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  1. To get an aircon system working properly, you need the correct amount of refrigerant in there. Checking the pressure will only tell you if you are very very low (no liquid at all) or horrifically overfull (all liquid!) Luckily, a system will work to some extent providing there is an amount of refrigerant in. Anything outside the correct spec will severely reduce the efficiency of the system, but it will produce some cold air. These DIY bottles are a major bodge and basically contain some refrigerant, an amount that the manufacturer has decided will be enough to get most systems into a state where they will operate. As Alf says, the only proper way is to extract it all, vac down to dry the system and then refill with a tank on some scales until the manufacturer specified amount of refrigerant has gone into the system.
  2. I have an electric toothbrush - I knocked it off the shelf this morning, picked it up and gave it a rinse before use but halfway through brushing I found out the hard way that it'd picked up a hair off the floor, which vibrated against the back of my throat and make me instantly violently vomit and half fill the sink. It was absolutely magnificent!
  3. I have a shoebox with "Sandero" cash in it and really want to get as far away from people as possible. It'd cost half a million quid to do that here in derbyshire so I'm going to have to widen my horizons.
  4. Looks like it's had a tow strap hooked on maybe?
  5. Another "customer" in Ireland this time has sent us a box of scrap, unrepairable electronics and declared the value as 3000 euros (cos thats what they would have cost new) Another ~£600 bill from DHL for VAT despite me saying to them (by email and over the phone) time and time again "NEVER SEND US ANY PARCELS THAT ARE DUE CHARGES WITHOUT GETTING OUR AUTHORISATION" In total they claim we owe them many many thousands of pounds in duty and VAT for parcels that were sent to us completely unsolicited, with the customs forms filled incorrectly. It's really getting me down because I'm absolutely working flat out anyway and don't have the time to try and sort this bollocks out. I think we've wasted three days already with the last lot, and now more! DHL are cunts, and also in this case, brexit too.
  6. hanging england flags out of the back of your car is an "inside signal" of solidarity between people who are fraudulently claiming a motability vehicle, a bit like tampas grass for swingers etc
  7. My mates lovely but slightly crackers sister has Betty Boop on everything. She bought a Rav4 specifically so she could have one of those spare wheel covers on it - she has no interest in cars nor any need for a 4x4.
  8. I mentioned to my wife that I wanted to buy this 4x4 kei truck off ebay. And she said it was a good idea 😮 I think I was just laying the groundwork, as I would rather have an automatic one direct from japan and put some sort of strange camper body on the back. Pulling the fibreglass bit off a rotten romahome would be perfect.
  9. in a plot twist, it was actually terry bollocks that broke the windows in the first place while trying to nick the windscreen
  10. NFTS and cryto blockchain stuff is all a load of shit for elon worshipping pricks and I'm fed up of hearing about it. but it's all worth it because a new company has just been launched in the NFT space: https://blog.polygon.technology/nonce-finance-will-launch-on-polygon-8b2da764228c
  11. We need to move house. Been looking for over a year. We can buy, or rent. I'm easy. We have what I would have considered a "generous" budget, 18 months ago. But locally the property market is just fucking ludicrous and anything with a parking space and any kind of garden is just impossible. The last place we looked at was lovely and we immediately said we'd have it and if required pay a whole years rent up front. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to secure it, and someone else ended up with it. This morning a mediocre house came on rightmove, to let. In a mediocre place. shabby decor at what I would have called "too much" money. But it was close to work and would have been fairly practical for us, so I was prepared to pay a bit over the odds and compromise. We rang to book a viewing. It'd been online for 4 hours. "We do 20 viewings a day and have two days solidly booked, sorry. Shall we put you on the waiting list?" ffs!
  12. Flipping lovely stuff, every time I see an update I go and make a coffee and have a sit down with a fun size kitkat to give it a proper read. If you are ever at a loss for something to do for a while, I'd love someone to explain how the steam injector things work as I just can't get my head round it!
  13. Looks like a midget stood behind a fiat uno!
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