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  1. Ah yes, Amsterdam. Home to some of the best museums in the world (Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House, Van Gough museum), and some of the worst (The Sex museum). The Heineken experience is good though, and The Louwman museum is a great car museum in the hauge, not too far away. I used to travel to Amsterdam semi regularly with work, and getting off the first flight of the day with a load of lads and ladettes wondering where to get high, have a steak and giggle at wimmin in a window was always something. With all of the activities, I would recommend a visit to all, just visit some of the former museums. Amsterdam is trying to clean up its act, and seems to be semi working. Either or, good city break.
  2. I’d guess it’s done 128k on that half a tank though?
  3. I’ll try and get along to this, albeit I seem to be very busy. But I’d like to attend something AS related.
  4. A 75° would be a bit too cool to me. I think early M50s were 88° and then in the 90s on later cars. An 88° is a good compromise.
  5. https://www.c3bmw.co.uk/thermostat-housing-m50-m52/p/578 I put this one on an M50 a couple of years ago, it’s been fine and I’ve added a little coolant in the time since which isn’t unreasonable. I don’t have a real love for Ali bits like thermostats and waterpumps. Plastic is fine 99% of the time.
  6. ^^ wot e said. I usually overfill it and raise the nose. Run it with the cap off so it can’t build too much pressure and give it a few revs.
  7. I saw this earlier so had to find the Volvo collection, to bring myself to speed. Few points: 1. Sleeper trains ROCK. 2. Volvo V70 T6s ROCK 3. German cars that aren’t a boring shade of grey/silver/black ROCK. Well bought. GT models with a reasonable spec are rare, and the late mk7 is probably the best golf to buy currently. Looks like the dealer took care of you well, too! I’m sure it will be reliable and a good driver too, also so you don’t have to take it to Uncle Arnie’s too frequently.
  8. Focus on the positives, you’ve got this. You’ve fitted new parts and it will be fine. Just raise up the nose to bleed it up. I’ve done plenty, and messed a few up with no dire consequences.
  9. I ended up doing some tinkering today, unplanned. I was home alone and couldn’t go out as we were waiting on a cherry picker to be delivered, so I thought I’d check into why there’s a mild belt noise from ‘the old bus’. My winter work on it was to look at the fanbelt bits and sort them out, while it’s seeing very little usage. First, whip the fan out, and various plastic piece, and find it amusing how basic this plastic piece looks on early E36s. later ones are better. This looks almost plastic welded together. Take a picture of the belts so as not to forget how the belt is routed (not that this one is complex). Spin the ‘deflection pulley’ and tensioner pulley and find they’re both free spinning, and one is even a little loose. I suppose after 30 years they’ve done their part. Then receive a call that thy can’t drop it off due to the weather (?), so it will have to be next week. Realise I can go out, and decide to nip to our friends at euro nobheads for a couple of bits. A new deflection pulley and tensioner. Amazingly they got the right parts, and weren’t even that rude about it. Good quality bits, as this is a nice, low mileage car. BMW now recommend fitting a hydraulic tensioner, and sell a kit to convert it. While I’m sure it’s better somehow I never had troubles with the sprung ones, and they’re £50 cheaper. If this one fails I’ll fit a hydraulic one. The original tensioner was a git to get out. It was close to removing the front pulley, but I was hesitant to do this. With 1/4” tools and a tiny bit of bolt rounding it came out. I had to take the pulley off of the tensioner to get better access. This shows how much easier it is to get the newer style ones in. New bits back in, and belt on. I think the belt is just barely long enough, the current one is a 1540mm, and a 1555 would be easier to slip over the tensioner. Put all of the other bits back on, test drive tomorrow as everyone was home now and I had to help out with dinner.
  10. This sounds like it’s shit its timing chain. Cam correlation and the HPFP is driven off of the timing chain too.
  11. The Opel wheel for me. Then the Momo wheel can go In the S500! Unless it doesn’t fit…
  12. I don’t have a lot to say apart from ‘YAY SENATOR’ because I have an unhealthy appetite for senators with 24 valves. Looks like a massive pain though, so well done. As you say one step closer. And as for the tosser working on the E65… I’d give up and take it to a generalist garage that are actually helpful. What do people think when they don’t do work that it’s booked in for? That because it’s got a snapped spring that you’re going to weight it in? I had the same years ago getting an E46 rear wheel bearing done as I don’t have a press. I’d book it in, and on the day they would call and tell me actually they wouldn’t touch it. They all said they’d happily do a front, which didn’t help at all.
