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  1. It is definitely a non-interference. My new Maestro has the S series and had an incorrectly fitted timing belt which thankfully hasn't done any damage.
  2. Yes it is a Moss alarm, it seems to be intact, although we haven't discovered whether it works yet. I had an ancient alarm on my old 309 which decided one day to go off at the worst moment! My mechanic used to fit these back in the day apparently.
  3. The Maestro is at my mechanics and hopefully will have an MOT in a week or two. It turns out to be a solid car, it looks good underneath and the rust on the body, of which there are a few sites is mainly surface rust. Both rear wheel arches need attention they are quite grotty but not rotten, that is a common area on Maestro's. The o/s A pillar has some rust which need treating. The bonnet is the ugliest bit as it has quite a few scabs. There is damage on the rear bumper but that can be fixed. The good news is the non running has been fixed. I was told (well it was insisted) that it was a poorly set up new carburettor. However there was no compression at all. It turns out that at some point someone many years ago, changed the timing belt and messed the timing up. Obviously thinking they were beyond reproach they changed the carburettor. The timing was out by 45 degrees. The timing belt has never been in action, although it is obvious that it was replaced many years ago. There was a brand new water pump in the boot so that has been fitted along with a new timing belt. The battery is new too. I suspect Messers Bodgitt and Scarper have been involved at some point in the process! The car now runs and sounds very sweet and doesn't overhead. The auto choke sticks a bit but it probably hasn't been ran for over 15 years to that is understandable. Even the exhaust appears intact. It has no brakes to they will be the next to be sorted. VID_20210730_181550508.mp4
  4. Wow I imagine it definitely is! I do remember seeing a Montego in Israel 20 years ago but Uruguay! I wonder if the bonnet is up as it has broken down or is he merely checking the oil and water!
  5. Really, oh dear, I had better sell it. I have spent over 40 years repelling any thoughts of being cool, I didn't think buying a Maestro would land me with that nomenclature!
  6. I had an Allegro which was demonstrably Gold and yet was stated as being Silver on the V5.
  7. Yes that is the one, shows how much action I have missed over the last couple of years!
  8. That is lovely. What are the auto's like to drive? I have looked at a few, there seems to have been as many auto's for sale as manual ones recently, they were obviously popular. However I keep reading scare stories about the auto boxes imploding! I was going to look at one but it sold. There is a lovely Renault 11 auto on Marketplace, its is a turquoise colour, a lovely colour but apparently has an occasionally rumbling diff. I like the 5 and 11 auto's as they seem to have quite a plus spec.
  9. Yes I think there are few spots which need some work. As you say hopefully there is nothing nasty underneath. If the worse comes to the worse I am sure I can find a buyer for it if it was too much. As ever you take a risk buying blind, I have only regretted it once so far!
  10. I am glad this has found a good home and the mystery of the engine has been cleared up. I caused quite a debate on Facebook when it appeared on ebay! The 1.3 wasn't too bad in the Montego (the saloon at least) I knew someone who had one and found it nippy. Certainly much more so than Fords offering in the 1.3 Cortina and Sierra which had glacial acceleration at best.
  11. That's a lovely car, great purchase. There is one which keeps appearing on ebay seemingly £100 more each time, I was interested in it but there was something odd about the seller.
  12. I shall have a browse of the forums and see what I have missed.
  13. Thank you. That is true, I am surprised at how much prices have risen in a couple of years. I have been quite lucky in finding ones which seemed to have had little interest. The Renault only cost £250, I think partly as it had a rusty wing and ripped seats. Also it has a sunroof so didn't attract the OMGturbo reshell brigade. The Maestro seller had reduced the price down to £500, I think partly because it is a non-runner although I am "confident" it is a minor problem.
  14. Hello you have an interesting looking fleet. What model Renault 5 is yours?
  15. It certainly is. It is fun, a good power to weight ratio, well the car weighs about a pound of sugar I think! It has usefully high gearing so it is a good car to drive at higher speeds. I had a 1.2 before and that was similar.
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