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  1. Picked up these 3 today Solido X1/9 is in really good condition. Bburago Tipo has had its bumpers painted and paper hubcaps glued on. Maisto Marea was thrown into the deal.
  2. Your hubcap looks like the ones on my W115. Mercedes actually had a special tool to mask the 3 pointed star on hubcaps so they can be painted
  3. Ok, I saw a guy on YouTube taking a pump of a W115 240D and it was a 2 bolt
  4. Would the 115 on the tag suggest this engine is from a /8 W115?
  5. The Uno was available with the 903cc pushrod engine from the Fiat 127
  6. They were introduced to the Irish Market around 1992 to replace the popular Peugeot 305 van. Built by coach builders Heuliez for Citroen.
  7. So Austin replace the A40 and A50 with the new A55,,, what do they do with the surplus 1200cc engines?, Ship them to the Irish assembler, who creates a new model the A45, we also got a 1200cc Wolseley 1500 over here
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