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  1. Unless it's incredibly tight, you'll be able to get it out with a small flatblade jammed in like this:
  2. Ordered a starter motor from carparts4less. I should know better, but they were half the price of anywhere else for the same Lucas rebuilt starter. Against all odds, they sent the "right" one! only it's an old one someone has taken off their van. FFS
  3. My left elbow has been giving me grief for nearly a year, when I rested it on a desk or something I got a stabbing pain like I was resting on a spike. I was sure there was a splinter or something but no amount of digging around could find it, but there was definitely a lump. I'd have gone to the GP but obviously "the event" made that impractical. Today I finally caved in, glugged a mouthful of gin and got my wife to properly dig at it with a needle and scalpel. Much swearing and blood later: Fucking knot wheels!
  4. I suppose it's for the best he got the crashing out of the way at a nice low speed rather than coming off at 100+ if he managed to get to the first corner
  5. It's not so much what happens to the cars, but I just can't stand to see or hear Richard Hammond for even one second. He's a crap local radio DJ that is somehow about 400 levels above his station. In a world with any justice, he'd be trying and failing to find work as a Marty Feldman impersonator. He's a living breathing example of how being talented, knowledgable, likeable or even vaguely watchable is irrelevant to your TV career if you're in the right place at the right time. I didn't used to mind him until I got his "I've had a crash" book for christmas one year. I started it with an open mind, but by the time I was 40 pages in I couldn't stand to read or hear a word he produced.
  6. Good grief, I can only imagine what complete bollocks that's going to be.
  7. (microwaved leftovers from last week) Roast dinner, fire on. Summer can fuck off thanks, winter is where it's at!
  8. Dig a little channel along the side, put some of that threshold drainage stuff in (like people use across garage doors) and a £20 bilge pump in to keep it drained, it'll work a treat. We had to do that all along the back wall of my mates workshop which was built into a hillside, in winter he would have a stream running across the workshop floor. We piped it all into a water butt.
  9. see also: and along those lines:
  10. Damn right! When I was at uni I got a student loan plus about £800 a month for working weekends in a warehouse and I was a rich man! It's been downhill ever since, but I suppose a lot of that is not being surrounded by drunk 18 year old girls.
  11. @JJ0063 I do a lot of work with guys who are hgv on call recovery / maintenance lads, they're all on significantly more than 27k(~50% more for PAYE, contractors/self employed are double and triple it) and they're all absolutely fucking sick to death of it. A few fresh lads pretend that they relish "being out on the road" but they soon burn out. The guys on really good money doing mega hours are especially miserable. They've got all the nice toys - cars, bikes, nice house etc but no time to enjoy any of it. I'm in that situation to an extent - I've just moved to a nice house in the peak district, we've been there two weeks and I've still never seen the garden in daylight. In your position I'd stick with the existing job and find some other way to earn a few grand a year on top.
  12. answer phone call from the farmer "the gate has fallen off again mate"
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