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  1. No that's really appreciated! If anybody needs me to alter the Roffle list just let me know. Sure Bramz will have brought 3 more cars by now and sold 3 more since his post anyway.
  2. Got the Cav back tonight so managed to grab some quick pics. I'll draw up a Roffle list tomorrow for the people who asked for a ticket so far on a borrowed laptop. Unless Borniteldentity hasn't for me by then as kindly offered earlier The Cavalier as you can see is in fair condition for it's almost 26 years. Body has had arches and sills in the past and in my ownership some paintwork too. Interior is from a late model SRI but is tired / sun worn. Carpets are fine and I replaced the rear parcel shelf and stays last year. Dashtop cracked but have a used top section to go with it. Annoyingly the corner of the headlining has started to peel again I've noticed today. But will do my best to sort it this weekend. As mentioned there will be some free spares included and the new owner can also have first dibs on buying a spare 74k engine. Plus I have some other parts available for sale.
  3. Thank's my phone not so hot on the new AS, So if you didn't mind writing up the list to get things started for us that would be greatly appreciated. Knowing my luck if I sell the Cavalier values will shoot up over night. I've spent far more on this Car than I'll ever get back over the years but with 11 years happy motoring who can put a price on that? If everybody happy with £8 a ticket. The added bonus for me is it will also help cover the extra bill for the New Manifold Studs that are being fitted! The Cav will still be available For Sale till the Roffle is sold out for £425 as well. Insurance expires Monday. Tax is till Sept. So I'll leave the Tax on and I won't renew my Insurance for a week or so to save me getting mugged on cancellation fee's etc. I know I've been promising more pictures but work is clashing with getting the Cav collected before Sat at the minute. So bare with me. Anything anybody wants to know about the Cav or if you would like to take a look, just fire me a PM.
  4. Apologies for posting the Ebay link via the Tat thread on the Tempra ! I must admit I had seriously thought of buying this myself before I posted it up, but I really need a Estate so my sensible head said no. Seeing picture of it here makes me think I should have said yes.
  5. I have had a AS member ask about it via PM last night funny enough and I'm just now awaiting a reply, though I guess maybe some are waiting till the end of the month for payday? Thank's for everyone interest so far regarding starting a Roffle, not sure how to go about dividing £425 into 59 tickets as my math's makes £7 a ticket only £413 total or £8 is £472?
  6. Cheers ! I forgot to mention I did also get the garage to put on a new oil and filter and clean out the sump pickup for piece of mind as they can clog. The old boy clean's up pretty well. As I said before it's no show car as to be expected for a vehicle which has been a daily for the last 26 years, It still get nice comments off people though and with continued care I'm sure it will keep going. Hopefully picking up the Cav tomorrow or Thursday depending on work. So I'll get on to adding some pictures to the advert along with any updates.
  7. Bump. The Cav still in the garage! The bolts for the Manifold to the new downpipe have snapped. So the garage is awaiting a new tap set to hopefully get it all sorted by tomorrow. I admit this hardly sounds great when I'm trying to sell it, but I'd trust this car to take me anywhere. Plus with a near brand new Mot this should do someone a good turn for the next 12 mths. The insurance is also up a week today so ideally like to sell this before then. I can't really drop the price as the Mot bill came to £200, plus I've got another bill for fixing the manifold to come too. If there enough interest I'd consider a roffle or maybe a swap why?
  8. The couple were from Shropshire over towards Ironbridge. So I might see it again on my travels. I felt quite sad driving it for the last time Friday evening and not just because it was my Grandads car. The 45 is a decent car overall that was and is mostly still marred unfairly by badge snobs etc. I'd gladly have one again at some point.
  9. Sorry everyone but the Rover sold for £500 tonight via Autotrader. Couple were really nice people too which was a relief. Thank's for everyone interest.
  10. Appreciate the kind words, as you say there a capable little car. I've really enjoyed pottering around in it this past month. Just a shame space is so limited at present or I'd just buy it off my Grandad and have it myself.
  11. My Brother had some interest in the Rover via Autotrader earlier to view the weekend. If that's a no go I reckon we are on for a Roffle! Thank's both 'll let you know in due course if we start a Roffle. I reckon if there any doubt over manual or auto. Buy both then problem solved.
  12. Thank's strangeangel, I have people stop and chat about my Cavalier and they usually say the same thing. Even the garage who did the Mot repairs said people have been pointing and talking about Cavaliers while they had it. I think my Cav got Ideas though about me selling it and is trying a spot of sabotage ! I picked it up from the garage last night. All seamed well till I stopped for some petrol 5 mins from home. Got back in and put the window down. I could hear that the exhaust was blowing. So had to take it back to the garage again today. Hopefully it can be ready for the weekend. Did get to inspect the floor repair though which I painted last night after I'd taken this photo below.
  13. Thank's RobT and sierraman for the added Omega info never knew it was available with the 2.0 8V ! I'm liking the sound of a 2.0 8V version more though I suspect finding one might be a challenge. Will certainly start keeping a eye out for one. I've only sampled the 2.0 Ecotec in the MK3 Astra Sport and the Vectra B SRI and they seemed ok from memory, but must admit I'd prefer a 2.0 8V if I could find one. As you say there pretty much built proof engines and most people I've chatted to about my Cavalier always say the same too. Thank's they actually call this colour Nautilus Blue! Though I've always thought of it as Green myself. I've really loved driving it these last 11 years it just gets on with whatever I throw at it without complaint. Selling it will be hard but hopefully I can find a worthy replacement in estate form. Spoke to the garage again today and the Cavalier should be ready for tomorrow at last ! So will be available to view from tomorrow evening. I'll give it another wash and will get some more pictures posted up asap.
  14. Great to hear that both Fiat's are continuing to serve you well and really pleased the Fiorino flew for it's Mot too, The Rover has been listed on FB and Autotrader over the weekend but might be up for going down the raffle route if there enough interest? Thank's, I've not sampled a 2.0 TD version myself or a MG either. Though I've driven a few 45 1.4's and a 75 1.8 when I worked at a hire company briefly back in about 2003. I found them all comfortable places to be when going back and forth [ or stuck mostly ] on the M1 and none of them gave us any trouble unlike the Ford's and Renault's.
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