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Not strictly dumped, but spotted in the yard of a local garage.  Interior full to the brim with scrap metal so its days are probably numbered.  Might yield some useful parts though if @dollywobbler needs any bits for his.  Bonus Scirocco as well.



MOT fail from last April suggests it's mostly made of bran flakes underneath.

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On 6/13/2020 at 11:28 AM, R9UKE said:

Neon.  A favourite of mine.  No MOT since 2014. Sat behind a block of flats


That reminds me of a thread I used to dip into on RR years ago. A disabled lad was very slowly tarting up his Neon, but didn't really seem to make much headway despite his efforts. 

Edit: Turns out he dropped a 3.3L V6 into it, but doesn't actually appear to have finished it yet, eight years later...


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