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  1. Canals are such a great way to travel, you sneak in the back way to places seeing all the hidden gems that are hidden from the road. You get time to appreciate the view at 4mph. I bought my first boat in Braunston, Leicestershire and travelled 200 miles and 99 locks back to Leeds in 10 days which was considered good going - you'd do the same journey by car in 2 hours!
  2. Loving your work. That car is a testament to your talent and perseverance.
  3. Great to see you out and about in it and enjoying it. Congratulations on all you hard work.
  4. Thanks for starting a thread - I do enjoy reading what you're up to with your cars.
  5. Are you going to FoTU? Some Scottish shiters headed there. If you're not if someone can get it to FoTU I can get it to you.
  6. You'd have no trouble getting the Sierra into FoTU - it's exactly the sort of car the event is about. There's a few immaculate examples of cars in the concours but the majority of cars displayed in the main area are definitely well used examples. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/festival-of-the-unexceptional-10th-anniversary-tickets-694786624497 There's quite a few Shiters attending, hopefully we'll see you and the Sierra there.
  7. For any other introverts out there who don't generally enjoy mixing with large groups and are wondering whether or not to come... DO! Whether it's at Shitefest, FoD, FoTU or Rustival I've found meeting other shiters really relaxing and enjoyable. It's that feeling of, "Ah, I can relax, I'm with my people" that makes their company easy.
  8. Could you make it @Dyslexic Viking? I'm sure between us someone could pick you up from the airport and I could lend you some camping gear. Flights start from about £130.
  9. Ah, tantric trades: you stay in all day and nobody comes.
  10. Recent advances* in safety tech and driver aids such as traction control, stability control, lane assist, adaptive cruise, etc., are creating a generation of dangerous, unskilled drivers.
  11. I don't have to organise anything this time so I'm not planning on having a dry one 🍻🍺
  12. Thanks @catsinthewelder, looking forward to it.
  13. @Zelandeth could your thread be used as evidence? It documents that the vehicles are all yours and when and what work you've done on them. Even if you don't show it to the council you could copy and paste the relevant bits into a diary. Hope you manage to get it sorted without too much hassle.
  14. Oh, I saw this on the bric a brac store and had to have it: Thanks to @mat_the_cat for the picture.
  15. Just got home. I must admit when the alarm went off at 5am this morning I did think to myself, 'Am I really going to bother?'. So glad I did, it were a grand day out. As others have said, a great mix of cars but I think what really made the event was the people and the organisation. Really relaxed, friendly and welcoming bunch of folks and none of the "try hard trendies" who've begun to blight FoTU. Minimal queues for loos or food or to get in. If you're thinking of coming next time (and I hope there is a next time) I thoroughly recommend it. @wesacosasaw your Merc but unfortunately didn't get to meet you and @Marina door handles yes, that was me on the M40.
  16. @catsinthewelder Could give you a lift in in the van if we can coordinate meeting up. I've just read that you've got to be there by 9.30am which means leaving at 5.30am for me. Better get to bed, see you tomorrow folks.
  17. Fair play to you man, you did it! Really looking forward to seeing you and @MrsJuular at Rustival - I'll be there with the hound in the C15.
  18. I'll be there in my C15. (Thought about washing it after work but it's bloomin' freezing here so thought fuck it, it'll only get dirty on the run down there).
  19. Some great spots there. All the best for the op.
  20. Yup, the snow and ice warnings for North Wales were a bit OTT. Sure, the tops are white again but it didn't get below 2 degrees in the valleys so has just rained all day.
  21. I confess I was already sniggering by the end of your first sentence rendering your second redundant.
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