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Anybody know the tyre pressures for a Westwood W8 ride on mower?

I have a PDF manual and can't find them in there. Googling gives me 10 PSi to 14 PSi general for mowers, but does any know the correct pressures for a Westwood W8? It is an early 1980s machine. It has different size tyres front to back a bit like a drag car!

Yesterday @Slowsilver  took some wheels off for me to take to the menders so we can cut the grass for the FoD event.

s-l1600 (6).jpg

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28 minutes ago, Floatylight said:

Any recommended ways of de yellowing headlights.

I'm planning of using wet and dry followed by polishing pad of the da polisher and some t cut..

Any views or recommendations?

If it’s French... make the headlights more yellow not less... 


(no helpful advice was available at this time) 

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On 8/15/2020 at 7:52 PM, Tenmil Socket said:

Bought my son a new (secondhand) iPhone as he dropped his. It’s on O2 network but his SIM card is EE and doesn’t work in the phone. Can anyone advise if I can get it to accept his SIM card somehow?

Ebay mate. I've done loads of galaxys on there.



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On 9/5/2020 at 9:47 AM, Floatylight said:

No, Japanese, thank you for your input ?

I used Brasso wadding on the Ignis; they were cloudy and a little discoloured and they’re not perfect but a helluvalot better.

If they are very yellow see if the lens comes off the bowl easily, then coat in peroxide hair bleach, wrap in cling film and leave in the sun for a day. Rinse off thoroughly.

Google “Retrobrite”; it certainly gets the yellow out of opaque plastics

EDIT - Having a rummage through t’interwebs this morning, on some transparent and translucent plastics the yellowing may have run all the way through, and the Retrobrite technique mainly works on the outer surface. There are other chemical techniques available but involve nasty stuff such as sulphamic acid.

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