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  1. I can see the Unimog being a rabbit hole of various colours and types….
  2. Spotted this earlier and said to the wife “New Hotwheels in” and yes I did resist, though I’m regretting it now 😁
  3. The flip front coupled to the general awkwardness of the Monza would have made that a proper treasure as a kid. I’d have lost the flip front obviously 😆
  4. I bought that blue burago Vitara last week for a £1 - no box though!
  5. I think a lot of traders were just clearing the decks so to speak, lots of trains as usual, but seemed to be mostly previously enjoyed rather than reams of new stock. Lots of different shite miniatures to my last visit. Maybe give a local fair a mooch @Datsuncog ?
  6. Finally the last few pickings! Was anyone after the Pepsi two, or has anyone got the matching transporter? Now this is wonderful (or cack as my wingman scoffed) Chinese Transit, but is it Transit or a Russian GAZelle Transki??? It’s crap enough to be either 😁 Siku Hanomag was worth £2 of anyone’s money.
  7. Highlight today was this Vitesse Cinquecento Trofeu - the one make rally challenge that green-lit the launch of the Cinquecento sporting, and effectively Arbarths rebirth. (I think I have the Pam fort somewhere). All complete bar a mirror and needing a light scrub another fantastic £1 spent, all @bunglebus fault as I was pushing him spend money not me 😁 Detailing is fab for a 1/43 let alone one from the mid 90’s.
  8. Had a good and rather VFM meet up with @bunglebus at the Rayleigh toy fair. Even though he scoped the prime tat I snared a few he’s missed 😂 A nice selection from the £1 trays A slip….. I bought a Bugatti type 35 yesteryear 😳 I know but £2, it’s so delicate! This Audi Quattro late Superking is lovely bar the missing spotlight, but in a livery I’d not seen before either, mine for a £1!
  9. Some cracking finds there, 99p!!! Sierraman there’s not often a post where I’d want everything in the post, but you have nailed it there! Top bombing!!!
  10. You can get Gama Opel equivalents - what shape would you be looking for?
  11. For those on the south this weekend:
  12. Surely the tooling would have met the Swansea scrapper in the early 80’s? I wonder if it was reverse engineered in the 90’s, and as technically a continuation Corgi avoided licensing costs?
  13. The worst bit is the Peugeot badge on the bonnet - my example is pensioner pale blue and stands out even worse!
  14. I had one of those and it was a real favourite - up until the X-19 arrived -every SL I see is always chipped on all the edges though.
  15. I really think for me that 1973 catalogue is peak Corgi for the smaller scale. Even with the whiz wheels everything seems so desirable 😎
  16. 1973 was the year of corgis infamous Columbian toy fair disaster, with only the marching powder Unimog making the shelves.
  17. Datsuncog your not alone in the no interest in fire engines yet an unhealthy fascination for them. I blame a View to a Kill.
  18. As @bunglebus said HW restocks out there (Sainsbury’s in this case).
  19. I’m glad your piecing the Rancho and bikes set together, I had one that looked like that in the 80’s only the trailer survived 😉
  20. What everyone else has said - it’s really been therapeutic stuff agonising over old toy Tat for pennies! Cheers Tim 👍
  21. That Mercury brush paint job is Ace!
  22. Translation: I’d happily pay that and more, but my Mrs is watching me type my reply over my shoulder 😉
  23. Tonight 20% off Faz (still an expensive shop though!) https://www.fazsdiecast.co.uk
  24. That’s terrible - I love it 😂
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