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  1. Not jealous at all, that old girl is fucking 😎 A custodian of that car the way you are going.
  2. Well, you've already been part way there removing the drivers seat...
  3. Have you tried pulling the pedal up then pushing the pedal down to the bottom then sliding your foot off it and letting it ping back up again? That's what I have done in the past on my Cortina and Sierra based kit car. The brake and clutch should be level, if not somethings wrong.
  4. Absolutely, which is probably why I referenced the 405 and not the Terios I've also got the use of. 83bhp 1.3 weighs a tonne with maximum power at 6100rpm, redline is 7K! It's nearly as narrow as an original mini, sit up and beg with a very wobbly ride. Brilliant for what it was bought for but strained on the motorway, you can overtake in it too but you have to wring its neck to do it. The lack of torque is the most noticeable even with its low gearing.
  5. That's obviously got nothing to do with the Dacia Spring I take it? For a purely city car maybe? I'm with the 100bhp per tonne rough figure. Having had a 1.5 NAD 106 at circa 55bhp and run round in it loaded at times it's just not enough for a safe overtake on an A road unless you know the road like the back of your hand and can pre-empt the manoeuvre and use momentum. Effectively that means on roads you don't know at all the only thing you are getting past is a tractor unless it becomes apparent you're on a massive straight. 405 TD's come under that by a bit at 90bhp and just over a tonne but have a good wedge of torque (145 lbft?) making overtakes swifter than a lot of people would expect/remember. They'll sit comfortably at 90 if required up hill and down dale so you've got a bit extra if you need it and don't slow to an absolute crawl if loaded. It's mostly rural twisty A and B road driving for me and people now seem to want to do 40 in NSL and I'm not one of them. I overtook a dual motor Tesla the other week doing between 35 and 50 in a NSL, WTF is that all about?
  6. They've also been a popular starter Rally car for years which will thin them out even more. My nans one that my sisters inherited rotted out terribly, it went off to enjoy a retirement in the sun as a Jamaican Rasta taxi where such things aren't really a problem and apparently they are very popular as they're so tough.
  7. Any flights to Manchester? The train goes from the airport direct to Ludlow which is 20 mins or so from the destination. Bristol also with a change at Newport. Don't tell everyone, that's why there's no bugger here, barely anyone visits!
  8. Thinking about it more it may be too light for mine at that time of year, it's LED, pretty bright but better at dusk or dark.
  9. How about Ben in Bitterley on the wharf? If you pick it up yourself I'm sure he'll do you a deal. Is there a projector on site? I've got one that'll do a decent image size and it'll connect wirelessly to Android or Apple stuff.
  10. What are you on about? Parada Spec 2's are perfectly* suited for snow in rural Shropshire πŸ€ͺ
  11. I spoke to him last night. It may be possible to arrange a demo for a few people if there's any interest in watching or even having a go.
  12. Calliper nipples. My go to was soak them as long as possible before attempting in WD or plus gas or whatever. Get a copper hammer, beat the shit out of the surrounding area as close as you can. Get a good 6 sided spanner that fits well and put it over the nipple. Hammer the the fuck out of it with copper hammer till it's mullered. Then tighten it very slightly, hammer on spanner. Wind out and in then out then in infinitum until it's out.
  13. Yes, exactly that. I scrapped a perfectly good 405 engine many moons ago after replacing a rusted hose behind the front wheel. I thought I'd bled it but I obviously hadn't. The test drive was only 3 miles and I'd fucked it, blowing steam like a kettle πŸ˜• I'd been nagged into changing it. I'd been happily tootling round refilling it when the low coolant level light came on πŸ™ƒπŸ€£
  14. Maybe a good idea to try the pop bottle trick on the rad to see if you've got any air locks in the system as it's not got a separate reservoir?
  15. How bad is the bumper? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302690680346?epid=7031190489&itmmeta=01HS1KT8ZXWKG4K0RTF3ZPH2D6&hash=item4679c53e1a:g:FhkAAOSwHu5b-~rR&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA4DdviLPFR7hL1rO2REW6axPp4WyVkvf3faDreSCqXx%2BFd9q0aX4kV2NxWSRtfusB5W9BCs8NIFHnnrmn4QfPdIwqzyyHD7Z%2BAeeaA9u647hq3RV93bfOlOieZzzGtyTlPRJUAWCcaAcQICghf2cQb46tZf6L43Zm%2Fh2N%2FtI563ZDxiwOdEdEEQmSF3f1yUkETPu8rIbNHZdSLGbhqy19pxY4qw0Ld16SFgLWY46AVSABxEssV9Ue5okGSnLZ1OzMXeN3%2FlOlTINQHGJ8FEAA01dzjYPfHYngS7mr7QiiCo7j|tkp%3ABk9SR4iQ6bPIYw I've used that to very good effect and it lasts really well.
  16. @catsinthewelder I was working above there the other day, it's a great spot, very rural! If anyone wants to feel like they've been transported back in time my mates Smithy is a couple of miles down the road. It's got a rich history round there, aviation wise due to Brown Clee's height and accidents and railway wise due to the Ditton Priors light railway and stone production, munitions etc.
  17. I met a chap while at work some 15 years or so back who had some sort of small Jeep thing a a mobility vehicle, it was foot control only steering via a sandal or something like that attached to a piece of board iirc on the floor of the vehicle. He could use his hands but couldn't move his arms up and down. His shower had a balloon device on the wall he could trigger with his knee and he had various other bits and pieces about to help him maintain his freedom. He was 82, he'd done a charity skydive for his 80th birthday apparently. Quite an individual! It didn't exactly look like a high tec install but it obviously worked. I bet it cost an absolute fortune too.
  18. You did very well indeed to get that out so intact! I often have to deal with snapped studs on log burners so have finally ordered some left hand drill bits to try, fingers crossed they work in some situations. Is that a helicoil? What's your go to plan of attack?
  19. We had 3 estate versions of that when I was a kid, very useful motors but they rotted for fun so there are virtually none left here now. The turbo one went really well and was very advanced for the time.
  20. You can very quickly check which speakers are which before wiring them up with an AA or AAA battery. With that amount of sproglets around you must have one close to hand.
  21. @Dyslexic Viking https://www.thedarkwob.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=20064 You need to check that thread out for inspiration!
  22. That's not what I want to be hearing JJ 😝
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