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32 minutes ago, ETCHY said:

What's the cars you remember most off the telly/were your favourite's?

For me, Jim Rockfords gold Firebird (I still fancy doing a reverse J turn like he did but might look a dick doing it in a Picanto :D)  & the Mk1 Granada's/Consuls off the Sweeney spring readily to mind.



I can’t believe you have never done a J turn!

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Another vote for Jack Regan's Consul GT, and his later MK2 Granny 2.8iS.

Also, the Bodie & Doyle Capri 3.0S and Escort RS2000 combo had a big effect on the young me, along with Dave Starsky's be-striped Gran Torino.

Also, as in my avatar. Not the most desirable, or in the best condition, but the appearance, (and subsequent premature death) of that dilapidated Zephyr kicked off what would be one of my all-time favourite programmes.


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19 minutes ago, ETCHY said:

Yep the Professionals was cool. Do you remember the Dolly Sprint, TR7 & SD1 used in the early ones?

Yes, I remember the Dolly sprint, and I'm sure Bodie was driving around in a brown Rover P6 in the early episodes (pretty sure it was also Frank Haskins' Rover in the Sweeney). Cowley's car was a pre-launch SD1 in the early episodes and I remember a Zakspeed X-pack kitted MK2 Capri featuring too. 

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5 minutes ago, Scruffy Bodger said:


Simply has to be top of the list for me.

Yes! Watching as an adult is painful though, they bent hundreds of 68-70 Chargers making that series. In the end they resorted to re-using old clips and even miniature remote control cars as they were finding it hard to get new stock - sellers were wary of selling to the company by then as they knew their pride and joy was going to end up banana shaped.

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