and spotted this 1983 Toyota Starlet. At a rough guess, it was 9% turbo by weight. Power? Just the 379bhp 🤯 Excuse shite photos…
  7. See if you can fit a transparent fuel hose between the filter and the injection pump. Then you can see if it is sucking in lots of air. I suspect it may be. That’s what will stop an old diesel from running!
  8. I don’t think I’d be overly upset if the people responsible for the theft of the cars suffered life changing injuries.
  9. The £42 would irritate more more than the £9.50 I think!
  10. What’s all the crap that’s congealed inside the alloy castings? Anti freeze beyond its sell by date? I take the path of least resistance with old VW’s. You can get all this sort of stuff delivered next day. I used to have to hunt around for Alfasud stuff. It was always hard work finding parts and that was a decade ago.
  11. Fits early Alfasud plus others from that era. I imagine you’ll realise an easy £50 for that.
  12. What car did Mike Brewer bring?
  13. What machinery did the Hamster man arrive in?
  14. MJK 24

    PPC Magazine

    I have a subscription to Evo. I’ve been reading it since day one. It was brilliant, 20 years ago. I would be on edge waiting for the next issue. I flick through it these days and probably read only 10% of the content. If that. Is part of the decline due to the never ending vilification of the internal combustion engine? People are just giving up?
  15. That’s an apology of a breakfast roll! Good luck…
  16. “I don’t care. Do what you want!” Did he pay for this with his own money?!
  17. MJK 24


    That’ll be the gross weight I reckon. Kerb weight around 1,200ish kg?
  18. One of the back doors on my daily hasn’t opened (from the outside) since 2019! I just make sure all the rear seatbelts are fastened when I take it for test!
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