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  1. Reading that failure list I'm not convinced the chassis is the rotten bit, it looks like most of the rust is in the body, which is arguably tougher to sort out. For a novice welder the bodies on these are quite challenging to weld due to the wafer thin steel* used so approach with caution. You will also find a lot more rust than you expect as the seam sealer used tends to trap moisture between it and the metal as it ages and cracks. I am currently engaged in a battle of wits with my Acadiane whereby a 50p sized hole in the floor has mushroomed into both front floors, toeboards and part o
  2. Hi, I am not on your previous list but would like 4 if available. Cheers!
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-Beat-silver-656cc-engine-soft-top-convertible-rare-car-1992-J-reg-/324508061890?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Don't know if this is cheap or not for one of these, but it looks like a lot of (probably rusty) fun. Rev counter nearly goes up to 11!
  4. I think the 2cv and Dyane light switch is labelled V for 'ville' and R for 'route', so not sure if it was a French rule that the lights operated in this way. From memory DSs had two horns as well, one for town use and another for country. Simple answer is 'because French'. Loving the BX progress.
  5. We must have had this by now, but I can't find it. Some proper characters* in this and a Hyundai Scoupe I find very appealing.
  6. Sorry, I wasn't very clear in my post, I think the advert on eBay is an old one and the chap in the video bought it. I think he has then sold it on as well. I think it went North, beyond the wall, where Swedish metal is (rightly) revered.
  7. That yellow Saab would be this one - guy says he bought it from that advert which has been up for ages. It's annoying as it gets me excited every time before I remember.
  8. I still have a yearning for another Saab, classic 900s are peak car for me and I'd love another. I can't claim to have owned 28, but I did peak at three at the same time. Only the red turbo lives on in the hands of my brother. My low point was bending one substantially on a navigation rally.
  9. They also both started out with a facelifted Lotus design for added parallels. I reckon that one of those early Tesla 'Elises' is a solid pension plan if you can find one!
  10. Can anyone else see similarities between Elon Musk and DeLorean? I think Musk has managed to get exactly the right car out at the right time which is the critical difference. I really admired DeLoreans intent to offer a 'car for life', though the business model with that is obviously flawed!
  11. I was first introduced to the brown forum in a past life by xbo11ox, probably over ten years ago. Anyway it took until the boredom of the first lockdown before I started lurking in earnest, and until now to introduce myself properly. I have (and have owned) various classics in my life, all justified for purchase because I admired the engineering within as that is allegedly my profession. Naturally they all are broken in some way as I am too tight to buy the best examples. Behold the bounty of my garage (and various lockups...some of which my wife knows about): 1963 Rover P4 (wo
  12. This is a cracking car and a major case of deja vu for me. On getting my first job I spent my entire first pay check on this beauty, despite it FTPing on the test drive. It was the cheapest way into a V8 and I had no idea what an accomplished drive they were. I loved it and only sold it for a deposit on my first house. It sadly resurfaced on eBay many years later in a right state, which made me quite sad. Enjoy yours!
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/The-Growler-Talbot-express-Camper-van-1985-spare-or-repair-Barn-find-/264976955228?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Too many jokes.....
  14. This is my first post as a long time lurker, but I thought I should post in solidarity with Hubnut after watching his attempt at bump starting Roxanne. It was a proper laugh out loud moment, mainly 'cos I have been there myself. I've included a pic of simarily inappropriate vehicle to vehicle contact when I had to push my P4 back into it's lockup when a combination of sticky brakes and a failed ignition coil left it stranded outside. Thank you for making me feel less inadequate as a chod fondler!
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