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  1. I'm sure I saw a Crown Vic in Bristol the other day, was it you?
  2. Buy it Immediately Have you bought it yet?
  3. I was after one to put the engine in - I already have the engine though... Looks like they've done it with the 118bhp engine. Seems silly not to have put a VVC in it.
  4. You're welcome. I'm profoundly relieved that my life is now a little bit simpler.
  5. Scudo is back. I am £620 poorer and one cambelt and water pump better off. Apparently whoever did the job last time managed to cross thread all the engine mount bolts so it also needed a new mount and two hours spent extracting broken bolts. Now I have a new issue. It's making a "chattering" noise and the aux belt tensioner is moving around, a lot. New tensioner? Alternator/AC pump clutch playing up? Here it is looking nice. It really is a nice place to be and I've got all my stuff organised in the back now as well. Whisper it, people will be cross, but this happened today as well.
  6. The Initiale trim was neither here nor there to be honest. Auto wipers and lights was nice. The sat nav was way out of date and I never bothered updating it. It did have the panoramic roof which was lovely. Nissan engine (it's a 350z tourer m8), Aisin-Warner box - same as in the Saab I believe! - and it was mostly very reliable and never FTPd. The electronic parking brake was knackered but I always left it in park anyway. It was hilariously fast. Would have another if the MPG wasn't so awful.
  7. I had the only correct version of these, the 3.5 Grand one in Initiale trim. It was magnificent. (Though I do actually think yours is the best engine - you can get it mapped can't you?) I think I have some drop links for it still, if you would like them? Annoyingly I drove through your village the other day, I could have dropped them off.
  8. FWIW I don't think dropping the tank is too bad - there's a ton of ground clearance.
  9. I'm doing a test. Since I've got to drive the white one for another week I've put the relay out of the new one on it. If it displays the same symptoms then it's the relay. If it doesn't I'll probably rob the pump off the white one and swap it before it goes.
  10. Yeah... it already has. It behaved itself perfectly until early this week, when I parked it up outside my house. Went back to move it over the road late at night, and it wouldn't start. Fiddled with relay and fuses again, started. Next day I drove to the office, parked up for the day. Came to go home and it wouldn't start. This time I spent about an hour mucking around with things before it started, and this time I'm not sure the starting was actually to do with anything that I'd done. So the mystery continues but I need to sort it. My thinking is that it can only be fuel pump relay, pump itself, loom or ECU. If I were to take the ECU out of the Expert, is it a drop in replacement, or is it coded to things? Such as the immobiliser? Would it need Lexia action to make it work?
  11. Right, update. I enjoyed* the white van for a bit and kept an eye out on FB marketplace for some bits to improve it - decent seat and a bulkhead being high on the list. Then spotted a Scudo for sale locally for £500 as a non runner. It would turn over but not start and also had a small coolant leak. I checked the scrap value, and found it to be about £450. So I cheekily offered £400 for it and was happy when the seller accepted. It's got a bulkhead in, seats from the people carrier version, decent ply lining etc. I figured if I could get it running I would keep it, and if I couldn't I would put the bulkhead and seats in the white one and scrap the grey one, and still be in profit. Went to pick up and tow it home, and before doing so I thumped the fuel tank and fiddled around with the fuel pump relay and fuses. It started!! I felt a bit bad about the £400 but sod it. Drove van home, very happy. It's a million times nicer than the white one, though actually a bit slower I think. Put my racking in the back, fitted it with a pipe tube. Fitted led lighting in the back too. Happy days. Coolant leak still constant but slow, suspect a hose or something. Topping it up every few days. Drove to Devon in it the other day! All going well. Insured it properly yesterday - am now committed! What a nice van. Today it lunched its waterpump. FML Going to be back in the white one tomorrow! More temporary insurance, more hassle. This one is booked in for waterpump and cambelt next Thursday. Did I say FML yet?
  12. I've paid my £9, I'll roll coal 24 hours a day if I want to.
  13. I've given it a few Italian tune-ups and it seems to go rather better now 😎 I suspect it had been sat around for a while before I got it.
