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  1. Spotted this pair last year nearby on the same property. They haven't moved since then by the looks of it, seeing them again today. No idea what the story is but the house is clearly full of furniture etc. Although not sure if it's occupied.
  2. See I was so annoyed, I can't even spell it right! I meant to say top up voucher.
  3. A few weeks ago I was feeling pretty fed up. So I decided to treat myself with some 1:43 Diecast chod. First purchase was this workshop lift made by GMP. Detail is really nice overall and the ramp height is also adjustable, as are the legs. Although the height adjusters feel a bit flimsy, so I'll try not to mess with them too much. Came with the oil drainer and oil tray. Although I didn't even realize that the reel was adjustable, until I saw pics online. Which is a nice touch. Fitting the ramp to the base with the tiny screws though was a pita, so I'll be leaving it assembled permanently! Had my Schabak Golf to hand too, so here it is receiving a miniature service. Also while looking online, I'd spotted a minichamps MK3 Escort. Wanted one for ages, so was pleased to get this at a reasonable price. The details are great and I especially love the wheels. As they were my favourite ford steel wheel of the day. Paint is slightly flawed but not enough to upset me. The other purchase is a Norev Fiat Panda. I couldn't resist it in the cocktail blue, as it's one of my favourite Panda colours. Interestingly they have chosen to base it on the 1.3 multijet model, rather than the pez fire engine models. Casting is spot on I reckon and all the painted details are neatly applied too. So really happy with them overall.
  4. Ready made ringing kit for a Fiat 500. https://www.gumtree.com/p/fiat/fiat-500-shell-id-v5-abarth-595-project-/1411006712 Hi for sale is a 2011 fiat 500 lounge I broke for parts unfortunately shell isn’t good enough to sell on, so am selling the ID all vin plates and tags full v5 non cat 2011 perfect for a project/savage car postage possible collection from Kent/London
  5. Can't add much more than has been said already about this beauty, but I do know that the one pictured is still listed for breaking below if it's of any use. By Phone: 01332 673663By Fax: 01332 660430By e-mail: info@albertlooms.comBy Post: Albert Looms Ltd., Megaloughton Lane, Spondon, Derby DE21 7ND
  6. Fucking local Co-op, why is it every time I buy a top voucher at the counter the person serving me is a idiot. Went in for £10 and they charged me £20, so i said it was wrong and was told. No it's what you asked for!! Oh and they couldn't / wouldn't refund me either. Bollocks to them now. Instead of walking to my local co-op, I'll drive the 3 mile to Tesco instead and they can have my business.
  7. Thanks. I can remember actually driving a Stilo hatchback in the same spec brand new, at a horrible hire company I briefly worked for. An at the time I found the styling rather bland as a Fiat fan ! Although when I started looking around for a cheap estate car, a few yrs back. The Stilo styling was one of the reasons I brought it!! Funny how your taste's change. It's been a great workhorse so far and hopefully intend on keeping it for a good while longer yet.
  8. My Fiat Stilo is back from having a new clutch, another fail courtesy of the previous owner. Cost more than I paid for the car to have it done, but was totally worth the expense. Now I can actually pullout of junctions in busy traffic etc safely! Also took the lazy option and had them replace the front discs too, as they were low. So no more embarrassing squealing every time I stop either. I'm still looking for a decent replacement headlining as the current one is torn to shreds in the back. So if anyone knows/ see's one Breaking etc ideally in the Midlands. That would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Burnside

    E10 fuel

    My local Sainsbury's have also changed there pumps when I filled up yesterday, but when I asked the cashier about it. They told me that it was still E5 as they won't get E10 till September ish.
  10. The only company I could think of as I've used them a few times in the past, don't appear to list the newer Panda on their website. Although it could be worth a try still, as I've always found them really helpful. There based over in Malvern and will also post too. https://www.carz2.co.uk/ The other suggestion I thought of, is perhaps trying to salvage the sills from a scrap car instead? Although that would require alot more hassle admittedly.
  11. Thanks again for the help, don't mind paying out for a more durable product as we hope to keep the Uno indefinitely! Thinking about it, probably 3 cans sounds about right as there a fair amount of area to cover in there. With the Diesel Panda sills, I had a quick look on eBay and they are available aftermarket but are pricey. Could you possibly use another aftermarket sill with a similar / same profile instead ?
  12. We paid over £50 alone last year, just for a brand new subframe to be powder coated on a MK2 Uno. So that seams good value to me at £120 all in. Interesting about the variation of the toe in, I guess they must have there reasons for it though. I totally agree if you swapping a subframe out, might as well do it right while it's all out and replace any worn shocks etc at the same time. I'll definitely look up Buzzweld, as that would be ideal for what my Brother wants to do with the Uno. How many cans would you think roughly for two inner rear arches?
  13. Nice one on yet another Panda rescue! I've driven a MK2b Punto with the 1.3 multijet years ago on a long M'way drive. An I recall it having plenty of punch as you say. It had no trouble keeping up with the 1.8 Vectra either that I was having to follow at full chat. It would be interesting to see your thoughts on how it compares though to the fire engine in the real world. Out of interest btw how much did the upgraded rear subframe cost? As me and my Brother keep saying we'd like to try a newer Panda at some point. So be good to know, as we'd probably buy the worst example available. An also where did you get the colour matched raptor paint from? As it might come in useful for my Brother's MK1 Uno which is currently awaiting rust repairs. Cheers.
  14. Burnside

    E10 fuel

    As usual in this country, there fucking about with something on the pretence of helping the environment. When all it has to do with is money. Great. My 2006 Fiat Stilo 1.6 pez won't run on E10, although if it was a 1.2/ 1.4 it would. It's not the best economically as it's a heavy car for its size. So if I'm having to pay more at the pump for E5 super etc every time I fill up. Then it isn't going to be viable for me to keep it. Cunts.
  15. Seeing a car getting a second chance after a incident that would normally spell the end. That makes my day! We had a MK4 & 5 Fiesta in our family. An both were excellent cars that never let us down once. I can't even remember the last time I saw a Mazda version on the roads. The way I look at cars, is not what there worth. It's what there worth to me, if there reliable, reasonably ok in most departments. Then spending £££'s to keep it going another 12mths plus, is well worth the investment. Sure you can just go out an buy another, but your likely buying a unknown quantity that could leave you worse off. Well done on the work so far. 👍
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