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  1. Ouch! I've had my share of nights in the van where the water in the sink froze solid, it's not a lot of fun.
  2. Oh, I've just found those pumps on aliexpress for £12 if you fancy one: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000269341354.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.17424431q0F4mc&algo_pvid=96812cf9-0152-4619-bd43-2c9c83f2dbc9&algo_expid=96812cf9-0152-4619-bd43-2c9c83f2dbc9-0&btsid=482468c3-62e6-4066-b259-03e52774074b&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_6,searchweb201603_53
  3. I don't personally mind the noise, I just don't want other people to hear it. I don't often camp in places where there's another van withing spitting distance, but sods law last night I ended up bunged in the car part about 4 meters away from another van as they'd closed the grass off for a few days. I'd bring the pump inside the van, but I'd rather keep as much of the fuel setup outside so any leaks just go onto the floor. I've got my eyes on a die-cast aly box, and some bulkhead hose barbs. I'll use a loop of (probably if it's diesel safe) silicone hose inside to really isolate the hoses and probably dampen the pulses a bit. Those pumps won't work on my heater (mine needs a .016ml pulse instead of a ,022) but I've heard (ho ho) that they're not really much quieter than the standard ones - I wonder if they'll sell the damper separately?
  4. They're a doser pump - the pump a fixed squirt of fluid per pulse and the heater controller varies the pulse frequency from about 1.5Hz-5Hz. My pump is the smaller type that pumps 0.016ml per "click". Some people hang the pumps with cable ties, but I think I'm going to sandwhich it inside sponge inside a little box. It'll keep the water off it, too.
  5. Over the last week I got the heater fitted. I wanted to fit it behind the gas heater, but when I really got started, it wasn't practical - all the holes through the floor ended up having chassis in the way, so I put it in another cupboard that I barely use - It had a shit tool kit and an old stinky sleeping bag in, both of which I forgot I owned. The intake is over by the sliding door which is a really cold spot: I didn't have an intake grille, so I drew one up in "naff 1980s style" and 3d printed it: I think it fits in perfectly. I paired down the wiring loom a bit, shortened the pump wires etc and noticed that while all the connectors are sealed for external use, none of the connectors had all the wire seals fitted, so I fitted some. I ran them through a new gland next to the main charge wire for the pleasure batteries I then fitted the pump on it's rubber mount with a load of rubber hose to dampen the clicks, but it didn't work, I need to redo it - it's noisy. The little 5l diesel tank is fitted inside the van for now. Not ideal but I couldn't be arsed running a pipe all the way up to the engine bay. If I can fill it without spilling everywhere, then there's no smell. 5L will last about 50 hours of use. So here we are - It's -2 outside, and I'm in the van with the heater set to the lowest it will go, and I'm really warm. I'm sat here in my underpants with the roof vent half open. I'm glad I went for the 2KW version instead of the 5, this thing is still way more powerful than it needs to be. Great success! I just need to mount the pump on something softer because it's quite noisy - the heater fan noise itself isn't very loud, but its quite an inoffensive noise.
  6. I used to do my bike chain with lard when I was a kid! I can still smell it to this day, after a few months it all started to go rancid and it'd drip off in the sun
  7. it's perfect! At the time I was 18 and drove this - It was a 1.1 and lorries would overtake me on any uphill motorway stretch. A mate of mine bought this for a couple of grand that he borrowed off his gran, it didn't run and being 18 working part time behind a bar I don't think he ever got it going. 16 years after, I'm still very jealous of it.
