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    Joey spud reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end. *LS400 ROFFLE*   
    We are now leaving Doncast.
    Tourist info. 
    Doncast recently disbanded it's Association Football team after their star player and former Newcastle United trainee James Coppinger announced his intended retirement. 
    The team was replaced by local singer/songwriter Clare Le Font, who now performs on the pitch at Meadow Lane each Saturday, accompanied by her uncle Derek on grand piano. 

    Last week she was beaten 34-0 by Plymouth Argyle. 
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    Joey spud reacted to Dyslexic Viking in eBay tat volume 3.   
    1982 Daihatsu Charade with only 87.000 km

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    Joey spud reacted to MrBD in eBay tat volume 3.   
    All the MOT history on this is a gem, but this is the highlight (and no it didnt pass anyway, it failed on 40 other things)

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    Joey spud reacted to worldofceri in The World. As seen by Ceri.   
    August 2018.
    The next two jobs were a lesson in why not to offer ‘backload’ prices on Shiply.  I had a Citroen Picasso to take up to Oldham, which I planned to do on the way to pick up the Range Rover, and a Skoda to take over to West Wales, planned as an outbound job when picking up the Bentley.   For various reasons dates couldn’t be aligned, so to make the best of the situation, I headed out to do the Picasso and the Skoda on the same (long) day.

    An early start saw me collect the Octavia from a main dealer near Cannock and a pleasant drive over to the west coast, to an independent garage near Caernarfon.

    Heading back towards England, I the Citroen was to be collected from a private address in Mold.  The guy had bought the car a couple of weeks prior, from a bomb-site car dealer in Oldham.  Due to developing sundry electrical problems the dealer had agreed to accept the car back. 
    Regrettably, in my haste to reach the pick-up point, I managed to run into the back of someone entering a roundabout.  Classic case of three lanes of traffic going for a gap, except the one ditherer in front of me who hits the brakes.  Flippin’ facepalm. 

    There didn’t seem to be a lot of damage from the Sorento-Polo interface, so I didn’t expect any comeback.  Unfortunately the older lady in the (leased) VW was on first name terms with the staff at the main dealer’s bodyshop, and she took it straight round for a quote.  Turned out there was genuinely a bit of damage to the bumper (of the sort that an ASer would not even notice in ten years of ownership). 

    Following a week or so of wrangling, I persuaded her to let me send round a smart-repair chap who halved the cost of the fix.  I wasn’t going to involve my insurance at this point in my career, but it certainly wiped out my profit for the week.
    Anyway, back to the Picasso, which I was warned may be a non starter.  Luckily it did start, but I made sure to leave the (auto) gearbox in neutral and the (electric) handbrake off when on the trailer – I wasn’t about to risk not being able to roll it off again.  Four 5 ton straps will hold a car solid on the bed, no bother!  Not many photos of this one due to my flusterment following the preceding rta.

    When I eventually reached Oldham, the car started fine and everything worked perfectly, so I beat a hasty retreat whilst the lads scratched their heads over why the vehicle had been sent back to them.
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    Joey spud reacted to barrett in S A Barrett's Sussex shite spots: last spots of 2021   
    Last few mediocre finds of 2021. First up a selection of punters' cars from the Midhurst autojumble. A terrible day out by all accounts - I think I just about covered the cost of a table and a bacon roll. I suspect quite large proportion of people who go to autojumbles have died in the last couple of years. Some nice cars, though.

    Quite a contingent of banger boys in Farinas, but this Westminster estate was the best of the bunch. What an amazing thing

    I had a very strange dream last night where I found a previously-unknown special-bodied Jowett Jupiter parked on the street. The body had been fashioned from highly modified Ford Consul Mk1 panels with a narrowed grille and fillet panels on the side to accomodate the extra width. I even dreamed the flat-four soundtrack as it drove off. Weird.

    I kept seeing this very basic Suzuki thingy at various places in Sussex recently. Mega grim.

    Couple of Asda spots. The Sunbeam MkIII was brilliant, just the right level of patina

    And finally this brilliant Rialto. I love all the paraphernalia stuck on everywhere, just like a Reliant should look

    And that's it for another year, I guess. Thanks for looking!
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    Joey spud reacted to richardmorris in The new news 24 thread   
    Arriva aren’t running buses on the wrexham to chester route today, so there’s a charity service with 15 old coaches.

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    Joey spud reacted to NorfolkNWeigh in eBay tat volume 3.   
    When new, I remember the Twin Cam feeling smoother and faster than thePinto , this was usually in Granadas. I head a few Sierras when 5-10 years old and only ever had one head gasket go. Even then it was still running fine , just using a lot of water and showed up on one of those bubble analyser things. I just swapped the engine for a low mileage one, took half a day including looking for spanner’s etc- and I’m the Worlds worst mechanic.
    My Mrs had a beautiful 2.0 GLSi hatch on a J that when we picked up my brother’s first Sapphire Cossie, actually pulled away from it up to to 120 ish- but then what do you expect from £2000 Cosworths- that ended up with 300 bhp supposedly, then got nicked!
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    Joey spud reacted to garethj in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Sunny coupe, the years have been kind to how sharp these look, but by Christ the saloon they’re based on is dull

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    Joey spud reacted to Spurious in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    What a pleasant way to end the year. Little jaunt up Black hill. Windy. But seen the sun set on the year is worth it. The Dark Peaks living up to their name..

