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eBay tat volume 3.


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16 minutes ago, Dyslexic Viking said:

That’s amazing!!

I can see myself in that driving up Downing Street 😃

I wonder what if it were possible & what it would take to get a Mig to fly…

over Tony Blair’s house 🧐




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Don't know if anyone remembers (or cares) but I posted this Mr2 on the dumped cars thread a few months ago, and it looks to have been recommissioned. Saw it outside of my local Co-op a few days ago, and it certainly looks good in person.



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1 hour ago, Asimo said:

That Fanta addition Aston Martin is glorious. It should be listed grade III. Have another pic.


I’d like to meet the bloke who ordered that, and buy him a pint.



That isn't how it came from the factory, according to the auction house description. Someone spent an awful lot of money to utterly ruin it, and then put it in storage without ever using it, it seems.

"This is definitely not a car for the shy or retiring.

Not least because it is as orange on the inside as it is on the outside.

We actually rather like it.

Others may hold a different opinion.

When it was bought for the current vendor on the 4.3.10, the car was described by the seller as being brown with green leather upholstery.

At some point between then and now it has had the treatment you see here.

We don’t know when, why or by whom."

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