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  1. That’s the one. Must’ve been getting hot working behind the bar that day!
  2. A great trip, thanks for sharing. No mention of Kelly though………..?
  3. That has gone really fast. Sorry to hear about the job though, and to do it whilst you are away on holiday absolutely stinks. Looking from the outside, you have to be better off in the long term away from that environment. The way you have been treated for the past few years is appalling, and I’m sure your skill set and personality will soon find another job. You’ll then quickly look back and wish you made the change ages ago. Onwards and upwards.
  4. Have you got one of those micro inspection cameras on a flexy stalk? Either with its own screen or a usb connection to a laptop. You could have a quick look in the spark plug hole or down the inlet if you take a carb off if you do
  5. Does the RV8 have hydraulic tappets? If so would they compress if a valve is sticking, rather than moving the valve fully. Tapping them as SiC’s suggestion would then be more likely to free up a sticky valve
  6. I should think you have quite a large collection of middle names: fearless, hero, Buster, Gonad to name but a few
  7. Aren’t their plates yellow/orange or are there different ones for ‘historic’ vehicles
  8. It will be good to follow it on here rather than lurk on the blue
  9. Zap Xebra 3 so will they be using this for the next remake of Starsky and Hutch?
  10. Getting some practice in on Simms?
  11. Always interested in your exploits and have lurked/ followed your progress on the blue for ages. Not too keen on the censorship now though. Opens potential can of worms…. Don’t mention the m word
  12. Not sure you’ll want them sneaking into your bedroom to nibble your nuts
  13. Is throwing a rod a common problem with those engines? What do you think caused it?
  14. The sun is out and I had some time to myself so went along to the local autojumble. Nothing worth buying but plenty of interesting vehicles
  15. Copper poisoning looking at the colour of him
  16. Blimey, I wouldn’t have expected you to still have the Merc by next month let alone put it through an MOT.
  17. Try looking for lockuts or lokuts. They are available round as well as square.
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