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Renault 14 Madness

Guest MattJY

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On 11/07/2023 at 17:58, MattJY said:

So, if anyone is interested in seeing my R14 it will be at the festival of the unexceptional on 29th July....if it makes it of course. 

I saw it, brother papped it and still hasn’t shared any FOTU snaps with me the sod!

R14 is the only suitcase engined car I haven’t driven.

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Here are the final panels to rebody the R14, picked up from Holland. I don’t need them all but what the hell:

Rear panel:


Front inner wings:


The other side rear quarter I was missing:


Both sills:


Headlight buckets,  front slam and lower gravel guards:


Front and rear bumpers in correct dark grey:


2 doors I was missing and 1 spare skin:


Plus a load of smaller parts, badges, grill chrome, all NOS

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56 minutes ago, wuvvum said:

I'm sure you can flog the bits you don't need to help another Renault 14 owner keep theirs on the road.


Oh, wait.

Well to the continent maybe. I may be buying a French TS, I may shove all the GTL parts back in it and offer it for sale???

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