  13. Good stuff, after following this through the initial buyers remorse and finding out it’s a nice Sierra I think you’re quids in. These small jobs are really satisfying, and should give you confidence that for buying an 80s Ford sight-unseen you’ve been very lucky.
  14. As it’s known, ‘the old bus’ went straight through its MOT last week, and the insurance renewal for it was £30 down, so I had to buy something, as a result. I’m a sucker for period correct accessories, and spotting a genuine BMW OSRAM spare bulb kit, I came over all @LightBulbFun and it had to be bought. How lean the number of models used to be…!
  15. In which case I’d break it too. Effort for messing around is little! E36 can do well for fuel range too, but a 65l tank will do that. If very gentle and on the motorway I can do 420 miles before the light comes on.
  16. Just thought I’d weigh in here as I’ve had the renewal through for my E36 320i. The price paid last year for insurance was £308, with me and the good lady (she’s had two at fault claims, car stolen, found, bought it back and then crashed it), for a classic policy doing 2,000 miles per year, garaged et al. I was concerned this year with the general rise in prices, and the level of pisstaking that seems to have happened I was concerned. This year? £275. Well, okay. I’ll take that. I had a quick shufty on the comparison sites and nothing came all that close, or with breakdown cover included. Insurance is still a mystery to me, and I’m sure I’ll be suitably shafted come June when my daily renews.
  17. Thank you for posting this. The only diesels I’ve owned are common-rail ones and wouldn’t take to diesel well (BMW M57). I used to live near an Olleco depot and walked past every day to get to where I parked the car. There was always a certain smell about it, and the pavement even was oily sometimes it seemed. Some of the old farming types I know pull the batteries on things when storing them for the winter, instead of leaving them on the concrete floor. Wondering if even that will help your oils from blooming in cooler weathers?
  18. Ah nice, you should be fine in that case. For the collar, it’s the same. BMW TIS recommends a special tool (obviously), however they say to turn anti clockwise from below, so maybe it’s clockwise from above?
  19. Nice job. Waterpumps can give issues, but like you said Americans seem to change them with every oil change. If it’s not been done changing the viscous coupling is a good idea. Looking at it yours has an electric pusher fan though, so won’t overheat too badly if that viscous is weak. BMWs with a six cylinder really love to crack heads if you overheat them, especially iron blocked ones. Usually a small overheat is okay though. Comma G48 is the correct coolant to use, and readily available. With the suspension sorted it will be excellent to drive, and hopefully reliable too.
  20. I think you’re right. Last time someone bummed the plates off of my car and used them to steal petrol, Halfords were expensive and the only place open.
  21. Red looks good to me. Nick does great work too, I’ve had a few sets from him. Not cheap, but what else can you do?
  22. One more. The Manumasturbator. Oh it’s an auto? SHAME. I bet it would be really nice as a manual, the manual would be way faster, the manual would be better to drive, the manual would solve my piles etc, etc… On topic though, awards are kind of poo. How would you award for a bangerfest? Shittest car? Least shit car? Most bodges implemented to barely scrape an MOT? The Piers Corbyn award for best in show Cavalier?
  23. Thanks, Dave. Appreciate the info. I’ll have a go should people want an easy way to access. Plus it brushes up on some skills that are relatively rusty. You can also use Postman for calling the API easily, locally. I use PM professionally for running queries on APIs for our own software and others.
  24. I see @Dave_Q has a key for the DVLA service, and I’d he’d be willing to supply it to me, between Christmas and NYE I could put together a little page on my site to run the queries. It’s been a few years since I worked with cURL requests, but I’m sure it could be sorted easily enough. Failing that I’ll bung £50 on UKVehicleData, but lock it down to avoid abuse of it.
  25. Frohe Weinachten, Herr Schaefft. Amsterdam is great for spotting, and I think I saw a few when we were last there in November. I took a friend to Berlin and we managed to spot a couple of good ones too, even one solemn DIN-plated car. E39s look great, glad the trip was a success. I’ve got a load of magnetic UK and GB plates from when I inevitably forget to take one with me and have to buy one at the boat or train. The Grepo and Zoll stopped me earlier in the year, near Flensburg and the border with Denmark. They were nice to be fair, but I had to laugh when they asked if I had over €15,000 in cash. I wish!
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