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  1. back then he was only giving staffers the occasional dead leg or chinese burn, its amazing how far he's come
  2. A lot of them are full of miserable racists too, bemoaning how we've been "invaded" etc. Also shittily colourised photos seem to really impress a lot of these people, and lately incredibly obvious and poorly AI generated stuff is becoming quite common and it's really devastating that even the most ridiculous stuff completely fools people.
  3. As part of an ongoing plan to stop my head exploding, every friday I finish work a bit early and have a walk somewhere peaceful, then I camp in my van at the end of a farm next to a river and on saturday morning I stop off at a nice quiet cafe and sit next to the fire and have a full english breakfast. This morning there was a few old blokes who came in, togged up in their walking clobber ready for a days walking up lathkill dale or something. One ordered an egg sandwich, with extra bacon. One ordered a bacon sandwich with an extra egg. They sat down to eat them and discussed the prices they had paid for the same meal, and it ended up being 15p cheaper for the egg with extra bacon. The aggrieved party jumped out of his seat and marched up to the counter and demanded a refund of this 15p. Cafe owner then explained that the bacon + egg sandwich has 2 bacon + 1 egg, whereas the egg+ bacon only has 1 bacon, hence the price difference. Overhearing this, the other guy gets up and joins in the discussion: "So a rasher of bacon is only 15p? but you charged me an extra £1 for an egg!" The two blokes went back and forth arguing quite agressively with the cafe owner about the value of eggs vs bacon for a good 5 minutes, all while the sandwiches they were arguing over were sat on a table behind them going cold. Cafe owner refunded one bloke 15p onto his card and gave the other bloke a rasher of bacon to shut them up. Listening to all this wound me up a lot more than it should have done.
  4. Guess which 4 components I replaced 7000 miles ago, just before the last MOT?
  5. Alex Robbins is actually a thoroughly decent bloke, despite what you'd expect after knowing who his employers are.
  6. I get moderately severe cheese sweats from even quite a small amount of cheese. My wife doesn't believe it's a real thing, even when I can show her my face start sweating ten seconds after I eat a lump of strong cheese.
  7. Nearly 3 years ago I bought a sim card for the 4g router in my camper van. It was one of them "preloaded" ones with 100gb or something, but to put me on. It supposedly ran out after 6 months. I hadn't given it a thought since, until today when I realised it's still going strong! I must have used many terabytes by now, It was our only source of internet at home for 8 weeks. I wonder how much longer I'll get away with it?
  8. Sympathy. I have to come back here now and again because of family etc. It was a no-hope shithole ten years ago when I left, and every time I go back it is significantly worse.
  9. What does the relay look like? If it's a voltage sensing one, it would probably still be switched on at 13.09V anyway so it might not be faulty that's fairly decent sized wire, a lot better than I was expecting!
  10. if the light is on the relay it's getting power from the main battery, it's probably just the fuse between the relay and your pleasure battery that's gone. Best to put the battery on a mains charger for a while first of all - the surge of current when charging a really flat battery is what usually blows the fuse, so if you get it topped up first that'll save it just blowing the new fuse!
  11. It should jump up to 13-14v when the engine is running, even if the battery is fucked, so it's not charging for some reason. 95.8427% of DIY fit split charge systems are fire hazards / not fit for purpose. The cheaper setups will have a tiny relay, thin wire and a couple of 30A fuses which blow pretty often in normal use. Get the battery on charge sharpish to prevent any more damage, and follow the wires from the leisure battery and take some photos, I'll try and make sense of it for you!
  12. Fireworks can absolutely GTF. Luckily our whippet doesn't even notice them, but they strike terror into so many animals (and people). It's gone on too long, they should be restricted to professionally run displays on 5th November and NYE only.
  13. Not my thread but I've driven a few of these with a map on (in the dry tho) Boost is limited in 1st and 2nd IIRC, so the power is actually pretty usable, you don't feel like you have to tiptoe around to keep from lighting the wheels up. In 2nd you can floor it and the car will put the power down unless you do something silly. You do have to "wind it on" a bit coming out of corners hard or it'll light the inside wheel up in 2nd and 3rd.
  14. Sort by price, scroll down til you see an brand you've heard of. Unless you spend a fortune then they're pretty much all made in the same few factories in turkey anyway. Don't get a Beko dryer with "Anti crease" because the fucking thing will kick on and run for a few seconds every 15 minutes, all day and night after it's finished a load of washing and there's no way to disable it.
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