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Shite racing. 24 hours of Lemons, 'merica, October.


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12 minutes ago, sutty2006 said:

Chodspeed y’all. May the shite be with you. 

do you have a motor in the pipe line? 

Thank you kindly, Sir.

Car, yes. It's participating in another race in a few weeks and if it survives, then it's mine. Well, I get a share of it. It's mechanically excellent and well-suited to track use, caged etc, but cosmetically it is completely shagged out. Will reveal later as I don't want to jinx it. 

Previous cars I've admired at Lemons have included the RoLex - a Rover SD1 with a Lexus engine swap, and the ChoTus, a Lotus Elite with a Chevvy engine swap. 'My' car is a bit more sensible.

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24h of lemons probably is my favorite form of motorsports full stop. And while I haven't really been following any races I'm always hyped about the shit people come up with to go racing in, and over the years there has been a lot of mental stuff that made it past inspection. An aircraft powered mr2 or speedycops upsidedown Camaro (or almost anything from them really) for example.


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Weird signing a form with next of kin details.. anyway, done! 

Here's a tiny, terrible picture of a tiny, terrible car. Our car. It's currently having a new gearbox fitted and some replacement ARBS. I'm actually looking forward to the weather there, it's going to be cold and the car has no heater. 


Anyone got any shite tips for the race, or for spending some time in Boston?

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Jesus, hotels are expensive in Boston. Might just kip in the RV we have rented for the race weekend.

Race license [sic] procured, am going to rent racewear when I’m over there as it’s cheaper than buying new kit in the U.K. There’s a pre-race BBQ with cold beer and fresh lobster. I tend to puke after 45 mins of karting even on an empty stomach. I wonder if I can keep my guts together for a 2 hour stint… 

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On 01/09/2022 at 21:43, motorpunk said:

Might just kip in the RV we have rented for the race weekend.

For the 2CV 24-hour last weekend, I slept on a camp bed in the back of the L3H2 Relay we hired to shift the race kit.  Surprisingly comfortable!

Bonne chance, Rich 😎

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3 hours ago, hairnet said:

bawston aint cheap cuzz

airbnbs were asking hotel prices

it was that much money i decided to fly into canada instead

Boston is the cheapest place to reach by plane from England, that was the starting point when deciding which race to join, and I've always wanted to see the city. I'm also in "fuck it" mode regarding the costs because I just NEED to do this. We have 1 night in Boston (4 of us in a $300 room), then 5-6 nights in an RV, packed in sardine-style. 

Can't wait :)

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I am never, ever drinking again. My organs and bank balance can’t take it.

Coffee is five bloody quid. Vehicles here are predictably massive and horrible. I’m hoping to spot some chod when we get out of Boston. Racewear I’ve rented is here, it pongs a bit, HANS device looks like some sex apparatus and is uncomfortable. It’s pissing with rain and our racecar has no roof and no heater. I’m chomping through painkillers and am never drinking again

Oh, and the hotel is some gay hotspot with communal showers and bunk beds with romantic lyrics above them. 







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