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  1. I decided, for some reason that today was the day to clean the roof on the camper, it was absolutely fucking minging to the point where even on google earth I could see it needed a wash. A few months ago I'd tried caravan cleaner to no avail, neat TFR which will clean anything, and it didn't touch it: On the recommendation of the bloke across he carpark with the sprinter camper, I tried "fenwicks caravan cleaner" again but used it neat, despite the instructions saying "FFS MAN DON'T USE IT NEAT YOU'LL MELT YOUR FUCKING ROOF OFF" A few doses, an hour stood up a slippery ladder in the rain scrubbing the whole thing with a dishwashing brush and then pressure washed off (with the pressure washer hooked on to the hot tap)
  2. Wow! I had an S1 Rallye about 12 years ago and drove it everywhere absolutely flat out. Fantastic cars! Has it still got the 1300 engine with the huge alloy inlet manifold?
  3. Space savers are made of longer lasting rubber. It's also kept out of the sun, it'll be fine!
  4. It's still not legal to spend the night away from your primary residence, but I don't think it really matters, you're not harming anyone and the law is pretty much unenforceable now. I've camped in the carpark outside work and in my mates field, but neither are any kind of substitute for being in the proper countryside.
  5. You jammy bastard. I'm going absolutely mental not being able to get out and go camping!
  6. He wants the biscuit tin back though, tight bastard
  7. The old boy a few units up from mine is moving into a smaller unit and "disposing" of a load of tools and I seem to be his first port of call. This morning he's donated an 18" set of stilstons, a pipe bender and a large biscuit tin full of proper good quality crimp terminals (Early 1990s "Ampliversal" brand) and a really nice crimp tool. Bloody lovely stuff
  8. I've not touched any of that lot yet! - I've fitted a battery and proper split charge setup under the drivers seat (robbing the split charge relay off my own van!), that took most of the morning. Tomorrow I'm going to rip that lot out and see if anything can be salvaged - I really don't want to reuse anything, but equally I don't want to spend hours fishing wires round the van to the interior lights etc.
  9. My wife's mate has has a transit camper for a couple of years, it's a bit of a lashup from old caravan parts she bought off some bloke. She asked if I could fit her a new leisure battery because the lights don't work inside anymore. Apparently they worked for about a week after she bought it and not at all since. Now I've seen some lashups in my time, but I reckon this is the worst in 20 years of wiring vehicles. The only fuse I can find is wired across the battery terminals, and is of course, blown. Luckily, all this lashup has no way to actually charge - there's no split charger or connection to the engine in any way, the only thing stopping it from being on fire is that the battery has been at 0V for the past few years. So yeah, my weekend is ripping all that lot out and sorting it.
  10. Facebook "memories" bollocks finally came in useful today! It popped up with some photos from 2 years ago when I had sold by Abarth 595, which set off a brain chain reaction. I had 13 years NCB on my "normal car" policy with the Abarth, and I was going to swap it over onto another policy to keep it going. Obviously I forgot all about it at the time. I sold the car two years ago... Cancelled the policy two years ago... NCB lasts two years.... Fuck! Luckily I managed to get my proof of NCB out of adrian flux and parked it on my van policy with about 2 hours to spare.
  11. More incredibly technical questions from the Talbot Express Facebook Group:
  12. The engine bay of my caddy fucking terrifies me. It's just pipes, I barely recognise any of the bits.
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