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Festival of the Unexceptional 2019 - free camping and free breakfast available!

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Failed after an hour I am still not booked.


My main PC will not let me go to the site saying it is unsafe, I have been trying from my phone and it just won't let me book anything other than Concours.


Have you tried using a different web browser?

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Having missed the last two years (2017 because the car was unfinished and 2018 because the car was broken again) I’ve booked in with the Mini. TBH the last thing a car show needs is another old Mini, but hopefully the story (and it’s shitness) will count in its favour.

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Looks like the 200 spectator tickets are almost completely gone already.


I'm going to try and get the Lexus into the classic car parking, so I'll need to grab some photographs tomorrow, and...erm...clean it first I suppose. 

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I never did drive the Invacar in the end. Was a bit scared to break it or summert


The convoy down the long driveway at the show ending was memorable: A long single-file of Chod, led by a little blue Invacar. Because AS.

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I tried, and failed to enter again . My daughter tried on her pc and it said the Fiesta registration number UFG 707Y was already registered ??? ... so i guess i'll stay at home .

Was this when you were trying to “add new car” because It did that to me, when I was trying to register the 2CV. Turned out when I thought it hadn’t accepted the reg no it had and that car was available to select.

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In my experience, paying entry to a stately home would be the cheaper option...

IIRC the limited ticket thingy only applies if you want to arrive by car and park with all the exhibits. I rocked up at the Nat Trust place last year, parked in the Nat Trust car park paid to get in as an 'on foot' Nat Trust visitor. Walked through the grounds until I found the cars.


Would have been a lot easier to drive in, but I left it all last minute dot come.

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Booked in to the classic parking for the third year on the trot. I've booked in with something not yet collected too, just for added jeopardy.


I'm booked in with something which runs out of MOT a week before the show.  I might also be pitching up in something I haven't yet purchased.

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I have not booked for this event but may drop by the FOD in the afternoon, probably in the Tipo.  The VMCC is holding its 'Founders Day Rally' at Stanford Hall on Sunday 21st July.  I will be going to that one to drool over hundreds of motorcycles - unless the weather is lousy.

Unfortunately, I have not done anything to the Reliant since last year's post FOTU FOD run.  It needs attention to the fuel system to prevent vapour locking.  Its mechanical fuel pump is way past its best.  I bought an electric fuel pump many years ago to see if pushing fuel to the carb cures the problem.  The mechanical pump of course sucks fuel from the tank which, in a Reliant's hot engine bay,  increases the tendency for the fuel to vaporise in the line prior to reaching the pump.  Pushing fuel from an electric pump mounted near the tank does seem to tick a few boxes in my logic.  I have tried insulating the fuel line, installing heat shields etc without success.  Running without the internal engine cowling works but makes driving the thing unbearably noisy and hot.  Circumstances and enthusiasm permitting, I'll try to look at it in the next few weeks (that's usually as far as I get 😀).  



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