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'93 Mondy thread - a K reg estate *exists*


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I've been on here a month, and I've finally cracked and won an ebay auction - 1.6 misery spec early Mondeo as below - £215.

It is in Littlehampton, West Sussex. I appreciate you don't know me from Adam - but if anyone could help me get it back to Herne Bay in Kent please let me know!?

I've asked the seller what his delivery rate is (probably will wish I hadn't).

So this is either a replacement for my luxury* Fusion 3, or a 'classic' keeper for a bit of OSF profit as Cavcraft has already suggested, or maybe a quick roffle if I'm not keen.



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So, collection planned for Saturday. Will take about 4 hours to get there cross country (but train ticket cheaper that way)


1 bus to Canterbury then 3 x trains to Ashford, Brighton and then on to a place called Ford.....


Autoaid phone number will be to hand....


Collection Fred won't be live as I take the same approach to Cellphones as I do Motor cars....




According to How Many left, the ever reliable data says there about 622 1993 Mondeo's left on the road (+536 SORN). This one was built in March 1993, production started in November 1992. Possibly only 32 of these are this base model (but depends as usual on DVLA classifications....)

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When these were launched,the rental firm I worked for were the first independent rental company to have these on fleet. March 1993 IIRC. Had a feature in Fleet News! We had 1.6 pez LXs and diesel Aspens, with keep fit windows and no rev counter. CLASS.

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