  8. Fucking hell, I recognise that car from back in the day! The owner was really regular on fiestaturbo.com back when I was a yoof. It looks a cracker, but I reckon it would be a shame to press it into daily duties. There's a small but growing group of people who are starting to see that early 2ks max power ish stuff as really worth preserving. I wish I could give it a home
  9. Yep. The shift actuator bolts on top of the gearbox has paddles that move side to side and fore and aft to select gears, just like you would manually. You could unbolt the hydraulic jobbie off the top and put a gearstick on if you want, the box itself is basically unmodified. On the side of the box is a 24v hydraulic pump, 8 solenoids and an ECU to control them. The clutch is actuated by a hydraulic slave cylinder. They don't have clutch temp sensors or anything like the Fiat 500 gearbox does - it has position sensors in the clutch actuator and you "teach" it the bite point when renewing the clutch, then they sort of self learn as it goes along, until it gets water in the ECU, the motor brushes wear out, the hydraulic pressure sensor fails or someone tops it up with brake fluid instead of hydraulic oil. All it needs from the vehicle is a 24v, ground and a pair of CAN wires so it can pick up the various signals from the engine and ABS ECUs to "tune" the shift points.
  10. Report him to the police for leaving the scene of an accident and make comments about his eyesight. The police will likely send some plod round to his house and give him a basic eye test.
  11. Usually facebook groups are incredibly tiresome "THANKS 4 THE ADD" bollocks etc but there's a bloke on the Talbot Express owners club earnestly asking where his OBD socket is and it's absolutely made my morning
  12. Then there's AS-Tronic Lite, for fleet managers who really really fucking hate their drivers. I can't complain though - I don't have to drive the fuckers and there's a months wage in rebuilt units on my workbench ready to post out. They're basically a slightly more industrial version of the fiat 500 auto gearbox setup, but with a lot less sensors.
  13. Fuck polishing them! they're deeply pitted so it'll take ages to get them anywhere near good, and uncovered aly will end up furry again in about a fortnight. Just buff the faces flat with a 120 grit flap wheel on an angle grinder, leave the wheel on the car and spin it up with the angle grinder while you do it for an even finish, then just lash some alloy silver and lacquer over them.
  14. The electric water heater thing works quite well - there's enough in the batteries for one tank of water (plus about 4 days of normal camping use) so it's handy to get me out of a bind. The main thing was to have enough batteries to not have to worry about them, and I've achieved that. I bought a 10" wheel to try on the back because deep down I am a foolish manchild. That's far too ridiculous, even for me - especially of a FWD vehicle. Oh well! I'm keeping the wheels I have on the front (16x8) but swapping the Insa-Turbo Dakars to those tyres I have on the back soon. These mud terrains look cool but the rolling resistance is just unreal - I instinctively go to check if I've left the handbrake on 3 or 4 times each trip. I made a start with the new doors I bought. Initially I'd planned to paint them, but other than a few scratches, they're not that bad, so I ran over on with the buffer to see how it'd come up - I'll do the same with the van and hopefully they'll match OK. unfortunately, under the adhesive I found out someone had removed the ducato badge using half a brick, so I masked off the area round the mess and lashed over it with a coat of paint from a supposedly matching aerosol. Of course the aerosol match is absolutely nothing like right, presumably it was matched over the phone. I'll try the door on the van and if it's original colour is owt like the van I'll drop it off at the paint place and get them to mix me something close. I'll have to go through the charade of pretending the paint is actually for a lawnmower or a tractor, otherwise they won't be able to sell it to me to paint a van with. I also finally got a 2KW Diesel heater. This thing is immense - It'll fit in the spare space next to the batteries, and I really can't believe the heat it kicks out. I'm glad I went for a 2KW instead of a 5KW, as even on the lowest setting this thing really is fierce. I've been running it up on the bench all day to make sure it doesn't pack in as soon as I've fitted it. It's absolutely amazing for £92. I just need to work out where to put the fuel tank.
  15. The engine and gearbox are basically the same, but other than that not a lot is interchangeable - they're different platforms entirely, the 205 shares quite a bit with 306s. The brake calipers, wheel cylinders and shoes are parts bin stuff so will swap between all kinds of french stuff (the shoes are the same as on clios IIRC). Your front brake calipers are basically the same as what comes on the back of a 205/106 GTI.
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