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  1. The fuck are you on about?
  2. They're alright, actually.
  3. Do you live in Norfolk?
  4. New thread in the main Autoshite forum is best
  5. They're minis, and much better cars than the clattering rusty old shite from forty years ago.
  6. A couple of relatives used to work there. Slightly disappointed that they've pulled down the buildings over the 697 for this new distillery - was kind of hoping that they'd repair and maintain them.
  7. That 323 is an absolute honey ?
  8. 20 minutes of sideways before being baled? ?
  9. It's a fine shade of blurple, like Corsa Bs came with...
  10. I think you missed the subtext on that post...
  11. Jibbers funking Crabst. I'd have their new address within a few hours and I'd be on their doorstep for arrears that evening tbh. You can't give an inch.
  12. Get your fucking flu jabs.
  13. Letting dogs lick your wounds is a prime recipe for sepsis tbh. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2019/11/26/healthy-man-was-licked-by-his-dog-he-was-dead-within-weeks/ Fuck that.
  14. That 305 still calls to me...
  15. Want. White bonnet and bumper, better wheels and lower pls.
  16. Ride a cock horse to Banbury Crosslink?
  17. Pop your space saver on the front and do an emergency stop, then do the same with it on the rear. They're designed to get you to somewhere you can get a proper tyre sorted, not to be driven on for weeks.
  18. Yup, front end does the braking and steering. Stick the space saver on the back.
  19. Sticking it on the front instead of the rear is less safe, and this was the second time I had seen it like this in a fortnight. The first time it followed me out of the same town and stuck behind me up to 60*mph.
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