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  1. Yeah it's the early one I was thinking of, I went to look at three of the 70cc ones a few years ago and all three of them were misfiring...
  2. Yup, my wifes friends grandad died in december (carked it in the passenger seat of the car on the way to a hospital for a checkup, she pulled up in the carpark and realised he was brown bread!) And the funeral is not for another fortnight. Seems odd to me.
  3. Don't mean to add to your woes but I'm sure those smarts suffer from valve problems which wets the plugs and cause misfires, i'd want to do a compression test before spending £300 on tyres!
  4. Went at the rear brakes on the T6 today. In my eyes it's a brand new van, 2016 is 2.5 years ago, 1990 is 8 years ago etc etc. It's not a new van: Passed an MOT not 1000 miles ago! New ATE disks and pads all round. Cost 2x what euro carp tarts "brembo" etc would be but I don't trust any of it nowadays, they just put aliexpress shit in a nice box. That done, I had a bit of time on the t25. because it's lifted I run upper ball joint spacers - they sort the geometry out a bit. Mine had the cheapo ones on, but then I noticed that some fanny had been grinding away at one to make it fit some cheapo ball joint and it was very sketchy. paid good money for some "proper" ones which are a lot better, but the bolt holes didn't line up right so I had to get a file out, which is a pissed really. These are a lot thicker and made of steel, hopefully they won't snap off and kill me They do seem a lot more sturdy than the old ones. It's fucked my alignment and now I have plenty of positive camber, so I'll do my best with a spirit level for now and take it up to my usual place to get them to fine tune it
  5. They could actually be trims, some newer stuff has very rudimentary alloy wheels with plastic trims like this on them. When it's a "wasteful" style they can save the money on excess alloy and the wheel ends up lighter and cheaper to make.
  6. A truly smart man would have left the headlights where they are and just swapped the number plates
  7. I know a bus company that runs 14 little old merc buses. The air pressure / abs warning on those is on an LCD screen in the instrument cluster, but the clusters are NLA and if the LCD goes, they're not repairable. They have one good dash that they keep in a locked cupboard which gets fitted for the MOT and then immediately removed.. They even rent this good dash out to another local operator, I don't know what they'll do when the LCD finally gives up on the cherished MOT dash, presumably just scrap the buses and shut up shop!😅
  8. WTF towbar?!?!?! Ace cars! I had one new, loved it, hated owning it as a new car because the dealers were beyond wank so there was no benefit from the premium I paid. I've always got one eye open for a noisy fast one. Big turbo, even less exhaust and some decent seats, wheels and suspension would make them an absolute dream to blezz about in! Not like the usual golf r hothatch shite where you can do 175mph sideways without even noticing and the next day someone breaks into your house and holds you hostage for your keys to use it as a getaway car after robbing £500 from a cash machine
  9. Mine had 160k on and is still going with the new owner at 185k. Remapped for the last 90! It's had a new turbo on which is an absolute nightmare job. That said, it's one of the lucky ones. It's a bit of a flawed engine, but not total dogmuck
  10. Don't waste your time with threaded rod, it's always cheese grade super soft stuff (4.8 grade) and will stretch and pull the threads out of the torsion bar. You need a proper 12.9 hard bolt to have half a chance!
  11. Took the "scenic" route home last night and ended up in a few puddles. I knew it would be mucky but it was pitch black when I got back. Here's the result, no wonder the headlights didn't seem very good 😅
  12. What's it on? On a 106 it was always a running joke that you could ever just pull a torsion bar out, even 15 years ago. We always had to beast them out of the other side with a drift and a full on sledgehammer, and even then we've nearly knocked cars off axle stands with the sheer force required.
  13. See also: Every other company and most governments
  14. My old talbot is now on 15 owners. It makes sense really, it's the kind of van you have for a couple of years and then either upgrade from if you use it, or sell on if you don't use it. Giles (spartacus) off here who I bought it from said he had a couple come out to look at it, they were pleased as punch after a test drive and he showed them around it etc. They agreed a price and then when they saw the V5 they shit a brick and backed out of the deal. Takes all sorts.
  15. Vivaros are squarer with more vertical sides so they feel more roomy inside for the equivalent footprint.
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