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Roland Rat's Ratmobile


Vivian's Anglia.


I never knew wtf was going on in Round The Twist, which was probably the point, and further confused by the cars because it was set in a completely different country and I hadn't got the internet yet.  The various red Toyota 4x4s are what stuck in my memory the most but really, every episode had some car or van or lorry I'd never seen before and I found it hugely fascinating as a result.


Dangermouse, obviously.


I was into a good amount of 70s cop show re-runs too.  Ironside's van was utterly fascinating to little me, and the concept of the entire show is pretty fascinating to current me.  In trying to find a picture of it I've learned there was a model kit in 1/20th scale complete with wheelchair.  Fantastic!


The beige Dodge Diplomat of Cagney and Lacey.  This is definitely one of the cars that is the reason I like malaise era stuff unironically.  I still enjoy Cagney and Lacey, I think it's a really good show, and while the Diplomat is probably the most forgettable vehicle ever built it just sums up the whole disappointing somewhat realistic mess of the show in a way that's just... right.


Taxi was a show I sort of dipped in and out of, I think I was maybe a bit young to appreciate it when I watched the re-runs (I was a bit older when watching Cagney and Lacey, it helped), and the Checker Marathon obviously loomed large.  This would be picked up again when Phoebe inherited one in Friends.  Ever since those two shows, I've always liked them.



Just one more thing.


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Also of note is in an episode of The A-Team when a hearse gets converted so that the top opens and, if memory serves, B A Barracus emerges behind either a machine gun, or a flame thrower, or a rocket launcher, or all three.  That's always stuck with me.  I can't find any pictures of this.  What I can find you is the ludicrous armoured Renault LeCar they built.  I always loved the absolute nonsense they did in that show, but especially these two vehicles.


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I just remembered the implausible sex appeal of Quincy!  Honestly, how did a middle-aged coroner get so much attention from leggy blondes?  Different era.  Anyway, I used to ignore that, I was always far more interested in the various coroner's cars that would make an appearance.  I'm not sure which was the most prominent vehicle for the role in the show, I just remember it being big and black and blocky.  I assumed it would be something like a Ford LTD (one was), or a Chevrolet Caprice, or something like that.  What I hadn't realised is at least once it was an AMC Matador and since that's really the best pic I can find, let's go for that.


I really was a very odd child.

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