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  1. yes the gold weld is braze. Grind it all off as it'll make a right mess if you try and weld over it!
  2. You really are a glutton for punishment! I was scrolling down pictures and saw a rusty hole in a blue panel and thought it was my own thread 😄 That's a point - Do you know what paint colour this is? I looks exactly like VW medium blue to me.
  3. Spent all day lining out my van. When I started, I wasn't that happy with the carpet - I got "easy liner" which is a bit more stretchy than the usual stuff I use, but it's thin and a lot less durable. I should have just not bothered. 6 hours later, I had the job 70% done when I stood back and realised it looked totally shit. The carpet is so thin it looks patchy and lumpy. Ripped the whole lot off and hoked it in the skip, and now I have loads of spray glue and fluff residue to deal with before I even get back to square one. I don't have much spare time and it really bugs me to have wasted so much of it.
  4. He charges £40ph and he's been on it most of the week, just shy of £1200. I sold my caddy last week which has taken the sting out of it, but realistically, that's what you've got to charge for skilled work like this in order to make it viable as a decent living.
  5. I saw this polish luton van parked up and the name of the roof sleeping thing amused me so I walked up and very obviously took a picture before I noticed a very angry man in the drivers seat gesticulating at me.
  6. by the sounds of it, they don't even expect to have to sue anyone - they're just quite sure that because "they didn't buy a cheap banger" (it was £700) that someone else is on the hook and happy to cough up to refund them or repair the car. EDIT: Now they are suggesting the garage that MOTd it in September could have missed something or done a dodgy test.
  7. With the outer sill cut off, you can see the rusty hole on the top left which is all that it originally got booked in for You can also see how fat the top seam is, so Dan decided to cut the lot off up to the full length of the rear sill section we had, There was also a dodgy repair inside above the chassis rail - I had seen this and presumed it was covering up a drilled hole for the block heaters that this had. Nope! Rust! New inner sill in: Rear reinforcement And the internal bit repaired properly: I also got him to sort out the front step - there was just some thin metal here and a few pinholes, but he cut the lot out and used a spare part of the sill section that had a perfect matching ridge on to fill the hole Off to collect it tomorrow. Still shocked that it needed all that work despite looking so solid externally, but very happy with the work Dans done, and for a reasonable price all things considered.
  8. Also they are on benefits and had to save money for ages to buy it and they really need the car to get to their depressed partners auntie's funeral "it will help him grieve*. They had a mechanic friend check the car out before they bought it and he said it seemed OK, now they're wondering if he is liable as well. Just a professional victim.
  9. On Reddit there is some silly bollocks who bought a 2007 Yaris two months ago off FB marketplace, and now the engine has shat itself. They're very upset because their car insurance company won't fix it, and they have also called the bank (they paid by bank transfer) and they aren't going to do them a refund either.
  10. I never got a photo, but when I bought a new Abarth 595 in 2016, the owners manual & service book was literally just photocopied and stapled. No glossy cover or owt.
  11. Dan Tinkler in Beverly: https://www.facebook.com/DstRustoworx/
  12. yes, for once I'm really pleased with what I'm paying for! He charges twice what my other guy did but his work is ten times as good.
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