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  1. I bought a 2016 VW Caddy 18 months ago off a retail pitch for £8k+VAT. I stuck the reg into WBAC last week and the were offering £8200+VAT. The van market is mental at the moment!
  2. Oh, and to add something constructive: Check the sliding door track isn't rotten! At the front where the wheels sit when the door is closed, the wheels rub the paint off the steel and it rots through, then the wheels fall through the hole in the floor with the door closed. It's an absolute shit job to repair properly and the door will be a complete nuisance to use . edit: Third post in a row, but these really are absolutely miserably slow, the only vehicle (other than mobility scooters) that I can outdrag up big hills in my talbot express. Avoid!
  3. When I used to convert VWs for a living we'd be buying a T4 every couple of weeks (about ten years ago) Stuff would often be advertised with "NO EXPENSE SPARED" but as you say, most of these so called enthusiasts seemed to think spending money on cliched stickers, dangerously wired chinese mains inverters, fairy lights and hideous seat covers was all the maintenance a VW needs, and underneath all that shite was usually quite a ropey vehicle.
  4. 10 weeks since I last went camping in this, feels like forever, I'm properly going mad here! Seems like it'll probably be the last time too. My new camper will be usable soon, so if anyone fancies a crack at this, let me know. There's no point in having it sat around - It's ready to use, MOTd, runs and drives lovely etc but needs a bit of paint and a few jobs finishing. Not mega money, I'm a real sad bastard and would rather it go to a good home where it'll get used, maintained and owned by someone who knows what they're getting into.
  5. The business centre is deserted so I've got the big stereo on with two 15" subs and 1.2KW rattling the whole unit blasting out late 90's speed garage. The roads were deserted this morning so I had a good run in achieving 85mph VMAX in the boxer for most of the journey. Costa cheese and ham toasties were BOGOF so I'm well fed and now I've got a few days clear run at working on the camper without much to get in my way. Fucking lovely stuff, honestly I'm happy as a pig in shit
  6. The story that a fiat 500 has a rare size of tyre and they just have one at an astronomical price that they were going to return is 100% complete bollocks, they've had your pants down big time man. He was probably leaning with his hand covering the tyre label of a suitable linglong £40 job while telling you that A 500 has got to be one of the most popular cars on the road, even if its got alloys etc, there's no way any tyre is genuinely £200 unless it's a foot wide.
  7. Holy fuck those Anteras are amazing!
  8. My plan for that sill was to clamp my cheap vice onto the dented in bit of the pinch weld and then pull it out using a chain attached to a good steel bar wedged against the front wheel with a one of those ratcheting 4x4 jacks against the rear wheel to do the pulling. If you look a that body cut in the back, it's not mega thick steel but I don't think it'll slide hammer out.
  9. How tame is your glass man? I could do with a couple of opening side windows for mine and I'm sure they weren't £320 a pair the last time I looked!!!
  10. Glad it got you home mate, I wouldn't have tackled it myself but I'm such a pessimist. TBH it'll probably be 100% fault free from now on. With some time spent it'll definitely make one. I wish I'd pinched the stereo out of it now as I've just realised the poverty one in mine doesn't even have bluetooth. What sort of MPGs did you get?
  11. When I was looking for a cheap oven to tide us over a few months, there was one for sale which still had mouldy bacon on the grille pan!
  12. When I was 18, over summer I fitted my nan a new kitchen and bathroom. I covered all the bathroom and a lot of the kitchen with that shite plastic T+G wood effect cladding from wickes. Every single panel is stuck on the wall with a cock and bollocks drawn in no-nails.
  13. Dropped my van off with a mechanic I know last week - Dropped it outside his house and gave the key to his wife. Not heard anything about it for about a week, I rang him up today "Oh yeah, sorry, my mrs left the key on the side and my daughter had picked it up and put it in her dolls house so we couldn't find it, I'm going to have a look at it today" I'm usually quite forgiving of ridiculous excuses, but there is about a -9000% chance of that actually happening. Just tell me the truth, that it looks a bit of a ballache and you chose to do the "non-ballache" work instead!
  14. Decided to go wild camping for the first time last night - Up on Kinder Scout. I know we're not supposedly allowed out of the house blah blah blah Lugging 18kg of stuff up there in the dark was a slog but it was such a clear night, the view of Mancheste r was amazing. I've been up there dozens of times but never been able to see as far as this. The lack of cloud cover does have is disadvantages, It was -7! I reckon it is the coldest I have ever been in my entire life. Absolutely worth it though, I will do it again soon.
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