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  1. I had an Audi A4 B7 as a company car for a while. The speedo had different increments above and below 80km/h. Like this: I‘m sure Audi thought they were being really clever with this arrangement, but it drove me nuts and just added to my puzzlement as to why people buy Audis.
  2. The company that made the 928 estate also put an innocent Mk1 Golf onto a 928 chassis, this is the result:
  3. Porsche 928 Estate. Apparently 20 of these things were made.
  4. Toyota Tacoma pickup truck in lightly* modified form being used by ISIS. After the US plumber whose name and phone number appear on the side was interviewed by the CIA, he sued the dealership he‘d originally sold the thing to. The CIA went on to investigate how ISIS had managed to procure so many Toyota pickups. Here’s another pic of the same truck.
  5. Yep, it‘s a Mk1 Scirocco. Something strange with the rear lights though.
  6. 1991 BMW E1. Like the GM EV1, conceived due to planned Californian ULEV regulations that were canned at the last minute.
  7. 1980s Renault 5 slogan. What‘s your‘s called? Rusty.
  8. I remember visiting Japan a while back and being given a ride in a late 80s/ early 90s something or other (could have been a Toyota Crown) that was still fitted with one of these systems. If memory serves correctly, the map updates were done with a cassette tape.
  9. That‘s incredible, I never knew that. I subsequently found a photo of some vertically mounted Vegas thanks to Mr Google.
  10. My first car was a 1975 Mk2 Escrote. Similar colour to this one but without the door mirrors and in much worse condition. It was, however, fitted with a heated rear window. What was not fitted was either a switch for it or a relay. Once I‘d sourced these and connected them up to the wiring loom, everything worked. Not seen this before or since.
  11. They‘re lovely looking cars. When I bought mine, the dealer had a JDM MR2 Turbo for sale but wanted serious money for it. The chassis is quite twitchy in the wet anyway so anything significantly more powerful would have resulted in some serious brown trouser moments without mods to the rear suspension.
  12. I've only had 3 cars which vaguely qualify as convertibles. This was pre digital cameras and can't find any photos of them so found similar jalopies with Google. First one was an early 70s white MG Midget which I bought ca. 1987 as an MOT failure. I rebuilt the mechanicals and a mate did the welding and painting. Being 6'2" it was a pain to drive and I sold it with the profit paying the deposit on my first house. It looked like this one, except I'm certain it was a square wheel arch model. In the mid-nineties I sold my Mk2 Golf GTI 16V and bought a blue MR2 T-Bar. I still think they are great looking cars and at the time genuinely different to drive. The generic 90s Toyota dashboard is bland, but the generic 90s Toyota reliability was highly impressive, though the rear tyres wore out at an alarming rate and I once spun it in the wet. It looked like this: After 2 years of ownership I entered a midlife crisis phase and bought one of these: It was that colour and similar year, TVR Griffith 500. Neck snapping acceleration and still gorgeous to look at, but horrendous build quality. Not even the TVR dealer could sort out the overheating, cutting out and myriad electrical problems, and indy garages wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. The exhaust system fell off it once as did one of the driving lights, the nearside indicator and the rear number plate. Sold it after 2 years for what I'd paid for it. Since then, a sunroof gives me as much fresh air motoring as I need.
  13. My 1994 E320 Coupe. Bought in 2007 after an extended search, intended to keep it forever. Sold in 2014 due to financial problems. Pretty much in perfect condition, and so much blue.
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