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Lord Sterling's spotted shite - THREAD RESURRECTION!! 😳

Lord Sterling

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Well, since I started using my iTablet thingy to access the web, ive ignored my PC which seems to have got worse. Eventually it self-detonated and I got myself a new (second-hand) up to date PC. As I'm messing with this PC for the moment, I thought I'd take the opportunity to dump a load of spots here.


Some months back, I went "home" to Brussels, I took these:











Got a Hyundai motor? Get a Hyundai mobile telephone to match:



Dont know what the hell this is, Renault something or other....








MOAR Wierd electric things:














I think there is some 25 pics per post limit or summat, so bear with me........

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Now, to the Derek J Ketteringham Dealership in Neasdon, North London. I have met the man himself, Derek. He is an amiable old chap, very old-school, even down to his old-boy suits, of course, I turned up there looking very early 1990s wide-boy with my high-waisted Black trousers, shoes, plain Black T-shirt and light-coloured suit jacket.  :roll:


Enough rumbling on, have some pics:




CACk Rover:



Phew.....  :neutral:

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Wow! What a great update. Not sure what I like best, but Datsun 120Y is superb, even the house isn't too scruffy, so why they've hung onto that for at least 20 years is beyond me.

The brown Maxi is a great spot, there used to be an identical V-plater (KVE 50V I think it was) in a garden down the road from me until about 2005, before I was into spotting. Long gone now, sadly.


It's really nice to see there's still a good amount of BL/AR/Rover tat around Brum. Might have to pay a visit soon, I've always wanted to visit Longbridge (even though there isn't much left now). I was gutted to miss the Austin Counties rally there in the summer, they lined the cars up outside that circular main entrance building (can't remember what it's called) and had a guided tour of the MG plant and Lord Austin's office.

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Cheers fella. I guess my area must be choc full of auto shite. There are more recent spots that I've not put up yet.


AD - That Maxi took me aaaages to get to, its usually blocked in by a White Skoda Octavia, but on one rare occasion it actually left I was just passing by, so I parked up and took a pic before the opportunity disappeared forever. Funnily enough, it lives around the corner from the Brown rubbish filled Allegro Estate I put up here sometime back. The Maxi has been off the road for almost as long or probably longer even. Its almost like 'keeping up with the Joneses' shite style or who has the rottenist Brown BL tat festering in thier garden, the Allegro is winning this one, but the house with the Maxi is very shiter in condition.

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