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Barrow Wheels: RESURRECTION!


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I thought a new spotting thread was in order, now that I've been here long enough to accumulate a few. I'm sure you'll excuse the presence of my own in a few of these...
First up, on probably our second day in the house, is this wonderful beast, captured in a back alley just around the corner.
I see this Triumph a lot, usually in the town centre, as shown. It's obviously a daily, which is great!
SD1 appeared to be living around the corner from me, and didn't move for a couple of weeks at least; but has disappeared. Legend (ie talking to a neighbour) suggests that is somewhat modified under the hood. It claims to be a V8 and definitely has a manual box.
Old, and considerably less-old VWs on a nearby main road. There's no shortage of Bay and T25 campers up here.
Truly giffer Volvo at Tesco...
This is my kind of van... ;-)
This, and the next one, I spotted on the day my two arrived, in fact on the way to supervise unloading. I haven't seen the Granada since, but the Escort is often in the same place.
And here's another Granada, which I do see knocking about; but this was the first occasion, in the back alley for the houses opposite mine! The red door you can see belongs to my Metro...
I discovered a local scrappy, by the docks, and was allowed to wander freely. Never go out without the camera! Porsche, anyone?
This poor old hulk was a mk2 Cortina estate once...
Triumph Herald convertible, which was a surprise!
Banger racing used to be big here (there used to be a track near me) so this is no real shock...
Nor is this...
And to prove they've arrived, my two, outside my house! The red curtains are mine...
I spotted this at my local pharmacy one horrible day, but couldn't get close enough for a photo. About half an hour later I caught it here, and couldn't resist the shot. Incidentally I'm now delivering pies to this very shop!
There's a little used-car pitch within dog-walking distance, with a pretty Shitey buying policy... ;-) This Minor lived in the next street, but seems to have sold very quickly after being traded in.
This, on the other hand, is still there...
I just parked behind this to go to the bank... and well, you have to, don't you?
My work van! :D
And my own, earning its keep. The cars came in a 40ft container with all my other goods, so the shippers built a wooden platform around them to carry the goods. The wood was going to be scrap, so I kept it, and these pieces will be part of a DIY project in the house. The price was right!
On the way up to Inverness to see the grandchildren, I found this in a supermarket car park, looking like it was the first stop on the journey!
Finish work, top up rad... and a bloody big V8 Landy parks next to me! The church in the background is decommissioned, it's now the bakery where I work!
And last one for the moment: on Sunday 30th I went to the toy fair at Reebok Stadium, which was disappointing in bargain-model terms, but finding this in the car park was some consolation.

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Great pics Eddy, your two look quite at home already.

Love that Rover SD1, lovely condition, looks to have leather interior too.

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Granada's away for MoT work at the moment (so the Metro is my daily-driver just now!), and will go through registration when it comes back. When I collect it, I'll be leaving the Metro in for the same process. As soon as that is done... they are both For Sale! Bidding starts at the insurance valuations....

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Herald looks like it's wearing an aftermarket GRP hard top - pretty rare these days and worth saving for sure. Could be £200 to the right person once restored. Next time you're in the yard can you have a look at the condition of the sidelights please? 'they all go there' and consequently decent ones are really pricey, and I need a pair to replace mine (still functional, but shagged)



(You just need to unscrew the lens and chrome surround to have a butchers)

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Herald looks like it's wearing an aftermarket GRP hard top - pretty rare these days and worth saving for sure. Could be £200 to the right person once restored. Next time you're in the yard can you have a look at the condition of the sidelights please? 'they all go there' and consequently decent ones are really pricey, and I need a pair to replace mine (still functional, but shagged)



(You just need to unscrew the lens and chrome surround to have a butchers)

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Top spotting Eddy.


Here's a few more from South West Cumbria:





All of the above were taken around a garage in Haverigg, who seem to have cleared them out of their yard last year and just left them by the roadside.



I spotted those two around Seathwaite. Anyone care to guess what the black car is?







All of those are in daily use in and around Millom



A couple of highlights from the 2011 Flookburgh Steam Gathering, which as I'm sure Eddy knows, is always worth a visit


And finally, an intriguing prospect. Fancy another A40 Eddy? If so, PM me and I'll let you know where I took this photo. It's not too far from Barrow. Though whether it's for sale or not, I don't know - or even who the owner is. Mine of info, I am.

