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  1. Managed to pick up these two French beauties in 1:43 off ebay last week. First one is a Talbot Horizon by Altaya, which has been on my want list for some time. Annoyingly the seller didn't pack it well, so the perspex case got damaged. Thankfully the model itself is ok and I'm really liking the colour, will go nicely with my Talbot Samba model when I can find it! Second purchase was this Norev Peugeot 405 SRI, managed to get this one for £24 posted. Which I thought wasn't too bad, so snapped it up. Overall it's not a bad effort, some details are slightly wonky if I'm being picky but overall I'm pleased with it.
  2. Saw this rather nice looking land yacht today, a Plymouth Fury III. Never seen one up close before, but definitely would if I could!
  3. Can also vouch for the Getz, worked at a Car Hire company where one of the employees used to abuse everything he drove! He used to thrash a pair of these 1.1 Getz's and I mean thrash them. I think he reached a 111mph flat out in both, he used to redline them through every gear too. Unlike the Ford's, Rover's, Vauxhall's even Mitsubishi's they never broke once. These cars will forever have my respect, for being tough and also fun little cars to drive imo, I'd happily have one myself if I was in the market. I also once had a miserable job working at a Nissan dealer as a valeter. But the only good part was that I got to drive all the old part exchanges too. Had a early Skoda Favorit in one day, same shade of Green as this one pictured below. Expect with rotten rear arches and rusty wheels. Nobody else wanted to be seen driving it, so I thought I'd drive it back to the valeting site. Mainly as it would make a change from yet another Micra. Drove much nicer than I expected, handled well too on the mixed budget tyres it sat on. Cleaned up well and with a quick splash of wheel silver on the rims, it sold for £300 almost straight away. I owned a Ford Escort MK4 1.4L. Brought it when I was really desperate for a cheap working car. Paid £150 with 6 months Mot, but it was rough looking! Similar to this one, expect rust on every panel including round the sunroof and a dented offside wing. Had it for about 12 months and it never put a foot wrong, even got me through a flooded road that wrote off 3 cars. [including a brand new Range Rover] Was a typical Ford, engine felt lively with a nice gearchange and decent handling. Was nothing about it that was particularly amazing, but it did just A to B without fuss. Was really gutted to sell it though, I'd have another if I could afford to buy a tidy one.
  4. No problem @sheffcortinacentre pm your details and there yours.
  5. I couldn't quite believe it when I first opened it. Top marks to the supplier though, they just sent us another set with the correct sides no questions. So now I have half a caravan, one complete caravan and two Astra's! I'll post some pictures, when the complete kit is done. Just waiting on some paint, as hopefully I can add a few details without making a mess of it. I'll build the second Astra but hopefully with a wheel swap. Undecided on the half caravan at the minute, but if someone fancies a challenge. Let me know and it's yours.
  6. On the Caravan front, my Brother kindly brought me this for my B'day last month. A 1:87 Herpa minikt with a MK2 Astra / Opel Kadett E hatch. Anyone see the one problem I have with assembly though?
  7. Managed to pick up these two Majorettes at TK Maxx Tamworth. Really pleased to get the Suzuki Swift. Had the 500 just to go with the previous version they did. The other Majorettes I passed on here. Also had this nice Jimmy for £14.99 that I was tempted with, but decided against it. Hopefully I don't regret that later!
  8. Thanks for the extra info just looked it up myself. Odd that they have different PCD's though. Update on the Stilo. The new bottle arrive yesterday via DPD. Left a note on the order for the courier to leave in porch, if no answer. DPD ignored the note on the parcel and leaves it with my neighbours who then went out before I got back. Also for some reason DPD left the front porch door wide open. Twat. So today after alot of agro I've fitted the new bottle. Had to replace the crap Fiat pinch clips as every one broke on removal. Took forever to bleed it afterwards. Also not impressed with the new bottle, definitely China shite not oe as described. Cap doesn't thread on nicely but least it's drivable again. Still least it didn't rain!
  9. That's a shame to hear Vauxhall don't have the interchangeability of previous generations, but then I suppose it's the same with most manufactures now. Funnily enough though, it turn's out that my Bottle is shared with the Fiat Bravo II, so managed to order one through a Fiat specialist today for £38.09 delivered. I was just curious about your Astra, as I saw a rather nice looking Astra J Estate the other week. So thought they might be worth a look next time round?
  10. True, funny enough my Cavalier went the same but that had done over 170,000 at that point. (Stilo only done 68,000) It still got me the 20mins home though, without any problems thankfully. Had no luck finding one locally today. Did try the local Fiat dealer on the off chance, promised to call me back but didn't! Rather buy a new one than used if I can. Looking like a eBay aftermarket brand or Fiat parts specialist is my best bet. Which shape is your Astra by the way @New POD ?
  11. The coolant bottle on my Stilo has developed a hairline crack, right were the rubber pipe joins on. Just what I needed as I really needed the car tomorrow. Tried bodging it tonight, but can't seal it enough to stop leaking under pressure. So it will have to stay off the road till it's fixed. Great.
  12. Turning 40 tomorrow, had plans to go away and do something but everything gone to s**t as usual. Still at least the pubs will be open.
  13. Thanks to @bunglebus post yesterday, I made a very brief visit to Sutton Coldfield today for a buy. My Brother having the Civic and one Alfa for his collection and I'm keeping the other pair. If anybody in need of Matchbox btw, I can gladly check my local B&M for stock as it only 10 mins walk from me.
  14. @bunglebus thanks for the offer, although I'll be over there myself tomorrow as it transpires!!
  15. Oh no, I'm not a million miles away from Sutton Coldfield! Might have to pop over there and see if they have any Alfa's left later in the week. I'll definitely check out the Siku on offer too. Providing my Stilo doesn't disappoint at the garage Thursday.
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