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Autoshite forum funding


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  • 2 weeks later...

I'll tot up how much has come in this evening, but for the moment will close this off, as we've clearly made enough for the next few months.  Many thanks to all who have contributed.

I am still looking at the possibility of hosting with another provider, or possibly linking with another forum to share costs, as our current provider is getting a tad expensive.  More detail on this as and when I have it.

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  • 3 months later...

I've not run this in a fair while, and costs have been skyrocketing recently, so I have absolutely no doubt that the accounts are somewhat in the red.  Still, with the very good work that SiC has done recently, we're expecting those monthly costs to drop back down again (He's had a really good clear out of un-needed "stuff" on the hosting account)

So.  End of March and just before April's payment was due, we had £15.27 in the kitty.  The fundraizer run at that point up until today has raised £295.45, meaning a grand total of £310.72

Costs have been:

April:  £106.26
May:  £103.41
June: £104.16
July:  £136.95
Aug:  £154.22

Essentially, the previous fundraiser took us roughly up to June's payment, with July taking the account into the red.  It's currently (£294.28) in the red, which is (roughly) July and Aug.  This is my fault, I've had rather too much on my plate recently, but the payments have been covered by me, so no problems there.

Sooooo.... as per before, the fundraiser can be found here:


Unfortunately, despite KoFi being superbly easy to use, when it transfers balance to Paypal, it's considered a business transaction, so some fees are lost.  On the back of that, if anyone wishes to make a "friends and family" paypal payment directly into the Autoshite Paypal account, (IE bypassing KoFi's fees) that would be most welcomed.  The email address to make a payment to is


For anyone making a payment by anything other than paypal, or indeed would prefer not to use friends&family to make the payment that is no issue at all and payments through KoFi are very welcome indeed.  Sending direct by Paypal friends&family is absolutely optional.  But is also welcomed to avoid fees.

I will, as before, leave this open for a while, to allow everyone who uses the forum to see this and contribute if they wish.  With luck, this will cover the last two months, plus a bit for the expected reduced costs next month.

The explanation for the weird email address on page 1.

Many thanks to all contributors, large, small or anything in between.

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