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Lazy spotters thread


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1 hour ago, Metal Guru said:

I knew large satellite dishes were some sort of status symbol on council estates , but those by the side of the river are ridiculous.

I only spotted those when I was uploading the photo. I remember taking a wrong turn on the way home from a rave in the 90’s and ending up surrounded by these enormous satellite dishes. 
Drove around getting more lost unable to find a road out until a security van turned up and asked me what the fuck I’m doing there. 

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Some spots from The Netherlands.

Peugeot 205 CJ RDW ( Dutch DVLA) says it is from 1989



I had a rad leak on my own car. In the workshop was this beast. A 1959 Cadillac.  Imported in the The Netherlands in 1985. The garage was a Citroen main. dealer.


The same garage had these two on display in the huge showroom.


 A 2007 Suzuki Swift . The owner said it was a warp. The original colour was black.


A Peugeot 306. This belonged to a member of the staff of the restaurant /holiday accommodation.


At the same location and within the castle grounds was this Nissan Murano. I could not get any nearer.



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