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  1. Thanks for taking the time to document all that. I'll invest in some Rust Off and await your update on top coats.
  2. @wuvvum next Saturday I've got to do the 3 hour drop test on the Emergency Lights at work. So that's my target - let's see if I can get it off in under three hours!
  3. Good day at work today, got paid to push an LDV into a quarry! I work for an organisation that trains the Emergency Services - we'll put manikins in there for people to practise rescue drills. @wuvvumengine and gearbox were removed by a local scrappies because we had to decontaminate it prior to putting it in position but let me know if you want anything else off it.
  4. Thanks for all your work on this @mat_the_cat. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
  5. Yes, I found the 'palliative' in the bottom of the wheel arch when I removed the interior panel! We had some panel sealer catch fire at one point but Llifon calmly hooked it out with a screwdriver, chucked it out from under the car and said, "Stamp on that." I haven't proposed marriage yet but I'm really enjoying spending time with him and getting to know him better but most of all learning lots of useful new stuff.
  6. After yesterday's monsoon conditions here in North Wales today dawned bright and sunny so it was time to put my big boy pants on and start cutting holes in the Puma. As feared the rot had got through the outer skin and into the box section underneath so all that had to be cut away too. Llifon could then start welding metal back in. Then a new box section in front. Ready to be skinned once I've got some primer and cavity wax in there. A more robust poke of the near side has revealed it to be in a similar state so that'll be getting the same treatment while we're at it. We're falling into a good rhythm of work with me cutting and grinding and Llifon making templates and welding. Don't think we'll be able to get it all done by the time the MOT is due on 4th November but I am feeling confident we'll get it done eventually.
  7. If the solar was up to the job could you not buy the requisite panel(s), put them on the roof of your unit and run a cable down to the charge controller in the van? 🌞
  8. What are lucky man you are! First you disconnected a gas cooker without blowing anything up and now this! Congratulations, hope it brings you much joy.
  9. Thanks @grogeeI can view those fine.
  10. Thanks, I'll look through your thread and try Project Puma.
  11. Everybody needs good neighbours but I'm fortunate to actually have them. People round here go out of their way to help each other out. Llifon has two boisterous young sons and on more than a few occasions has called upon my services as a First Aider to patch them up after a mishap - you patch my boys up, I'll patch your car up as he put it. Having talked about it further I'm going to go down the route of a Peugeot 206 wing (it is a 206 that fits right?) for the outer skin. @grogee do you know a source of any pictures that show what the structure (especially adjacent to the rear beam mounting point) is like please?
  12. Yeah, about that o/s sill... The back end of turned out to consist of rust and 3mm of filler. It appears that repair sections were layered over the old rot and rather than welded were held in place by bondo. Trouble is the rot is getting perilously close to the mounting point for the rear beam. I was ready to cry by this point but my neighbour Llifon remains sanguine. "It's a bit more than I first thought," he opined, "but no bother, I'll just copy the other side." Once again I'm counting my blessings that a generous person is willing to help me. We've decided to chop out the lower 40mm of the valance below the boot opening. Llifon will make a repair section and spot weld it in place. We've also made a template and worked out how we'll go about sorting the towing eye mount. I've wire brushed everywhere underneath and got some rust converter on. I had hoped to get some primer on today but it's really windy here.
  13. I know one of the founders of the Majic Theatre and I'm pleased to say she's still travelling and performing at festivals these days in a converted library bus. I wonder how long they've been there, a lot of vehicles were abandoned after the Beanfield.
  14. It's only a year older than the 106! I was pretty daunted by it but neighbour is of Welsh farming stock, he just shrugged and said he's done worse (tbf he's worked on a lot of local farmers' 4 x 4 and trailers so this is probably a walk in the park to him).
  15. Another three months on and now I have the 106 for daily duties I finally got round to looking at the rust on the Puma today. Bumper came off easily enough to reveal crispiness.( @Dan29your man was right the back end's pretty flakey). It's worse underneath particularly this box section which holds the captive nut for the towing eye. I pulled the arch liners out and fortunately both sides are ok but the same can't be said for the rear of the o/s sill. Tomorrow it's time to get busy with the grinder, clean it all up and make some templates. I'm very lucky that my neighbour is an engineering tutor at a local FE college and has offered to give me a hand. He'll make the repair sections at work next week and fingers crossed for good weather next weekend so we can get the welding done.
  16. A nice surprise this morning. Went to get the spare tyres @Jimbob McGregor had put in the boot and discovered three bottles of beer! Thanks to whoever provided those. Boot now pressed into what will be its regular role - somewhere for the dog to be while I'm at work.
  17. And home. Dog back where he started the day - asleep on the sofa. Car ran perfectly and the journey was great. It's a nippy wee thing with great turn-in, so much fun to hustle over the Hartside Pass. As my surname is Catton I had to stop off here: Sits at about 3.5k revs at 70mph on the motorway but still feels nicely composed. I filled the tank before leaving Hexham (just over £60) and still had half a tank 250 miles later when I got home. Now I must confess I did cheat and remove most of the jeopardy of driving a 20 year old roffle prize home. The car only had a couple of weeks test so @loseronekindly dropped it off with @Jimbob McGregor who gave it a check over and service and put it through an MOT - I'm indebted to both of them. It now wants for nothing other than perhaps a new rear wiper blade. The rather small and off-set pedal box will take some getting used to, my size 11s only just fit and I have to be precise so as not to accidentally catch the brake when going for the accelerator or clutch! I'm counting my blessings and feeling very appreciative tonight - I'm lucky to have won the car and I'm grateful for being part of this automotive community. Cheers Autoshite!
  18. Just crossed the border back into Wales. About an hour to go to get home. Car going great, dog asleep in the back.
  19. Here's the quarry. Obligatory pez shot. Hartside Summit coming over Teesdale on some ace driving roads. Car came pre-decorated for Halloween. Lovely to meet you @loseronethanks for making the pick-up so painless.
  20. Made it to Carlisle where we saw a steam train. Now waiting for our last train of the day.
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