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  1. Well, that’s totally knackered. I’m surprised it worked at all (r50 MINI clutch release bearing if you don’t recognise it)
  2. It’s pretty depressing to see the previous ‘restoration’ work carried out on both your Midget and Dolomite. Lots of bodged on patches covered over with thick filler and a shiney coat of paint. Do you know if they were ‘professionally’ restored or done by enthusiastic amateurs. Very pleased to see you make the effort to do things more thoroughly.
  3. Spotted the flying banana in Plymouth this afternoon. looking good with the hood down, and the exhaust sounding fruity. 👍
  4. Trying to work out if that is a V8 planter in the garden. Cool if so
  5. Is that paint prone to fading easily? I’d be interested to see if it retains its gloss for a fair period of time. Is the Meguiars one of the new ceramic based waxes? Sorry for all the questions, but I’m fed up with cutting back faded paint, waxing it and then having to do it all over again in 2 months time.
  6. It’s already lasted 30 years with no rustproofing to speak of, so with the work you’re doing now it should last even longer. It might be a big bill now but you have a ‘new ‘ car which should be relatively easily maintained for years to come. They’re reasonably crude but hugely competent for undertaking the tasks you require of it.
  7. Oof, don’t know what the dilemma is? GIB
  8. Much like for the hard acceleration through the tunnels
  9. Knowing you only through your posts on here, probably yes…… but then you also have plenty of other things to sort as well
  10. Put it in the back of your van, drive up and park around the corner and ride in claiming to have ridden all the way!
  11. Gold’ weld’ is probably where the panel was brazed on.
  12. Why frequent oil changes are a good idea
  13. Trying to work out how the garage was originally constructed. Will you rebuild the same way or is there some other method of making it more storm proof? What’s the verdict on the Plymouth?
  14. I’m guessing that if it was in a cricket shed it will be some shonky old 4x4 that has been used to tow a gang mower around the outfield. Daihatsu Fourtrak?
  15. Having just removed the front end on my MINI together with radiator, inlet manifold, alternator etc, etc to just change the water pump it does beg the question: Are all moderns packaged like this or are some designed to be worked on?
  16. Jenson Velcro


    Is it fitted the right way round? Usually there’s an arrow showing direction of flow.
  17. Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like a solution to a problem that didn’t really exist.
  18. Intrigued by the tyre inflation comments. What’s so special?
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