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  1. Youngest home from work with a very good fathers day present! Even waxed them 😆
  2. That 500 is ACE @bunglebus 🏁
  3. I bought myself a majorette 718 Boxster, my little niece (who I’m slowly brainwashing!) said is that for me and I buckled, was lovely to see the packet ripped open though 🤣
  4. I still love the Lasers, they just looked right but they also came out as I was too big for toy cars! I still have a few though! This is worth a read: https://lamleygroup.com/2020/09/20/matchbox-monday-goes-back-to-the-80/
  5. The moon eyes beetle is terrible yet fantastic! Crying out for big and little O rings tyres.
  6. Don’t encourage him, that’s @bunglebus ‘Days Gone’ and ‘Yesteryear’ stash, it’s why he hides it in the loft! For example one of those boxes contains nothing but MIB Model T vans with ‘TV Times’ fictional livery 😉
  7. That 205 looks like it was crafted after 10 pints! I’m living those Baja beetles 😎
  8. Lovely score on the Majorettes @bunglebus you did well 👍
  9. I was just about to claim that fact 🤣 I have an ELC 1-75 3 pack if anyone is after it.
  10. Todays finds - a whole £1 the 3! Two Hotwheels and a Marx - I think I did ok 😁 Poor things suffered being tread on, but it’s a lovey casting if very small - 50mm probably.
  11. That’s a BMW M1 so close to a Lamborghini as they built ‘em! Oddly I have just bought a miniature one too! I’d say this a a matchbox homage.
  12. I’m pleased to say the little P6 is new one too me - even in this day age you can get a surprise!
  13. Might be congealed grease locking them too?
  14. Cor Dempsey & Makepeace Escort!
  15. Cor Dempsey & Makepeace Escort!
  16. Cor Dempsey & Makepeace Escort!
  17. I have spent a good half hour on that Zodiac toys website and it’s a GOLDMINE of 80’s toy tat, not just got the lads, wives and girlfriends will love this too! https://zodiactoys.wordpress.com/instore-displays/ Any way check out these fabulous photos, better than any Easter egg this Sunday 👍 Batman Corgi gift sets? Batteries not included…. MC Toys? Yatming? This display must resemble @bunglebus spare room 😉 Superkings anyone? Post meltdown Corgis Britains display would be worth a bomb today. Finally the MOTHERLODE 😳 Inagine being stood in awe for half hour before carefully squandering your birthday money 🤣
  18. Zodiac toys sticker on the Buggy! That must be late 80’s at the newest! https://zodiactoys.wordpress.com
  19. By Javelin is a great colour too, the late journalist Tony Beadle ran one in Street Machine I recall.
  20. Nothing wrong with an Outback, surprisingly capable little thing 👍
  21. Yup, but through sleeves. It’s not that clean anymore either!
  22. So I bought one of these, and pulled it apart - then put it on a set of steel chassis rails (it’s a bit more complicated than that, I made improvements, upgrades the speed controller, shorter shocks etc) but by and large that’s about it! https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/421338?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlaDI7qOK9wIVQrTtCh1FUQKuEAQYAiABEgJLkPD_BwE
  23. Today I took my radio controlled 1/10th GMC crawler out for some slow speed thrills, its a bit of a home brew on a steel chassis and is too heavy really, but it has phenomenal torque and hill climbing ability - it is however bloody slow 🤣 Locked diffs and coil over shocks on each corner, 540 motor and transmission in the middle and battery and steering servo both over the front axle for weight distribution. It still cocks a front wheel in the air regardless! You can happily go up to about 60 degrees before it wants to cartwheel backwards. The truck is a GMC K10 replica, it has a lexan (clear plastic vacuum formed) Jconcepts shell, which is supplied clear and you spray from the inside. It will scuff, but it’s pretty flexible when you crash it. This means the white stripe and chrome were masking inside out and right pain, before the green was sprayed over the top - but from the inside! I then weathered the outside of the lexan and sealed with a flat top coat. It’s a scale 10 footer 😉 These tyres are just for trailing and not great for hill climbing as the gentle tread pattern isn’t ideal - the 8 spokes are proper split rim beadlock stop the tyres spinning in the rims to keep the traction coming. They also rub the arches as the diameter is too large really.
  24. Accidentally hit on a village hall full of shite, sorry antiques fair earlier - £3 each was fair enough, Charger because from a time when you could put a confederate flag on a toy (!) but the Corgi SL is lovely too 👍
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