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  1. @Split_Pin sorry to hear you haven't had any luck with the garage on the Mot etc. What's the score now, are you keeping it and taking up the offer's on the welding, or is my old Cav for sale? If so count me in as interested, it's been too good a car for me to let it meet a sad end.
  2. I brought my first car at 15 back in 1999. Although I did half share a 1985 C reg Fiat 126 FSM with my Brother before that if it counts? Otherwise from my own 1st Car. 1986 C reg Talbot Samba Style. 1989 G reg Fiat Uno 45S 3dr. 1991 H reg Peugeot 205 1.8 TD 5dr. 1992 K reg Ford Escort 1.4 LX 5dr. 1989 G reg Fiat Uno 45 5dr. 1991 J reg Renault 19 GTD 5dr. 1992 K reg Renault Extra 575 1.6D. 1993 K reg Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 LS 3dr. 1991 H reg Ford Escort MK4 1.4 L 5dr. 1990 G reg Fiat Tipo 1.4 DGT. 1993 L reg Vauxhall Cavalier 1.8
  3. Tyre prices have definitely gone up in my area. Luckily I was jammy enough to buy a pair of as new Khumo tyres off a fellow AS member in the FS last yr, at less than the cost of 1 new budget tyre. I wanted to get the Stilo tracking sorted ( thanks to the million potholes round here ) and it's seams they have stuck the prices up for that too. Most places round here used to charge £35, now it's £50 for the front! Or £75+ for 4 wheel alignment. A local independent did offer me front wheel for £35+ vat or £35 for cash, so I'm hopefully going the cash monies option asap next week.
  4. From my understanding with the current Mot regs. If a vehicle fails the Mot, providing it wasn't a major / dangerous do not drive fault. Then you should be legally ok to drive a failed vehicle home or to a place for repairs. So if you got them to sort out the welding first, then you should be alright. Hopefully the bulkhead still good, as when I replaced the holed front carpet It was sound. Admittedly this was over 10 years ago now. But if you do want to try another ECU, just let me know and I will look asap to see if I still have the spare in the loft. I couldn't accept a payment
  5. This is a blow, sounds to me that if it's cutting out when idling cold. Then the Idle Control valve isn't working. Possibly me previously blanking the egr valve off could be another reason though. The only other thing I could think of is that the ECU might be faulty, which I'm sure I have one in the loft for FOC if you want to try it. BTW has the garage tried the paperclip test to see if any fault codes are stored?
  6. Can't wait for that @Split_Pin too, as I can surprise my best mate with a link to your channel. As he hasn't quite forgiven me for selling it yet!
  7. I'd forgot about the flying chips badges! I was given these from a friend of friend, after I'd spotted them on a ex drift Ford Sierra he was breaking weirdly. Had always intended to fit them but could never decide where. With the replica GSI grile and clear side indicators I had in some of the pictures. I decided to remove them before putting it up for sale on here. As I thought that most people on AS would prefer the OE look. I always wanted a set of the early Astra MK3 GSI alloys for it too, but could never find a set for sensible money. Hope tomorrow brings you some g
  8. 2010 was the first year I visited Billing in the Cav. I wasn't with any clubs then, so ended up parking at the far end of the grounds near the Auto Jumble if I remember correctly. Ended up driving back on the Sunday with my Brother and Father too. We brought some parts and a few model cars, then stayed for a Curry at the on site restaurant afterwards. Hopefully I can go to another VBOA show at some point, even if I don't presently own a GM vehicle!
  9. @Split_Pin saw a K reg Nova 1.2 Luxe earlier, was surely a sign of good news to come! Great to see my old Cavalier staying in the fold and thanks for the kind words. All the best with getting it through the Mot and if you need to know anything, just ask away.
  10. Well jealous of that Fiat collection! Looks like the Brava & Bravo have a set of period Fiat accessory wheel trims too. My Black Fiat Stilo SW is from Desira. Still has the rear window sticker.
  11. Thanks for uploading that video @flat4alfaseeing this has made my day! Great to see it having a new lease of life instead of just gathering dust in the loft. Bumpers and handles look much better in silver too. Btw if anyone interested I might have another loft sort through / sale of some more diecast if anyone interested? Probably in another week or so.
  12. Had a right game selling my Grandad's Rover 45 a few yrs ago. When I finally had someone turn up to view after the endless £150 tont M9. It was some snobby old women who spent over a hr fucking moaning about the headlining being slightly saggy at the back and every minor scratch/ dent she could find. Although never once did she or her clearly down trodden husband bother to look under the bonnet or ask anything relevant to buying a £500 car. In the end I got rather irritated and told her it was £500 02 Rover and if she wanted a Rolls Royce to go buy one! Amazing though she shut up an
  13. Feeling pretty peeved off this week, only been out once in my Stilo this year. Yer some twat dented the rear quarter panel with there door! I know the car got plenty of dents courtesy of the previous owner already, but it still annoys me that people do it.
  14. Great to see some more pictures of this again. Reminds me that I have to own another Samba one day!
  15. Wish I could have found this for £200! My sister had a 99T Bravo 1.6 100 HLX. I really rated it, only problem we had was the injectors falling in 6 years. Otherwise was a brilliant car that provided many smiles. Can't remember the last time I saw one on the road. I did offer ours on here about 7/8 yrs ago and didn't get much interest, funny how times change. With your cambelt. If you search eBay you might get lucky and pick up a genuine old stock Fiat cambelt kit, but touch wood a Gates Kits has always been ok on our Fiats. Btw if you get any more problems with water in the fo
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