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    Joey spud reacted to fatharris in The new news 24 thread   
    I became a dad again today!

    Evelyn Pippa May was born this morning at 7lb 3oz, Mum and baby are fine and we got home this evening. Fair play to MrsH, she's a fucking trooper

    Took her home in the only choice really - he was our wedding car, he brought our first born home, so it only seemed right to bring home the final piece of the Harris family jigsaw:

    As an added bonus, we hit a milestone today!

    Now we've got one of each, and I'm sure the project progress will slow down for a short while
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    Joey spud reacted to Dyslexic Viking in Eye-catching black and whites   
    In Norway, police officers in rural areas had to use their own cars for work. The police sign on the roof was set up when they were at work and laid flat when the car was in private use. Unsure when this ended but my dad has memories where the local police officer used his own diesel Blubird in police service so it lasted a while.

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    Joey spud reacted to Angrydicky in Dicky’s Disastrous Debris - Hampshire gets a drivers floorpan 30/12/21   
    I got a welding trolley for Christmas, which is perfect, just what I needed as the welder is really awkward to lug around, especially since one of the silly little plastic wheels got broken off it.

    So obviously I had to test it out!
    The drivers A post and floor were some of the worst areas on the whole car. When I took the door off, the lower hinge broke off complete with the remains of the A post. I wasn’t sure even what it should look like, as the lower 12” had mostly gone. Copying the other side (which is much better preserved) I welded in the section where the hinge will bolt to, and welded it to the lower sill. The hinge fits just under where the bend is and will be quite difficult to line up. I then removed the top layer of the double skinned part, cleaned back to good metal and welded a new skin on.

    This was really difficult due to how far gone it was here. I’m still not 100% certain of how the A post and sill is supposed to be at the bottom, although I’m doing it to factory spec as far as I can see, and most of that is hidden under the top of the sill or behind wing, so it isn’t crucial.
    The old hinge is almost beyond repair, even if I could get these screws out the aluminium hinge is corroded around the bottom screw. Graham Potts, Austin Counties oracle and spares supplier, reckons he’s got a complete hinge which he will look for once he’s recovered from his knee op. Hopefully it’s the right one, otherwise I’ll have to get this one TIG welded.
    Interestingly, one screw is missing from the top hinge and all the others are chewed up, so someone’s tried to get this door off before.

    I then turned my attention to the drivers floor. It was clear it would need a full floor replacement here.

    With the new body mount in place I now had something to weld to. Before I started welding, I cut all the rot out, cleaned up the edges and then cleaned up the chassis, brake and clutch pedals, and the other parts under the floor with a wire brush before cleaning all the loose rust off and soaking the lot in penetrating oil. I also got some weld thru primer on top of the chassis. The original anti-drumming bush was still bolted to the chassis under the rotten floor, and this was in good condition.
    I didn’t have a piece of sheet steel big enough to make the floor in one piece, but it came out ok.

    The hole in the side of the gearbox cover is where a removeable cover goes, which is where you access the gearbox dipstick and oil filler.
    When I put my foot on the floor it pushed down initially, only in that front corner because it was flat sheet with no pressings. No problem, five minutes with the blowlamp and copper hammer made a couple of pressings which have done the job.
    Quite pleased with that for a home fabrication job, the metal below the pedals was quite thin and I had to cut back further than I’d thought to find good metal to weld to.

    Looks pretty good underneath where it’s welded to the body mount. Still need to do a bit more plug welding here, but the mount is tacked to the inner sill.

    The ‘new’ drivers door needs a bit of finishing off, but it will save hours of work. Have you ever seen a door this bad before?
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    Joey spud reacted to Surface Rust in I can I can't? Acadiane!   
    I finally got bored picking holes in the driver's side and decided I couldn't put off the welding any longer.
    To my immense surprise, my first attempt went quite well:

    Frankly I was amazed. At this stage I should admit to having scrapped a 2cv after biting of more than I could chew with a previous restoration attempt, but this time the gods of welding looked benignly at my feeble efforts and chose not to smite me down.
    Buoyed by this success*, I pressed forward with gluing more and bigger bits in place. I was so excited I forgot to take enough pics as I went along so you'll have to trust me that its not just been stuck down with a big snotter of tigerseal.

    At this stage the driver's side was solid again so in pursuit of that 'factory' look I even splashed out on a can of 'peasant bleu'.

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    Joey spud reacted to Asimo in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    Joey spud reacted to grogee in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Apologies if we've had this before. This late R4 is the luxury* GTL spec, which means you get seats and windows. £3850 York
    A lovely little thing in a lovely colour. 

