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  1. Is there an intermediate bearing on the long driveshaft? I've had exactly this same issue quite a few times on Peugeot 106s. Fine when cold or for 50 miles, but on a long motorway run the bearing heats up and makes a right auld racket
  2. Take it down to stoneacre for a health check and full service ?
  3. Im laughing in solidarity
  4. Shitty plasticky modern diesel leak off connectors and pipes can fuck right off, twice around the car park and then continue to fuck off until they run out of road.
  5. I had considered that, but it's probably worth about £1500 more than "usual" at the moment. I'd have to rush to get it painted, pay a premium to get it painted quick and then I'd be without a camper van til I finished the other one. Then I'd have to rush that one and pay a premium for getting than one painted quick, and then cut corners to make it usable etc. I'm not rich, but for the sake of maybe a grand tops, I'd rather hang on to the talbot, use it every couple of weeks as I have and take my time converting the Boxer. Come December/January it'll be a bastard to sell, but it doesn
  6. It flew through the test, zero advisories, not even any verbal ones. It's a good van! Since putting the fridge back in, it wouldn't light up on gas. Quite common that the jet can get blocked with rust or other schmutz, so that's what I presumed had happened, particularly as I'd disturbed it. Years ago I used to think these "gas" fridges used witchcraft or the evaporating cooling power of the gas, but no, it's much simpler. Instead of (like a normal fridge) using a pump to move the refrigerant round, these fridges just use any source of heat. Gas, 12v electric of 240v electric. They h
  7. It'll still be slow and incredibly thirsty, but at least it'll sound nice if there's anything left of the camshaft
  8. I got cracked on with this today, changed the balljoint and gave it a good MOT looking over and a test drive round locally to make sure it's all together OK. It's solid now but it looks very sorry for itself! I started to put the fridge and all the wardrobe back in and realised this would cover up the inside of that welded rear arch. I forgot to order some Dynax S50 (I'll be pumping a food few litres into all the sills etc) so I had to settle for Waxoyl that I could get locally. It's nowhere near as good, but it's a lot better than nothing. I used loads and warmed it up first.
  9. I've always fancied a crack at it, underground stuff interests me (mainly man made stuff - tunnels, mines etc). I was talking to a mate who works from a nearby unit and when I found out he's a member of Derbyshire cave rescue I was pretty quick to ask if he'd let me know when they were doing any beginner level stuff so I could tag along and have a crack at it. The place we're going is "Giants Hole" near Castleton, it's about 4 miles from where I usually go to camp. If I can't get the Talbot ready I might just take the caddy and a tent. I'll miss the nice hot shower!
  10. The inner sill was worse than we expected: So he replaced most of it: And done! No in progress pictures of the arches. But that's it absolutely rock solid. Well, as solid as any 29 year old Talbot is going to be. I got it recovered home as the guy had to have all the strut leg off to get behind to weld the inner arch up and had to cut the balljoint nut off and bodge one back on. I didn't have time to go up and do a balljoint in his yard, nor did I want the wheel to fall off while driving it home with no MOT. Parked
  11. You're welcome to wang those cylinders in the media blaster, just fashion something to plug them up first of all so we don't get too much inside them, I dunno how well the seals would sit against a blasted surface. I've got some better media and a much more powerful gun now - the old setup wouldn't touch scaley rust but nowadays it's quite effective, especially with a new bag of glass in there. If you're happy with gray, I've even got some paint you can use.
  12. I've got some big auld axle stands at work, you're welcome to borrow them EDIT: just measured them, 2 foot tall at max extension. 3 ton rating, per stand.
  13. as sgtbebrvagatrottov says, Every single fuel injected or diesel car completely shuts off the fuel when you are coasting, but if you know it into neutral then it'll start using fuel again. There's no advantage to coasting unless you're driving something with a carb, and even then the benefits are quite minimal.
  14. I was expecting to pay about £350, maybe £450 tops for a quick waft over to save me upsetting the landlord at work by doing it myself in the carpark.
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