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  1. Ghost80 with these doesnt seem to work anymore, I had good success with "welcome35". 10 boxes on their way to me, working out at £1.29 a box. I might buy more actually, I fucking love gloves.
  2. Have you got a picture of the connectors? I might have one/know where to get one etc.
  3. My mum had a 1.8 Mk3 auto and it was right enough, I should imagine this is similar? I'm daily driving a 70bhp talbot express motorhome, so pretty much anything else will be like a rocket in comparison.
  4. My business is doing really well all of a sudden, so I sold my T5 and was going to just lease a brand new van through the business to save tax, vat and the rest of it. I got knocked back because the company hasn't been trading for a year, even though I offered to pay the 2 years lease up front! I need a van so I went on ebay and somehow ended up here: this is giving me MEGA HORN https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Golf-Mk2-1990-Low-Mileage-85468/133187667205?hash=item1f029a8505:g:4oMAAOSwWtZdkmdK
  5. 7 years ago I scrapped a really solid MK2 Golf GTi because I needed the front seats out of it for another car and had to swap the insurance off it and had nowhere to keep it. H662 HAD. I feel bad every time I see one, it was way better than the bag of shit I raped its seats for!
  6. Not just assembled - Welded nearly an inch to cock
  7. Can anyone spot the problem with my new chinesium press?
  8. Yep! they get full of dry solder joints from memory. I've repaired a few, but it's been years since the last. Get a magnifying glass and look at all the solder joints for big things like connectors, relays etc and see if there's a ring round them (google dry solder joint for good pictures) then just give it a splash of flux and a dab of some nice leaded solder. You'll need a decent soldering iron and warming the whole board up to about 70c will help too.
  9. I've always wanted to fit a revcounter, but didn't want to tack something on. I was looking at pictures of a car, and the dash cluster looked familiar, so I bought one off ebay to see if it'll fit: Yup! Bonus points if you can guess what it's out of.
  10. I've just got £5000 worth of industrial shelving for £150 off ebay, and then managed to get it all delivered from central london to Chesterfield for £100. Amazing!
  11. It was from a bloke I know fairly well so I'm not too worried.
  12. Sold this today. £300 of the payment was in pound coins. WTF! Now this is my only vehicle: I don't know why it pleases me so much, but it does. I can throw some of the money from the sale of the other van into constantly refueling the thirsty bastard giving this one some loving
  13. I do but the camera was pointing the wrong way! What a let down.
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