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  1. Pretty poor timing for the wife to leave her cushty job in schools and come and work with me, but 10 days in it's going really well. She's great on the phone and an absolute dab hand with the desoldering gun. But for some reason she seems to absolutely love sandblasting stuff. I only gave her a quick go on it because it gives you massive static shocks every few seconds and I thought it would be funny, but now I can't get her away from it, I've got piles of stuff that needs doing but I have to keep dragging her off it when the air compressor is about to go on fire.
  2. Oh yeah, I saw him unblock a drain and empty a really big puddle. It was ace. Fucking hell, I'm a right saddo. I can't even use the "lockdown" excuse because I'm still working 10 hours a day!
  3. I've gone through loads of youtube stuff lately - Car youtube, Machinist youtube, BBQ youtube, people building wind and water turbines, people wild camping all over the peak and lake districts. There's a load of tradesmen who do videos on their electricianng/building/plumbing stuff which is very interesting to me. Today I'm watching an australian bloke rod shit and fat out of some blocked drains. Amazing!
  4. DJ EZ of early 2000s garage fame is doing a 24 hour non stop set for charity. He's been going since 6pm last night, but it seems he's only just realised that the clocks have gone back so his 6pm-6pm set will actually only be 23 hours
  5. No, zero hours contracts are employees but without any guaranteed work. Uber/yodel/deliveroo are self employed. Dividends are a thing for LTD company directors
  6. https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/types/012/ There's one on there for £33, I've used Tayna a few times before and they're bang on.
  7. I socially isolate by habit, if I had to keep two meters away from people for the rest of my life then that would suit me perfectly well. Make it 5 meters, I'm happy to shout. I can go weeks or months with my only social interactions (bar the mrs) are in shops or pubs. Don't get me wrong I don't hate people, but I really enjoy being on my own and honestly the thought of a 1981 "The Quiet Earth" (cracking film) world would suit me perfectly. But now that we're encouraged to be alone, I have to come home and be with a person, and I can't go and drive my camper to a field 10 miles away, cook up some chilli and rice from a can and watch old episodes of Kitchen Nightmares which realistically would harm nobody and do me a world of good.
  8. Luckily I was out of the way of the worst of it - I was "just doing a quick job" to try and get some work done before customers stop paying for stuff. Watching the video of how close it was to going in my eyes has woke me up a bit.
  9. Luckily I managed to capture the cherynobyl esque moment when I removed a valve after forgetting to drain the 1500PSI hydraulic accumulator. It's particularly impressive that 300ml of stinky CHF oil can cover absolutely every surface in a 4m square room.
  10. its been 15 years since I did one, but it's not the crank sensor hole. Further inboard and lower IIRC
  11. About 15 more jubilee clips to leak and/or pop off
  12. Yeah, a 27ft long, tri-axle Talbot Express motorhome with an artificially detuned peugeot 505 engine in.
  13. I've no idea how they are even remotely driveable. I have the same engine in mine which is 2300kg fully laden, and it's OK on the flat. Full throttle acceleration will allow me to keep up with general traffic, but as soon as there's anything resembling a hill I'm in trouble. I really can't imagine the misery of having another 700+KG to drag about. I used to think all the bigger coachbuilt vans were 2.5D, but it turns out quite a few of them have the petrol engine. I don't imagine the diesels are much better!
  14. 2.0, NA Petrol, ~62bhp. Same tiny carburettor as a 1.1 Peugeot 205.
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