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Anyone care to guess what the black car is?

Lanchester LD10, I reckon. Here's a happier one, shamelessly ponced from somebody else's Flickr stream:


GUX 700 - 1951 Lanchester LD10 by homer----simpson, on Flickr


Grand spots there gentlemen.


I like the gold Granada with Metro door pic - it looks like aliens came to 1986 from the future, in a Toyota Verso.


Edited to add: Dash it Dicky, you beat me to it!

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Flookburgh! You know what, I've never been to that, but my mate has. I'm going to. This year, all being well; it's only down the road. A40? Yes and no. No to that one as it's clearly a project and it'll be a year or two (or ten) before I can take on a project again. Well done with the additional spots, by the way! :wink:


Thanks, everyone, for the compliments about my cars.


Barrett: white Herald or not, I can ask Andreas in Cyprus about those indicator units for you. He's got several.


I've shot a couple more today, and when I've got enough there'll be another update....

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This thread is stupendous! Fine work Mr Rod, sir, and of course the thread hijacker! :D


I like that GMC oddity in the first pic. I might as well end it all now.

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what was up with this (cry)


It was over 18 months ago but I think, from memory, it had been towed to the show behind a motorhome. A wee while later the owner took the gubbins off the back - but the battery in my camera had run out by then.


Anyhow, here it is again:




And, seeing as how I've hi-jacked the thread anyhow, some more from Flookburgh 2011:









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Let's have a few more photos, none of them taken in the summer sun at a car show... in fact these are all (with one exception) grab shots from the streets around my house, taken since I started this thread. Let's kick things off with a Shite van, shall we? This is not a Sprinter, it's a VW LT, which I've always found to be much nicer to drive. Probably not this one though, but you can't judge entirely by looks, can you?


Scenic belongs to a workmate, who happens to live around the corner. Unfortunately we are mostly on different shifts, or I'd have got away without my latest purchase!


Now come on, just how Shite is this? It seems to be still in use as a tradesman's van too, winner!


Bang opposite my doctor's, I think this guy is a home-based mechanic of some sort. Or just a hobbyist... :wink:


Golf estate, with another Shite estate behind me where I'm standing. I'll shoot that another day...


And finally: spotted this while I was out in the work van, so on my own time I came back for a snap. You just have to...


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Small update today, but with stories attached. First up:


I was in the scrappy today where I shot the earlier pics, and found this old Transit speclift. Apparently it's a runner, an ex-AA truck. They came with the 3.0 Essex, which is still in place... and it's available to buy. I didn't get a price, but I do have the phone number.



In my thread about my "new" Pug I mentioned a Scenic with no MoT. Well this is it. It can be bought, and won't be expensive, they won't want it hanging around. Well they don't already, they were delighted to think I was interested. It is going to need welding if it were to be used whole, otherwise the engine is quiet and the interior not too shabby, so could be a useful spares hoard. Again, I have the number.

Also, that Focus next to it? Seems to have been abandoned, apparently it was parked there over a year ago and nobody's tried to claim it yet. what a waste.

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One for the bike pervs...


This is in a nearby street, it's a Matchless. I think the owner said it was 1958.

Here's the other Shite estate I promised you:


and a scabby old Orion...


and some of the tat hanging round the garage where my Granada is. Lexus:




and Capri:


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I've got a few more for you, starting with this pair by my local (recommended) chippy:


I was filling up my work van and this pulled in to the next pump; on his way to a weekend rally! :D Hero!


Bit of a shite selection in the public car park by work; when I parked it there was a Primera next to me but the BMW had replaced it by the time I finished (and day had dawned) :(


And finally tonight, a cheap coupe at the garage in Ulverston. I've always quietly fancied one of these, especially in pre-facelift form.


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That Triumph 2000 estate is lovely, Since my wife rescued a large and very stupid black lab I spend my life hoovering the seats in the saloon

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and a scabby old Orion...



Getting deja vu, looks just like my old beastie (M62 VVX) that I bought 3 years ago to this very day. :D

[Pedant]The Orion monicker was dropped in 1993. This one looks like a post 1995 Escort with the oval shaped door handles. [/Pedant]


I wouldn't turn down that Cherry 100A FII further up. That is HOT! 8)

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