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  1. If think it is a chain, isn't it the OHV engine? I am sure it is the same family of engines I had in my Uno 60's which incidentally was very smooth and a little pocket rocket.
  2. Just catching up on things. What a great purchase for me this is why I love Autoshite. Loooking forward to reading about its progress and seeing it on the road. I nearly bought a cheap Yugo in the mid 90's, it was only around seven years old, however I bought a mark 1 Astra instead which I thought was much more sophisticated. It also turned out to be incredibly rotten around the rear and ended up with a crack in its crankshaft, the Yugo would have been a better purchase I now have Yugo saved on my e-bay app!
  3. I have just been out an bought a load of new hose so will fit it over the next couple of weeks, I have just had the Maxi carb fully cleaned and a fuel filter fitted as I had a problem with gunk in that so don't want to go through that again. It would be great to see the 14 on the road one day.
  4. Yes I will replace them all as I don’t want any fires either, this one was very gummed up when I took it off. Might fit a fuel filter too. There must be barely any Sao Penzas left, I never saw one when they were new! How’s your 14 doing?
  5. Well I took your advice and after a couple of attempts and a bit of spluttering it started and it seems to run fine. I do need replace at least one fuel hose as it has disintegrated where it enters the carburettor.
  6. It has been stood since at least 2005. I did put a gallon of petrol in, I notice the fuel gauge doesn't work but that is probably because the sender unit is jammed. I shall get some more tomorrow and try a little in the carburettor see if I can get it to run a little. Funnily enough the Maxi started fine (after changing the coil) despite having petrol in it from 1995 with only a small amount of fresh fuel added. I know they are quite tappety engines, I had the 1.2 in my last Renault 5. I enjoy the sound of them though!
  7. Thanks, sounds like a plan. I shall give it a whirl tomorrow. If the worse comes to the worse there are several pumps on ebay.
  8. I am having some issues starting the Renault at the moment. It turns over but doesn't fire, I have bought a spark tester which confirms there is a spark and it appears no petrol is getting into the carburettor. My one thought is that it could be a seized fuel pump are there any sure fire ways to check or would tapping it with something likely work? It is currently pointing upwards on my rather steep drive, could that be a contributory factor, the car hasn't been used for a good fifteen years? Any advice gratefully received, thanks.
  9. That's lovely but why has it got a Campus badge on the boot?
  10. There seems to be quite a few auto's about, they must have sold quite well. Prices are rising certainly.
  11. Running or dormant? It doesn't seem long ago where these were everywhere, well like most cars of the period I guess, but I rarely see one of these yet still see quite a few Metro's and mark 1 to 3 Fiestas>
  12. They didn't all. I didn't know that the radiator in my TR had a hole in it until I saw the steam coming out.
  13. I was watching a mark 1 auto on ebay just this week but it went from £360 to £830 in one hour so had to leave it. My first car was a mark 1 R5 and would so love another. The supercinq are nice to drive, I regret selling the TR I had a couple of years ago and have been looking for a cheap one ever since. I agree a GTX would be great or a Monaco, which I think were all automatics.
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