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  1. Has nobody yet pointed out the obvious - that importing a million km tiny wrong-hand-drive taxi would surely be a very good idea for @LightBulbFun?
  2. I reckon most of the buyers did have a young hip, but the rest of them was old.
  3. Home. It's like a new car!!! Except that by the time I got home the throttle pedal was sticking down a bit, resulting in massive revs between gear changes. I've put a bit of silicone lube on it and it seems better. Is there any sort of tensioning screw on these to set the "drag"? It's drive by wire, no actual cable. Other than that it drives brilliantly. Gearbox is tight, steering light, handling and ride not bad at all, decent size boot, radio works, and it's not slow either. 14/10 seller, would buy from again. I think the format of this car has just become a bit unfashionable but that doesn't mean it's not good. I appreciate the headroom and decent size boot. In my view it's a perfect school run car, much better than the bloated hybrid SUVs that everyone seems to want nowadays. I imagine they did better in the EU where people seem to be much more driven by practicalities in their choice of car, rather than fashion/keeping up with the Joneses. Massive thanks to @BeEP for this fine machine and also to @Craig the Princess for helping with the travel arrangements.
  4. It's pleasingly pokey. Funnily enough the only other Ford I've ever owned was also a 1.6, though that was the CVH lump -asthmatic. This is much quicker! Corley Services achieved, poo count now 2. Fuck me, what the hell has happened to the world? A KFC meal here is OVER TEN POUNDS. Footbridge. Grim.
  5. Woollard Pez On my way back West, wish me luck!
  6. Looks like I've bought a Tokamak... we've achieved FUSION POWER!
  7. What I'm going to collect will easily be revealed by looking elsewhere in the forum but for those who like to guess, a clue: it has the potential for limitless power.
  8. Sit rep: we're in the BIG CITY. Beautiful girl still here, so I can't eat my egg-and-salad-cream pot from Tesco, that would be even more offputting than the pasty was. Pissing down with rain outside. Exactly one hour to go. Not a Polo or a fucked Rover...
  9. Musing. Why is it that when one is looking presentable and smelling nice, one always ends up sat next to some fat munter* on public transport? But when you haven't shaved, are wearing unflattering clothes and are half way through eating a Giant Traditional Cornish Pasty, an absolutely stunning girl sits down next to you? Sigh. *munters available in all genders.
  10. Birmingham escape velocity achieved. Heading East.
  11. Bah, first train is rammed, no chance of a table. Crammed in to a seat. Why don't they make trains bigger? Breakfast not really sustaining me at this point. Got 27 minutes to make the change at New Street, planning on going to look for food (sadly I don't think I have time for Spoons).
  12. Awaiting second mode of transport for the day - first one being feet. Heading North! For now...
  13. Old proper land rover New proper land rover Some sort of shoe
  14. Are we to understand that @DirtyDaily came all that way and didn't do a fucking Woollard?!
  15. Looks great. Now rip that stupid engine out, put in an Mi16 on carbs, bin the back seat and refer to it as your "track slag".
  16. Nah. If @sdkrc was in Stalwart territory he would already have bought another limo.
  17. Probably some moderators stepped in and deleted some of his content because it didn't meet their vague guidelines on safe spaces and being a supportive community. Or whatever it happens to be today.
  18. Another mini update. Scudo in for MOT today. It needs a CV gaiter, a wheel bearing, a rear wheel cylinder probably, and could benefit from some new rear tyres. It also needs a back box putting on it - I only discovered the other day that I've been driving around without one all this time. It's honestly not noisy, in fact it's quieter than the white one ever was. But hopefully I can get a back box on it and it'll pass on Friday. Another year of motoring awaits, I think.
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