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Found 2 results

  1. I've cross-posted this on the Rover800 forum as well, but thought I'd open it up and share it with you. Any input or bright ideas will be much appreciated. R227NOJ has been mine for a few months now. For FREE. It works 100% and just needs tax / insurism to hit the road. But, I don't want to press it into service until it's had a cambelt change. It's never had one in 15 years, which isnt a great idea on a KV6. So, with a long weekend to enjoy, the head-scratching started in earnest this morning, first, some photos. Mark at the bottom of the o/s passenger door will have to be investigated, I hadn't noticed it until I uploaded the pic... Generally extremely straight, there are a few parking ripples on the doors that I shall employ a friendly chap with pushy-pully tools to have a fiddle with. Nothing much wrong in here, actually needs a damn good clean, isn't as spotless as it looks in the photos. Fortunately I know a friendly Pole who's a dab hand with a steam cleaner and accepts payment in Lager. Could probably do with a few more miles on the clock. This is the worst bit of rust I've found. Surface stuff on the wheelarch rim (of course) which will need attacking as soon as possible. Of course, I've not been underneath or behind the bumpers, hopefully there shouldn't be anything sinister lurking. This bit desparately needs to not be a stumbling point. It starts literally on the button and sounds beautiful. No hint of tappety-ness or belty-ness, nothing untowards at all. Temperature seems fine. Basically in rude health. But has never had a cambelt change. I'm now in a quandary to working out how best to tackle things. I've invested £170 so far on a set of belts. The question now is whether to invest further cash on a reasonably priced man to do the job for me, or to dive in at the deep end and do the job myself. Bear in mind, of course, that I don't have a locking kit, although as Richard points out, doubtless one could be fabricated. Access looks like being an utter toerag. I'm guessing that, without recourse to an engine-out job, I'm best popping the o/s engine mount and lifting the engine a couple of inches for a bit more clearance, but that'll only help with the main belt. The two small belts on the nearside will call for removal of the induction manifold to get to. So, to pay or to do? How would you hit it?
  2. Hello Everyone So I thought I would make a topic about my YouTube channel and my cars and project. So for those who don't know 4 years ago I bought my first car a 1975 Rover P6 2.2SC manual and I made a video on the car and then I made another and another and it became popular ( God knows why LOL!) and people started subscribing and people really seamed to like what I was doing so I carried one and it never really stopped! So I created this topic to connect with some viewers and two see your cool projects and no it does not have to be a Rover! Mostly I just want to chat to people about there projects swap ideas and chat about cars and of course if you have a cool car that I could film that would be great =) Thanks for looking and look forward to seeing your cool stuff!
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