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  1. Now that’s scale realism 🤣
  2. Because I’m a big kid I tore it out the packet 😂 it’s a cracking casting though!
  3. Scored some bargains there @bunglebus was it busy? Looks like I saved myself a few quid having the plague!
  4. That’s a lovely thing, I’m not jealous at all! Three cheers for @Datsuncog 👍
  5. There a grocer not a toy shop, much bigger margins elsewhere!
  6. Some fantastic mini shite on here today 👍
  7. Those Corgi bona/binz ambulance are a variation rabbit hole - don’t get sucked in! I don’t think there’s any crossover to the saloon either.
  8. Granny’s are by MCG - Model car group.
  9. £60 because no box, they were £75 at the last fair in a selection of shades 👍
  10. £11 for cash surely 😂
  11. I have not been to another Toyfair, I can stop at anytime you know 😂 My partner in crime will post pictures, but a few to whet the appetite: Totally derailing the thread however, are these wonderful O gauge meths filled high speed smoking flammable trains - this toy fair has a model railway layout running and the air is thick with flammable spirit 😳😁
  12. Got round to disinfecting my haul of (wait for it….) 3 for a £ majorettes and others! Hidden beneath all the pretty things in a box on a floor were these chipped and battered yet throughly enjoyed selection - I was grinning like a 7 year old, not a 47 year old 😁 Yup thats a Corgi Dodge Magnum! Snowmobile is majorette and has a lovely rubber belt track beneath too. Heading iver to the £ selection (it was a surprise day, let me tell you!) is this corgi and Husky selection, and a couple of 800 which I always collect when I see them. Finally I had to pay a pint for these two 😁 Pretty happy with that AND they wernt on the floor in a box of disease 🤣 So bargains can be had at Toyfairs its the luck of the draw 👍
  13. Too late 🤣 At least one of us snaffled it, as ever great Tat picking sir 👍
  14. @Datsuncog in the unlikely event you have made remorseful Siku purchase and there is not a queue, hit me up 👍
  15. There’s hundreds* well quite a few, I’ve never seen one, not even a battered one! Job lots of things do turn up though, like all those Schabak Scorpio’s a few year back. I’m hovering over the BIN button now 😁
  16. That is a smart X19! Is it a regular issue or a mothercare one? @Vincent Velocette that Sunbesm Lotus is lovely! Is it a L&L models shell on a TT02?
  17. Put them up here dozen loose misery/mystery parcel £10 posted 😁
  18. Some more of todays finds, more £5 Corgis from a very nice man, all equally nice! I’ve always wanted an A60 driving school car and now I have one, ditto the VW pick up. The SLC I cant help grabbing, (I have stopped counting now!) The SM is impressively heavy, and like the SLC in that corgi scale between 60’s size and 1/36. 1/40th perhaps? Some more of that sexy metallic brown Tagora! The vision of Browness is flanked by two beauties - on the right the £7 Dinky Viva is just lovely with an opening bonnet and boot. On the left a new one of me and a £8 this time! Its A Guisaval Renault 17. It has an impressively curved base plate, which seems entirely intentional, its really heavy and the doors are an opening piece of art. The sort of thing @barrett would pick up (if he collected toys, which he doesn’t ). My pictures are somehow doing the paint a disservice too - it has a lovely finish in the flesh.
  19. Its amusing to me that Rich took pictures of the same stalls as me but with good hours difference between 😁 I even made the same purchase for a pound! @barrett definitely worth a visit to your local shows, but expect weirdos and grown adults behaving like zombies if you get there bang on opening time!
  20. The king mini-autoshite? A brown Tagora 😎 Made by “Cougar” no less 😳 even though i think its a Solido casting. So what can you get for a fiver these days? You might be suprised… all needed a little scrub and a polish to beautify them, and each has a pefect patina of a well loved toybox - these were never launched out upstairs windows of shot at with air rifles like mine 😉 - all procured at the toy fair earlier, where we found sellers were very reasonable or unpriced sucking teeth overpriced experts! First up the 80’s 1/36 selection - Rancho, 505, 325, Escort. Corgi certainly gave you play value with these - everything opened, the BMW got a sliding sunroof and the Rancho even got a fold flat back seat with a lever under the base akin to the Renault 16 probably 16 years earlier.
  21. Me and @bunglebus have had a Tat filled spend up at the (frankly) too big toyfair, which I’m sure Rich will agree, small is beautiful. I was there drooling for 2 1/2 hafh hours 🤣 A few snaps to whet your appetite, for once it wasn’t just all diecast: There was some solid gold shite too 😂
  22. You could get it as a 1/10-1/12 RC too.
  23. Just a diversion, but Rolling Thunder had a 2 stroke Detroit diesel in FTW👍 https://www.motortrend.com/reviews/0610dp-1972-dodge-van-monster-truck/amp/ Oh and it was the inspiration for Tamiya’s Vanessa’s Lunchbox as a bonus!
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