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1991 Renault 19 GTS-X

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The never ending circle of shite i.e. I have an exciting newcomer next week, means I need to move this on.


MoTd until 25th April, 1.4 Energy carb fed engine, 86ish thousand miles, and a fair bit of history. The cam belt and water pump were done 2,000 odd miles ago, albeit in 2014. But atleast it's been done fairly recently.


I've replaced the front tyres, binned the placca trims, and tidied up the wheels. It needed a thorough clean as it had moss in all the window frames etc, but apart from that it's presentable enough. Will probably need a small bit of sill welding for the next MoT. I also wire brushed the very rusty rear suspension components, rubbed down some surface rust on the fuel tank, and sprayed Dynax over the lot.


Issues/foibles include a clunk on full lock, boot only opens from the inside, clutch is on the heavy side but works fine, and a few other random noises. It can also stutter a bit under light throttle. I lobbed carb cleaner through it, together with new plugs and air filter, and it improved things but the issue is still there. Depends how far you are on the bothered spectrum (I'm probably mid range) so I've just lived with it. Hot starting can be an art sometimes, and the sunroof leaks so I've gaffered it up.


No PAS means steering is hard work when parking, but up to speed it's fine. I actually think it's better for it, as on a run the steering is spot on.


Anyway, photos.






Snazzy seats are comfortable. I did a 350 mile day trip around northern France a few weeks back with minimal hurtage.




Must be worth the money just for these.



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A red Chamade one of these was the first car I ever drove legally on the road.


It was also the first car I did over 100mph in, crashed into another car & got pulled over by the police in.


It was an eventful first day with a licence I can tell thee.


I'd love this but its a no go at the mo for me, soz.

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Had a J reg 19 GTS-X Hatch in Met Grey almost 10 years ago now and can't recommended this enough. Brought mine for £250 from a scrap yard as it was too good to see crushed. Gave it to my brother as I had no need for it at the time and he needed wheels. He kept it a year and sold it on for £350 I wish he hadn't though.


Hope it stays in the fold as this deserves a good home. If I had the space to home it I'd have it myself as rightly mentioned yellow fogs = winners.

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Roffle time for this one I think.  £5 a ticket, and assuming all are sold anything above £250 goes towards the AS coffers/behind the bar.


1 . pandamonium
2 .
3 . tonedepear
4 . Jim Bell
5 . angle
6 .
7 . Cavcraft
8 .
9 . skattrd
10 .
11 .
12 . The Moog
13 . aldo135
14 . PBK
15 .
16 .
17 . djoptix
18 . D Spares & Tyres
19 .
20 . tonedepear
21 .
22 . blackbart
23 .
24 . theorganist
25 .
26 . bramz7
27 . pandamonium
28 .
29 .
30 . Split_Pin
31 .
32 . skattrd
33 . They_all_do_that_sir
34 .
35 . The Moog
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37 . carlo
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40 . tonedepear
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42 . theorganist
43 . Cavcraft
44 . djoptix
45 .
46 . dean36014
47 . wuvvum
48 . blackbart
49 .
50 . tonedepear (courtesy of loserone)
51 . aldo135
52 . Brodders
53 .
54 . Jim Bell
55 . pandamonium
56 .
57 . djoptix
58 .
59 .

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