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Chaseracer's chod: French tat a speciality


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The latest billets doux from that corner of WS12 that will forever be Friday afternoon dans une usine d'automobile française, just after a particularly good lunch.


The Blingo's clutch is showing signs of distress after just 67000 miles, juddering like a bastard and as stiff and uncooperative as Prince Charles on Viagra.  Tame Mechanic says he doesn't use LUK kit on PSA stuff any more and will do me a cheap deal on an OEM Valeo, fitted.  


Fairy nuff; the factory clutch lasted 100k.  I'll get the PAS drip and the EGR valve sorted at the same time.


So... because Mister Whippy ("do you want a flake with that...?") will be hors de combat for a while, I'll need the 205 running.  Which, fortunately, now it does!




FPB7 was bang on the money as usual about the cause of the smoke when installing the new battery.  With the duff alternator disconnected and isolated, it fired up first time (having been idle since November) and chugged away quite happily on its 80/20 dino-veg mix.


So... down to Tame Mechanic this week for a new charger and a ticket.


The Dyane?  Let me get back to you on that.  I'd still quite like to get it to FOTU...

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Next-door's cat helped me check the oil, etc. on the 205 just now, so I took it (the car, not Mac the cat) out for a spin to celebrate the tax & ticket.


C'est super, non? Très agréable!

Welcome to pop round to Chez FL for a cuppa one Eve if it needs another run before the weekend, Mrs FL & lad on road trip in S/Iron & N/Iron avec C3


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The Blingo has been marking its territory for a while.  The power-steering reservoir was low, so I topped that up thinking that would solve the problem.


Ha!  No.  This car is French.  Well - Spanish, but YKWIM.


Turns out the sump (non-AC, so pressed tin not cast alloy) is corroding and has a pinhole somewhere.  We could naff about with chemical metal or chewing gum or something, but given the cost/complication of a broken 2.0HDi I'd rather do it properly.


So: off to Tame Mechanic today for a new sump.  The clutch can wait a bit longer.

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Remember a conversation around 2009 involving man maths and you plan to chop the blingo in for a Grand Picasso with the lovely *EGS gearbox, I talked you put of it if I recall, turns out I was right as the EGS would have probably scrapped the picasso by now, meanwhile the Blingo trundles on..


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