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Barrow Wheels: RESURRECTION!


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Well, I've been building up a bit of a collection, so here's the next batch. You'll remember I mentioned a firm of electricians in Barrow, that uses at least three C15 vans? This is the one that lives round the corner from me...


Volvo was at B&Q, as one might expect!


I passed this Polo while walking in Ulverston...


Rover is a regular in Ulverston centre:


Scabby MX5 was outside a local scrappy:


And inside:



(this 106 is exactly what I have in mind for the teenage heroine in my novel! :D )

Now here's a random traffic spot...


Spotted this in Lancaster when I picked up my folding doors...


El Camino? Nope...


It's a GMC Sprint, same thing under another name.


And here's that old Primera that I see at work...



Now... I have a load of pics from a Commercial Vehicle Show yesterday, including some top-quality shite among the classic trucks and buses. Shall I? :wink:

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i recognise a hell of a lot of those cars in the thread! the dark blue cressida belongs to a lad called scotty who also races bangers and its his everyday road car. the red 240 estate belongs to the guy who runs the burger van on the Dalton bypass. im surprised theres no photo in there of my honda parked next to my house! the v12 jag and the p6 are in Faintys scrap yard and were dragged in from a house in Urswick when the old fella died and are supposed to be hanging rotten and already sent off as scrap. there does seem to be a lot of old dross on the barrovian roads thats for sure bt there is very little car crime round here to worry about even old poo geting robbed! and its probably the safest town in the uk to own a ford granada!

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Hello Dave! Obviously I don't know where you live or I'd have papped your Honda by now. :lol: The cars you mention in Fainty's are still there, in fact someone has asked me about some bits off the Jag so I need to pay another visit. No idea when I'll fit it in between DIY, appointments and work though!



My Metro van, parked in my back alley after I bought a "modern" for daily use. I've now sold this and the Granada, I'm reduced to just one car! :shock: But, at least it qualifies as shite, in fact several members have or had similar models, so that's ok.

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Another great update Eddy. Of course we'd like to see yesterday's show pics. You don't need to ask!

Have you uploaded them already? If not, may I suggest Photobucket is showing your pics rather too big for we mortals with a mere 14 inch screen? The biggest size is now the default since they dicked around with it. If you want to reduce them slightly, before your next upload in Photobucket, click on your user name > user settings > albums tag > customise upload settings > select the second biggest (800x600), and save.

They should then come out this size:



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eddy, holebeck road, the first house after the chippy! you're probably familiar with my crappy old green transit transporter. my hondas up the corner next to my garage so youve probably not seen it when passing. my banger yards behind the Tally Ho but i dont think many on here would appreciate stripped out, stacked up old motors being readied for bangers! I would of course put photos up if people didnt mind! one of your photos of the metro was just up my road by the shop lol shame about the metro being broken into but as for actual car theft you dont hear about it often!

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Thanks chaps! Mo, I thought of you immediately :wink: , Dave, PM sent, and Joe, that's what I thought you'd say so stand by... Good tip about the photos too. Too late for this update, but next time, if I remember (two weeks or so I reckon).

So, Saturday and Sunday was Eden Classic Vehicle Group's annual event, a loose show on several sites around Kirkby Stephen and Brough, with classic buses running a regular service between. Buses don't do much for me so I didn't pap many, but I do like old trucks and there were some cars and small vans to ogle too; I think we all know how much I like vans. Check this lot out, and be ready for some absolute shite! :D

Some buses...




And one I caught in my mirror...



Now some trucks; old and more modern mixed together...













Detail of the Leyland Comet...








I really liked this one, can you tell?


You probably noticed a slight ERF bias too, I happen to love them. Now then: a few tractors!



Let's do vans now (and the odd pickup)...


This looks a bit special, let's see the other end...













And finally the cars! As if the white Transit wasn't shite enough, keep your eyes peeled now...














Eye thangyo! :D

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This was at the show last week and caught my eye, but somehow failed to make the leap from camera to computer. I blame the driver... :oops:

Normal service means I take the camera when I'm just walking the dog round my local streets...


Or when stopping off on my way home from work...



And the piece de resistance, from this very morning's dogwalk...


It's even automatic! :shock:

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Woa! An actual Espero!

Where's Hirst? He'd be on his way from the wrong side of Yorkshire, with autophilia rampaging through his veins.


Nice show pics too. I prefer the less shiny ones.

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All good stuff, cheers for sharing. I have to say though, the bloke in the above picture seems to be 'enjoying' himself a bit too much for my liking there.

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eddie keep your eyes open for some new Tin in town, a mate of mine, dougie, has just bought a mk5 Tina 1.6 auto and only lives a few streets away from you, i'll try and get a picture at work tomorrow

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Aye, I spotted that on FB, Dave! :) I'd previously been in conversation with the owner about the same car, I had a sneaking fancy for it. Being only the 1.6 and no taller than my present fleet worked against it though. Had it been a 2.0 or 2.3 I might have tried harder to justify it. Looking forward to getting a snap of it. I keep seeing some young lady of the feminine persuasion driving around in a black A35 saloon, but never when I can grab the Kodak. :( Barrow does seem to have a bit of a chod micro-climate!


As for the blue Fiesta, no idea who owns it as there's never been anyone to speak to when I've seen it. I'm more concerned to find the Daewoo owner, before Sunday if possible!

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found some old Tat while out and about at work today hiding out in the sticks in The South Lakes, and as promised, my mate dougie's newly purchased cortina.photo.php?fbid=10151332622157751&set=a.10150142418452751.286742.662587750&type=1&theater&notif_t=like



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Dave you cripple! Use photobucket.com or something. You could even upload them to facebook and link them from there. Nice avatar BTW.

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Nice Cortina cAROUSAL!


Right click on the FB image, copy image URL, paste it into here but add img at the end.

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That little corner of rural France is rather tempting... oh sorry, it's on my doorstep! :lol: Cortina looks good too, I want to see it in person now.

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That didn’t belong to a shiter did it-? Who was it did one like that up very recently?


T'was me but that's not mine, the dealer who bought it off me is still trying to sell it ........... :wink:

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A few more spots; some from yesterday, some not.

Spectacularly shite van behind a local garage...


And only yards away...


You can't see from here but the NSF tyre is very flat, and the interior is full of bits that should be under the bonnet.

This one was at the L&H railway...


...and backed over a cone upon leaving. Top Skillz (not)!

I posted this before, when it was white, but it's been resprayed...



Found a stash of P6s too...



Yes, that is a hovercraft behind the blue one!

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Nice spots there Eddie


L&H is a veritable tat fest and nicely situated for the nearby Lakes Motor Museum too - I try to visit both at least once a Summer and have worked on the L&H with the venture scouts when I used to run a troop clearing the line of trees and stuff.

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