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  1. Maybe something wrong with me, but out of that line up the 940 is the one I'd most like to drive away in!
  2. I did my own version of a hidden treasure Allegro quite a few years ago. It was for a mate and was a cruel reminder of his own car, languishing at the bottom of his garden! And the real thing: I actually did it from memory as I didn't have the pic, and I wish I'd spent more time getting the green slime right!
  3. I repainted the body kit on my 900 aero many years ago and I'm pretty sure they were an anthracite colour.
  4. That's much better than the Etsy effort! Not sure how these attach, but maybe worth having a captive screw thread in the rad so you can take it off easily when parked.
  5. That's a crying shame. Probably no point putting another genuine one whilst it might happen again. This would probably fool most peasants as you sweep past majestically https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/253564741/winged-goddess-flying-lady-nymphmascot?ref=share_v4_lx
  6. That's wonderful. Love the haze in the pics as well. Is the red trim on the wings correct? I think it slightly spoils the sleekness of the lines.
  7. He was at least honest in acknowledging that the 205 was better in every conceivable aspect, and that the benefit for Ford would be the increased number of people buying 205 diesels and then assuming all diesels were that good.
  8. Thanks, sort of what I imagined and none of that makes me want one any less! I suppose I'm a little disappointed you don't hate it and were looking to move it on...
  9. I love this, it looks great anywhere! What were your driving impressions?
  10. If a ham fisted idiot like me can do a head gasket on a DOHC engine (Saab 900), then anyone can. Just be methodical. It'll give you a great sense of achievement, after THE FEAR has long since vanished.
  11. All through the eighties, nineties and noughties my dad used to average 30k miles a year for work. He used to change cars every 2 years roughly and used to try oddball choices for a bit of variety, interspersed with the typical sierras and cavaliers. He still maintains that the best car he ever had was a Sigma, a dark metallic blue estate with gunmetal grey alloys. It had the same 12v 3.0 V6 and. I remember it fondly too, and am very jealous of yours! If I'd been at Rustival I would have been all over it!
  12. A great outcome. Hopefully you can persuade Dunc to photograph and document his efforts so we can enjoy vicariously. Though I think I've probably seen more of the innards of Invacars between AS and Hubnut than I've seen of my own cars!
  13. Useless fact: tilt switches like these were the favoured method of triggering car bombs back in the 70s/80s.
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