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  1. My guess. Fiat Tempra SW, prob in Metalic Red. As most that have survived are mostly that colour.
  2. Another week. Another bunch of car related misery. The Punto that I previously mentioned. Is still at the garage awaiting the headgasket to be replaced. Which they can't do till next week. Can't afford to tax the Stilo instead as I'm skint, thanks to the Punto repair costs. An just to please me more. I've spent two miserable afternoons failing to get my Aunties BMW Mini to start. I'm suspecting a crank sensor which is a total bastard of a job. Which mean's it will have to go to a garage. An that's the last thing she needs at the minute. So looks like I'll have to tow rope it back for her. Using my Dads van as there no breakdown cover. Joy. Then my Brother had some idiot drive into the side of his Ford Focus this morning. I honest can't wait for this week to be over!
  3. Thank's, I still feel like a total idiot though. It's a shame as the car in good condition otherwise and has a almost Full Dealer History etc. I think that I'll just have to accept that I'm in for a hefty bill and get on with it. Besides I'd lose too much if I bailed on it now, as I'd have to sell it as is for spares or repair. Then I'd have the risk of buying something else that could be just as bad or worse. Least the Pub open though.
  4. Update, had the Punto checked out this morning for a second opinion. An they have confirmed that the Headgasket is on the way out! So that's one gearbox replacement and a Headgasket needed. Let hope for the Car sake I don't find my hammer again. Or I know what I'll do with it. Feeling proper annoyed with myself, as I thought I'd brought myself a decent car. Turn's out even after 20 years off owning cars, I clearly know jack.
  5. Getting the distinct feeling, I've been fucked over royally with a Fiat Punto that I recently brought. Thrid gear started crunching every time it's selected on the way home. So after some internet searching and speaking to a local Fiat specialist. It looks like a used box / rebuild is needed. Then today after changing the oil. Which thank's to Fiat putting the oil filter too close to the block. Ment my oil filter removal tool wouldn't fit. Cue a hammer and screwdriver, plus swearing. I thankfully got that all sorted and back togther. Then got the engine started and now the bastard thing smoking it arse off!
  6. No problem, If I have I'm sure it's even the same colour. Though likely playworn paint. An that definitely Kojak's Car too . Seeing your haul, l reckon I'll have to start checking out my local Charity Shop's next time I'm passing!
  7. I might have the Cortina Door going spare, if you want me to go check!
  8. Was really nice meeting you M'coli and your wife on Sunday. Hope you have as much fun as I have with L547 JBM. It was a sad moment seeing it go after 11 years, but it's great knowing it's found the right home. Looks to be in good company with the 106 too! If you do find some seats, make sure the rears if you want a whole interior are from a hatch though. As saloons won't fit so I was told.
  9. My lift only has only just shown up. ☹️ So I'll have to give it a miss today. Prob for the best as saves me from myself!
  10. My dad had 2 Marina Vans when I was small. The last one had been fitted with a 1.8 mg engine by a previous owner. Which of course my Dad never raced against a then brand new MG Metro Turbo. Side by side somewhere in Birmigham in about 1989. Apparently the Metro could only get as far as the rear edge of the front door! All the best with the Marina. Will be following with much interest.
  11. Could be worth checking out the windscreen for leaks. Last one I had fitted. They didn't bother to seal it right. So first heavy rain shower it was leaking down both corners including on to the fuse box. Thankfully they sorted it and no harm was done.
  12. How dare they turn the Cav down! Only problems I've ever had Insuring it, is some of the stupid quotes I've recived come renewal time. About 8 years ago one Insurance company tried to hit me with a £1000 (Whatever Arriva use to call themselves) for the Cav. An this was after they had insured me the previous year for £400. 😕
  13. Dam my cover been blown! If I can get down early enough, I'll stop by the Truckers first though. What time was you all planning on hitting the Auctions?
  14. I've avoided this thread, as I've now got cash fron the Cav Roffle burning a hole in my pocket. An besides, I haven't got a car to go in. But just been talking to my Brother and he likes the idea of going. So I might make it down for the Auction at 9am ish. Will be in his Pug 106 or a Lords MK1 Focus.
  15. https://www.google.com/search?q=harry+bucklands&oq=Harry+Bu&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j0l3.5128j0j7&client=ms-android-hmd-rev2&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8# Hope that linky works!
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