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    FOTU 2023

    His is in that dark green many come in. Looked great the last time I saw it. It's his sensible car.
  2. Gompo

    FOTU 2023

    I was a little disappointed to read further up the thread you wouldn't be attending. Obviously you have a decent excuse, we'll miss the Laurel as a natural gathering point! I'm going again, not in my Lexus. Also got a friend to attend in his quite smart and not massively unexception V90 which he is 'displaying'. I know a few dismiss the event these days but I've been really looking forward to it.
  3. I suspect the E39 is also a 'media' car, I think it is Paul Garlick's, who used to be connected to Pistonheads and is probably somewhere else now after some time in the promo 'wilderness'.
  4. I have nothing to 'show', but hoping I can meet a few people from here (I still lurk now and again but there's not many familiar names these days!) and Flickr. Good luck to anyone making the trip.
  5. This is all I can find at the moment sadly.
  6. That's one that used to be local to me which I'd spotted a few times. The perpetrator of the filler and paint is a bit of a local legend; I knew he sold it a year or so back; not a massive surprise to see it offered again. It didn't look any better nearly 15 years ago.
  7. Never really met anyone from AS, but seriously considering this if I don't have to work. Anyone coming from the north via the A1?
  8. Hi Jon.. Thanks! Never fully left but just haven't got the time any more; and possibly like yourself find MS more my kind of place when I do get that time. Obviously the Ebay thread still draws me back now and again.. Sadly the Integra went a couple of months back, decided I needed something more civilised as I'd been gradually using it more as a daily - It did still have a couple of the same R888s it had on when I came to your old place; they didn't even kill me when we had all the snow a couple of years back!
  9. I got some better photos of this one, seen by some on FlickR and Facebook.
  10. There's a some people on here who seem to have an issue with people making any money on buying/selling cars, You can often read something like 'This car was up for £600 on Wednesday, it got removed within hours and has now come up for sale 3 days later at £1200, 40 miles away' on the Ebay thread. We all like a bargain, but if you're too slow that's your problem. Cars are a hobby to many of us but they're still a business; there'll be people watching various for sale sites all day looking for that car they can make their money.. It's amusing to see people try to sell something at an extortionate price, it just seems to annoy a few who think they've missed out on the original bargain themselves and feel they have to moan about it. Apparently the Karl bloke behind KGF is a decent chap, Eclectic Cars tried and seemingly failed on a similar business model; 4-Star seem to be doing OK but I do think some of their stock is rather over-priced and poorly prepared.
  11. I'd forgotten about Mk1 Punto GTs, they're so blood rare. They never got great reviews but at that time there weren't many turbo hatches about. I wanted one for 10 minutes, anyway. Not really like this one though. http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/punto-gt/1043231484#photo-content Fucking annoying.
  12. This didn't seem bad for the money, probably seen one in about the last 5 years? http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/rare-rover-800-vitesse-coupe-turbo/1043332834 It's not perfect but for £900 with a years test..
  13. Absolutely amazing. Thanks for your effort.
  14. Is the other one white? I've spotted one around that area.
  15. Thanks Joe., S-coupe replaced! I have kind of given up on PB and now use FlickR but don't bother with posting them here. Contemplating paying for 'Pro' although agree I too am not keen on the links under photos. Easy enough to get a direct image link though.
  16. Hmm, I'll admit I've not seen either Quantum Of Solace or Skyfall; in which one is there a Barried up Hi-Lux? Here For the same money you could have this, which looks/sounds boss although it's not the best advert ever Here ..Alternatively for less than a 3rd of either asking prices you could have this beauty. I am not sure if I was oblivious to their existance or if I have blocked it from my mind: Fair enough, Oss
  17. Save this, in more ways than one! Looks class to me, sadly has offside wing damage (maybe more) and also on that Motorhog website, down in Southampton. Looks top notch though Passat GLS
  18. Fairly sure it is, registration looks very familiar atleast.
  19. I like the classic Mini, looks better than about 99% of the modified ones in the UK! Keep on spotting.
  20. I've wanted to go to Balby for quite a while, given that I've never really been to a proper scrap yard - after seeing the photos in the other thread I'm a bit disappointed I've never made it!
  21. Yes it's an Integra, probably why there is a red tinge to the lighting.
  22. Rarely drive mine at night and had forgotten what colour the display was. Not too bad.
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