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Great number plates - got any?


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1 minute ago, Aston Martin said:

Hunday Santas Fe 

Covered in John 3:16 quotes and Jesus is here etc.

(All I could think about was Austin 3:16)


Number plate?



As pronounced by football commentators .

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C4MRY on and old Toyota Camry, I didn't 'pap it' as the guy was sitting in the car, I was in a rucking fush and didn't want to strike up any sort on conversation with an old car nerd, I did that a few days earlier, couldn't shut the fekker up as he rattled on about all the cars he'd owned

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My first motorcycle (as opposed to moped) was a 1971 CZ175, bought brand new at FK Sharpe in Lincoln. Its registration was MFE476J.   At the weekend I parked my Tipo behind a nice LHD VW camper at a popular countryside spot.  Its owner offered me a folding seat so that I could eat my sandwiches in the sun.   Very nice of him but I politely declined because I have a natural aversion to flimsy folding seats - I don't trust them.   He then opened the VW's rear hatch to extract something or other and that caused me to notice his registration: MFE_ _ _ H.   I rarely see old style registrations similar to any of our old vehicles so I mentioned it to him.  We chatted a bit.  Nice chap.  Turned out his van was a Californian import and had been allocated that number.   Nevertheless, still an interesting mild coincidence.

Today another similar mild coincidence: I was scanning eBay for cars to resist buying and saw a very nice 1938 Austin Ruby, fortunately way beyond my budget.  Its registration was FGX35.  My dad's first car, a 1933 Austin 7, owned from 1954-60 approx. (I was born in 1949 and loved this old car) - anyway, its registration was AGX423.  Close enough to give me goosebumps.     

Edit: Another one on eBay today, thanks to @garethj:a Fiat Uno reg K283OTL.  My late wife's Fiat Tipo from about 20 years ago was K293OTL.  Spooky!

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On 13/04/2023 at 17:39, Dave_Q said:

Drove past this today in West Lancs, dunno why you would want VISITOR as a number plate but hey, it pretty much spelled an actual word.


At work, you can always park in the visitor space. 

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