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  1. That's pretty fucking close. Some redrilling and filing along with decent washers and flanged nuts will do the job. I'll sleeve the bottom of the shock where it clamps. 3" drop straight away, with nearly 4" of downward adjustment available.
  2. I forgot the oil cap on three consecutive oil changes on a golf I had. Every time, I found it sat on top of the gearbox 😕
  3. I'm South-West of Whittingham. Good places.
  4. Aye, first civilisation on my commute. Not as weird as Wooler so it gets a lot of love 😂
  5. This was snow free as well... Ten miles later:
  6. Omegas really are handsome old barges. Any video of it with the new exhaust?
  7. Also spotted a Polestar 2 (much nicer in dark colours) and this. I want one.
  8. Turns out that Dunbar is more than just a coastal junkie's paradise...
  9. For DIY painting, graffiti paint is the way to go. Montana White label gives a good gloss finish and has a great colour range. This was done in a garage, still needs to be flattened and polished:
  10. 😕 Stay safe, don't let the big yellow taxi driver cough on you.
  11. Good plan. Gets a car high enough to get an actual jack under...
  12. The bricks? Nah, fuck that. They get a spray of watered down yoghurt every other month to help them grow more shit on them.
  13. My commute is pretty, just long.
  14. Yup! Wanted a set since I was a teenager 😍 I don't even own anything they'd fit 😂
  15. Daytime shot of the Anteras: And trial fitment of the Capri pepperpots on the 205: Also popped the 17" Artecs on, and I want to make it work... They'll need 10mm spacers though.
  16. Yup, grease the threads. Or degrease, then wrap with masking tape, and grease over that.
  17. Aye, Wartburg had trick electronic ignition with changeable maps as well!
  18. That would have been Ed's Wartburg. Great guy, he also had a fantastic bmw 2002.
  19. Please don't point out the fire safety issues of candles...
  20. We have a button in the works vans which automatically sends 5 mins of the front, rear and cab cameras before and after you press it to a seperate group of people at the company which monitors these things. Been there since March and I've had to provide written testimony twice so far for dangerous drivers. Never called in for further stuff so I presume that they didn't prosecute or the twats pleaded guilty.
  21. Which ones? Can't tell from the angle... Bonnet's open
  22. That's the 306. Two full sets. Makes it sit like this:
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