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  1. That's lovely but why has it got a Campus badge on the boot?
  2. There seems to be quite a few auto's about, they must have sold quite well. Prices are rising certainly.
  3. Running or dormant? It doesn't seem long ago where these were everywhere, well like most cars of the period I guess, but I rarely see one of these yet still see quite a few Metro's and mark 1 to 3 Fiestas>
  4. They didn't all. I didn't know that the radiator in my TR had a hole in it until I saw the steam coming out.
  5. I was watching a mark 1 auto on ebay just this week but it went from £360 to £830 in one hour so had to leave it. My first car was a mark 1 R5 and would so love another. The supercinq are nice to drive, I regret selling the TR I had a couple of years ago and have been looking for a cheap one ever since. I agree a GTX would be great or a Monaco, which I think were all automatics.
  6. The Campus came out in 87/88 and was the last remaining model up to 1996 so most of the newer 5's were badged Campus.
  7. Yes it is a C reg, it was on private plates and has reverted back to it's original number.
  8. Thank you, I don't think it should be too much trouble. Looks solid underneath. Would like to do something with the seats as they are very comfortable GTL seats, I think there are places who can repair fabric.
  9. Tidy the wing, get it running, and get it mot'd and sell the Citroen before some other electrical gremlin takes hold!
  10. I don't worry about insignificant factors like does it run at all! There was no battery on it and my spare battery at home is clapped out. It was driving when it went in to the garage so I have utmost confidence that with some fresh petrol, a new battery and some judicious prayers it will start! My Maxi did after 23 years so I think there will be few problems!
  11. this! Has been off the road in a garage since the mid 2000's.
  12. Yes I would be amazed if there was any floor left let alone any solid body panels. I am still curious about the four R14's the OP seemed to know about, I have put some feelers out but not heard anything!
  13. If it came down by another couple of hundred I might take the risk but there is no paperwork at all and I suspect trying to register and imported car with no receipt or log book or anything could be a pain in the rear end, certainly not something I have the time or energy for at the moment.
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