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Once seen, can't be unseen


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22 minutes ago, Cheggers said:


What annoys you about certain vehicles that once seen can't be unseen? - I'll start with the weird angle at the rear lower half of a Transit door...why not just carry on the vertical?803b9441df558a38200d78e81196e03e.jpg



Sherpa doors are even more wonky; they're only that shape as that's the shape of the J4's doors, the rough clay of which, melded with leftover bits of Oxfords and MGBs, the mighty Sherpa was hewn. 


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47 minutes ago, Tadhg Tiogar said:

The rear passenger doors on the old Porsche Panamera.  Awkward reverse angles make it look like an expensive take on the Ford Anglia / Consul 315

Except the Anglebox never had rear passenger doors.  But ISWYM... ?


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