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  • 7 months later...

Tried to awaken the Dyane today, in preparation for Rustival and other events - and guess which knobhead forgot to disconnect the battery last time he ran the engine?  So pancaked it won't even take a charge.

Still it was getting on a bit and GSF is having a '10% off' weekend, so a hi-po Yuasa has been ordered (collect Tuesday from Smethwick, when I am conveniently working in that glamorous part of Birmingham) for £30 less than Halfords wanted.  Merveilleux.

In non-operational Blingo news, the very excellent @worldofceri is shifting it down to Spanners' new gaff in Alvechurch on Monday for a spot of TLC.  Please cross your collective fingers.

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  • 4 weeks later...

BLINGO UPDATE: looks like it is indeed the ECU, so a replacement is being sourced, as well as everything downstream that needs doing at the same time.  Is this sensible?  Arguably not.  Am I going to spend the money anyway?  Yes, yes I am, because I really like this car.

DYANE NEWS: while changing the 20W50 running-in* oil for Total Racing 10W30, we discovered some evidence of an exhaust blow on the offside.  This was due to a loose exhaust manifold nut, so as a precaution they were all changed for the flanged BMW items we use on the racer, then torqued down properly.  An iffy inlet manifold stud was sorted too (helicoil) while we were in there.  The car was then lent to Laurence for the week for a proper tune-up.  This thing FLIES!!

ACHTUNG!: the C180K continues to perform to specification.

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4 minutes ago, Floatylight said:

Is the GSA back on the road?

This is the Plan of Spanners, who owned it when we did Scally Rally... EIGHTEEN BLOODY YEARS AGO!!!

It's closer to the road than it's been in a very long time.  @Stinkwheel did some fine work on it, which Spanners will finish off 😎

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