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    Joey spud reacted to MikeR in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Argos turned up this morning with a replacement washing machine .... it was to replace the new one we had bought before Xmas that had the left hand side pushed in .
    the original one with its damage we received just before Xmas , I installed it , used it , noticed the drum was not square with the door opening , put it down to the support springs , then when having a cuppa I could not unsee what I saw ,the  left side from the soap drawer downwards to the base  was pushed in 1/4 inch or so , that in turn was stressing the door and making it springy to shut , up till then it just looked like a bit of shadow on the front .. 
    Got on the blower and finally got hold of a helpful human who asked if I wanted cash off or a replacement , I went for a replacement due to the stress on the door and I could not unsee the damage , so he promised me a post Xmas drop off of a replacement and pick up of the original one .
    so this morning they turned up , took the old one , dropped off the new one , checked new one  over first and left me to connect up ..  all working and looking good .
    all sorted , one phone call , no messing , 10/10
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    Joey spud reacted to Surface Rust in I can I can't? Acadiane!   
    Been meaning to document this for about a year, the usual Christmas / New Year limbo and miserable weather mean I finally have no more excuses (plus it's useful prevarication from repairing my other heaps).

    I have owned this peasant / artisan transport for about 6 years using it in all weathers for practical* transport requirements. It rewarded my cavalier approach to 40 year old Citroen rustproofing by comprehensively failing its MoT on rot in the floors.
    The MoT place quoted the GDP of a small African nation for the repair so this was the motivator behind the following tale of woe and re-education in the art of sticking metal together and setting fire to clothing.
    On getting it home from the garage I was quickly able to discern where the problem was:

    I swear the hole wasn't there during my thorough* pre MoT checks!
    Anyway, from inside it didn't look too bad;

    So I ordered up some genuine Citroen repair panels:

    And dragged my faithful Clarke 151 Mig out from its 15 year slumber. This might give you an idea of how often I tackle this kind of job, and a forewarning of the quality of work you can expect to see shortly...
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    Joey spud reacted to Mally in The grumpy thread   
    As there's nothing much to do between Xmas and New Year,

    Will my next post be a grump or a grin? Place yous bets now, I'm about £300 in so far, and that gearbox is heavy.
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    Joey spud reacted to Saabnut in How much shite is too much shite? Another parking space acquired   
    @Coprolalia wins a free cup of tea, to be collected in person from chez Saabnut. @Rod/bwins a restraining order!  
    Yes, that is the car! Just looked at it for the first time in daylight and it is fine. Front NS tyre is flat (seller told me it had a slow) andhe supplied a used replacement. First jobs today are to fit the tyre, put the spare on the other front as it is better than the one fitted, test the towbar electrics and fit a new socket if required and get rid of the drop plate fitted as a lift plate on the towbar.

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    Joey spud reacted to grogee in The new news 24 thread   
    Been putting a nice shiny cleaned cylinder head back on @Cluffy 's Corrado. The VR6 is clever in many ways but the two sets of timing chains on the gearbox side can get in the bin. Anyway they're new now so with a new clutch that 'side' should be good to go for another 100k.

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    Joey spud reacted to Lacquer Peel in The new news 24 thread   
    Driving home for Christmas. What a cracker this thing is on a long trip, plenty of power, heated seats, cruise control and high 40s MPG. 

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    Joey spud reacted to DodgyBastard in LightBulbFun's Invacar & general ramble thread, index on page 1, survivors lists on Pages 24/134 & AdgeCutler's Invacar Mk12 Restoration from Page 186 onwards, Chips got! :)   
    Watched the video, looks like it needs a good long run down the motorway to free things off.
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    Joey spud reacted to Tommyboy12 in Austin Montego 1.3 Estate - Now includes added classic Minis (plural)   
    While the Montego continues to be a reliable steed (ignoring the suspension knock it's gained and the blowing exhaust) I continue to press on with the Mini engine rebuild.
    Parts have started arriving. A high lift cam and a series of engine tuning bits. New exhaust, alloy inlet, k&n filter, fully adjustable cam chain kit, +20 bore pistons.

    To go with it I have a previously modified cylinder head (a 202 Alexander Engineering modified head incase there's any boffins out there) and a replacement engine block to replace the cracked one. I drowned the block in machine wax before storing it about 6-7 years ago so it's in good nick despite looking grim covered in all that wax. The head, crank and block were dropped off at the machine shop today. Should be ready in a couple of weeks.

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    Joey spud reacted to brownnova in Brownnova’s spots! A periodically updated thread of pictures of interesting motor cars. In the wild spots: A chod graveyard unearthed.   
    A jaunt was had over to a car show near Cannock, never been to this one before, and the Pontiac got the nod. The selection was diverse and interesting as you will see below!  

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    Joey spud reacted to grogee in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Worth £350 for seats and engine. If you've got space and the facilities to take it to bits, probably worth snapping it up. 81k mileage isn't too scary.
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