  14. I should explain about the locks. On most vans, when slamlocks are fitted, they are fitted in addition to the existing door handles and locks, but on this one there is a kit which Garrison do which replaces the whole of the door handle/lock assembly with a beefy plate, with the key lock in it. https://garrisonlocks.co.uk/van-locks-security-products-c1/slam-handle-kits-c44/garrison-locks-garrison-slam-handle-kit-peugeot-expert-pre-07-3-door-pack-p1022 The good thing about this is that as others have mentioned, the standard handles and locks on these are a bit crap, so the Garrison kit makes it extra secure and does away with the crappy standard locks. On mine, these lock plates are installed, but the barrels for the Garrison locks themselves are fucked. So I can't just remove the slamlocks because there aren't any normal handles any more The Garrison locks can be opened with anything So I've had to remove the lock barrels to make it secure again Which means the rear doors (2 x sliding doors and the back doors) cannot be opened from the outside - I have to open the front door, then open the side door from the inside, then if necessary lean over and open the back door from the inside as well That means I can't install a bulkhead because I wouldn't be able to reach the inside of the rear doors etc etc etc. I need to choose to either: Revert to a set of normal locks, which would have the advantage of being able to open from the outside, but the disadvantage that they're likely to go wrong again in the future; also the disadvantage that the standard locks are less resistant to Britain's travelling classes than the Garrison ones Buy a new set of Garrison barrels at £220 and try and make them work with whatever hardware is left in the door - I suspect the CL motors are gone. Having said all of that, given that this van doesn't have the bulkhead fitted, it's not really the end of the world having to open the doors from the outside.
  15. I am grudgingly quite liking this van. Yes there are all sorts of things that are less than 100% about it, but it starts first time every time even at minus 8, and it gets lovely and warm. And you can get a lot of stuff in it, and I had a snowy adventure in it yesterday driving through the Cotswolds. It's quite economical.
  16. Ah, just put two and two together, I'm going to look at their shower tomorrow! I use Stoke Gifford garage, they're always busy though, but I've always been happy with their service. I imagine they would give her a quote if she rings them. Lee who runs it will probably come across as a bit grumpy but he's a good guy.
  17. Knew it 😎 It absolutely fucking has, it's paid until December. Good luck with it @Saabnut, I'm very happy it's gone to you rather than the scrapper and I hope to see it again one day.
  18. I have found it's a bit of a nightmare getting the AA to show up in the first place, or get an accurate estimation of when they might, but once they're actually there the blokes in the vans are sound as a pound.
  19. I am warming to it a bit. It's better now that I've cleaned the dash, I don't feel quite so disgusting driving it. Gear change has been improved by throwing away the knob.
  20. Yes, I think it probably is really. And mostly easily fixed. The locks are a real pisser though, that's the only thing I'm actually unhappy with. I'll enjoy sorting all the other stuff out but the fact that it's completely insecure is not acceptable. Re the slowness, I think these have a damper on the throttle pedal which I need to remove. It's not that much slower than my Synergie was. It's probably about the same speed as my XUD Synergie was, the one which @Eddie Honda now has.
  21. How good is it - hmm. As mentioned, it was a good price. But I'm not feeling very fond of it at the moment. Apart from anything else, the interior was/is fucking disgusting, which is always a bit depressing on any newly purchased vehicle. The amount of man/dog grime on every surface is just unbelievable. I ran one wipe over the top of the binnacle just a few times and it was completely black. The gearbox is like stirring a vat of cat food with a scaff pole. Crunches going into second. Lift up reverse doesn't work so it's very easy to put it in reverse at the lights - such fun! Gearknob has fallen off. Radio doesn't work. Airbag light is on so I don't know how it got an MOT. OS wing mirror has glass secured with gaffa tape so it only points at the floor. Water pours into the footwells when it rains and also gets in somewhere and soaks the headliner. Bulkhead is missing (but at the moment that's a good thing because you have to open the rear doors from the inside). Odometer is blank so could have been to the moon and back. Drivers seat is through to the metal. Rust starting everywhere though nothing structural. And it's fucking slow, god help anyone owning the NA version. It was a good price in the current market and it's largely mechanically good. Maybe I'll warm to it...
  22. Yes. In a way that would make a lot more sense. The way this one has been done, you get all of the mechanical unreliability of the original system (very long linkages made of too-thin bits of wire) but with the added bonus* that when the slam locks fail, you've bypassed the central locking so it can be opened with anything 🙄
  23. https://garrisonlocks.co.uk/van-locks-security-products-c1/slam-handle-kits-c44/garrison-locks-garrison-slam-handle-kit-citroen-dispatch-pre-07-3-door-pack-p1020 That's what I have. That kit includes the panels that replace the factory door handles. I'm going to call Garrison tomorrow but I don't think they will supply the cylinders on their own.
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