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On 8/12/2021 at 12:23 PM, Slappy said:

Only due to recent purchase have I noticed this one...

Mk3 Focii have different exhaust outlets depending on engine size. Yes, some of you cry, the ST is centre exit! Not them, I retort, the 1 litre pez and the 1.6 diesel exit via a subtle route on the left...


The larger capacity versions of both, 1.6 pez and 2L diesel exit on the right...


Cool, you can all go back to sleep now...

Related; the pez (maybe 1.0 only) has an east-west rear silencer, and the others don't. Or something

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53 minutes ago, Dick Longbridge said:

Whilst I'm not here to discuss Father Christmas or the Tooth Fairy, I can confirm that the retooled Cube is very much a thing. Good eh?!


Right hooker



Left hooker


I didn‘t realise that, thanks for the info. The picture of the 2 white ones, however, is faked. Look at the reflections on the corners pf the tailgate and in the mirrors. They‘re identical but reversed. Also on the real retooled car, the screen washer is still to the left of the brake light, in the original picture it‘s on the right on the second car. All that being said, I still find the Cube irrationally desirable.

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46 minutes ago, martc said:

Hyundai Veloster, 3 doors (and a hatchback).





The expense must have been eye watering. And how many did they sell?

They still sell these in the US, would've made much more sense to make a 3 and 5 door. I briefly looked at these but the 1.6 turbo isn't that great and the odd door arrangement is too much.

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6 hours ago, LessThanEqual said:

I like it how the UK car has a JDM/US plate recess and the US/Canada car has a European one.

I may have misunderstood you, but that "UK" car is in fact a JDM import. UK market cars had the same plate recess as those in the US/Canada. It does seem odd that Nissan didn't give North America the JDM recess, given that it would fit their size plates a lot better.

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