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  1. When I worked at Halfords, an old bloke parked a newish Kia in the disabled bay outside and came in for some "silver spray paint". I tried to get him the right stuff but we had nothing on the shelf and would have to mix it up. That was no good he says, he was in a rush back to return it to the dealers as his motability car was in for a service. Anyway, he left with a couple of cans of Ford moondust sliver and then painted the whole passenger side of the car to cover up the big dent where he'd scraped it down a bollard. He held the can about an inch away from the panel so it was just a mass of
  2. I swapped my Mk2 golf GTI for a VW t25 about ten years ago. I was young and not insured to drive "other vehicles" but my mate had a trade policy, so I drove us from Rotherham to Liverpool to do the deal, and he drove us back. The T25 had been stood for 5 years in an industrial unit, and the current owner had sort of "won" it when he moved in as the previous owner of the unit had just left it there when he disappeared without paying his rent. He drove it to an MOT center 500 yards away, it passed and he drove it back and put it straight up for sale. It drove back fairly uneventfully -
  3. I had to turn down some steady lucrative work because I'd have to use "hot tools" (a soldering iron in the back of a van!) on site. Steady maintenance of some obscure access barriers on british steel plants across the country. It added 3k to my business insurance!
  4. Now you just have to dispose of the bodies
  5. At work I have to collect really expensive stuff from customers every day, I bet we get about 10k a week worth in 20/30 parcels. We have the occasional breakage but it's always down to poor packaging - I always tell the customers to package something up well enough that they would happily throw the parcel as far as they can into the air and have it land on a concrete floor. They'll usually laugh at me, but I'm not joking! That's exactly what will happen to every parcel, it'll get thrown as far as someone can be arsed to throw it. You can't pay people enough to care even slightly when you're on
  6. All my old favourite quiet campsites that were deserted 350 days a year and run by grumpy old women who wouldn't usually even bother to answer the phone now have been taken over by knobheads with Facebook pages showing off their new "shabby chic" signage, bell tents to hire for £60 a night and online booking for "family plots" at £40 a pop. Why does everything nice have to be ruined by the general public? Where can I go to get away from all these wankers? FFS man, I just want to spend as much time as possible as far away from any other people as I can and I had a pretty good setup going u
  7. You know you live on a nice street when the DVLA van comes out clamping and runs out of clamps within a few hundred yards. Counted 7 clamps down the bottom of the road followed by another 20+ "Untaxed vehicle" stickers, it's got to be about 15% of the cars!
  8. I've told this story before somewhere, but about 15 years ago I worked at Halfords. One wet sunday afternoon at about 4pm, a bloke came in after a head gasket for a Nova. By this point, Halfords had long since stopped actively stocking anything like this but I was sure I'd seen one in a stack of old dead stuff in a dusty box in the back. The bloke was covered in oil and clearly mid-job, I think he'd got the wrong gasket or something. He was really desperate as he needed the gasket to put the car back together to drive to work in the morning. So I climbed up the racking in the back and sif
  9. 8:30pm I came home from 13 hours at work. M1 was quiet, so I put the cruise control on at 70mph in the left hand lane and in 10 miles I reckon I came across about 10 cars doing mid 60s in lanes 2/3. Nothing else on the road. I wish I had a rocket launcher. Got home and had to leave my van 200m away and carry all my gear back up the road because no fucker can park, . 8 spaces taken up by 5 cars just parking at any old angle. Tyre nails? We need to move house ASAP to get away from these arseholes, but everywhere we look at has half a dozen applicants and despite offering to pay t
  10. I've always had a damp spot for these. I'm a bit disappointed though, You can get italian made remould mud terrain tyres, honestly there is no more suitable tyre for this car. (Other than they're noisy, wear fast, wobble, halve your MPG and BHP etc etc)
  11. I bought a 2016 VW Caddy 18 months ago off a retail pitch for £8k+VAT. I stuck the reg into WBAC last week and the were offering £8200+VAT. The van market is mental at the moment!
  12. Oh, and to add something constructive: Check the sliding door track isn't rotten! At the front where the wheels sit when the door is closed, the wheels rub the paint off the steel and it rots through, then the wheels fall through the hole in the floor with the door closed. It's an absolute shit job to repair properly and the door will be a complete nuisance to use . edit: Third post in a row, but these really are absolutely miserably slow, the only vehicle (other than mobility scooters) that I can outdrag up big hills in my talbot express. Avoid!
  13. When I used to convert VWs for a living we'd be buying a T4 every couple of weeks (about ten years ago) Stuff would often be advertised with "NO EXPENSE SPARED" but as you say, most of these so called enthusiasts seemed to think spending money on cliched stickers, dangerously wired chinese mains inverters, fairy lights and hideous seat covers was all the maintenance a VW needs, and underneath all that shite was usually quite a ropey vehicle.
  14. 10 weeks since I last went camping in this, feels like forever, I'm properly going mad here! Seems like it'll probably be the last time too. My new camper will be usable soon, so if anyone fancies a crack at this, let me know. There's no point in having it sat around - It's ready to use, MOTd, runs and drives lovely etc but needs a bit of paint and a few jobs finishing. Not mega money, I'm a real sad bastard and would rather it go to a good home where it'll get used, maintained and owned by someone who knows what they're getting into.
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