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Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.

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Today I came across two cars that before today I had no idea existed.


The first is the Mazda 323F Coupe, notable for not being as pretty as the standard 323F.



The second is the Toyota Corona Exiv which is a quite swoopy looking saloon which I rather like.



So did you know these existed, or is there any odd shite cars that you have only recently learned of?

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1911 Mercer Raceabout:



The 1908 Simplex Speedcar:



Both of which were typical of the pre-WWI Vanderbilt Cup era.


Steam carriages, as we have no similar tradition here in the US and A:



A sampling of Sir Goldsworthy Gurney's contraptions:



Pics or it didn't happen:


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We don't get many small saloons, 



5100524399_25e232745a_b.jpgUno Saloono by Tayne, on Flickr


6074771704_50ed7697ef_b.jpgFiesta Saloon by Tayne, on Flickr


5517821123_52571b60ba_b.jpgDusty by Tayne, on Flickr


7432523836_84924e64c0_b.jpgKia Pride Saloon by Tayne, on Flickr


5168079746_ea5bc08930_b.jpgYaris saloon by Tayne, on Flickr


5076884238_d806388ef1_b.jpgAnd a Corsa saloon... by Tayne, on Flickr

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Today I came across two cars that before today I had no idea existed.


The first is the Mazda 323F Coupe, notable for not being as pretty as the standard 323F.




I had never seen that 3-door 323 (323C I think they were called?) until I started seeing a few around Edinburgh in the early 2000s, on (I think) L or M plates. Not sure why that was, don't think they were ever sold new in the UK, so possibly secondhand imports from Ireland, or something like that... 

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Down here in the far south we get a huge range of JDM imports as used cars.

The Toyota Exiv is one an they were very popular, built on the Corona platform but longer, lower and wider.

Here's a selection of Toyota models from http://www.trademe.co.nz/








Echo (later called Vitz)






Mk X



And my favourite the....Blade Master

Or a Corolla with a 3.5L V6



And that's just a few Toyotas you have probably never heard of.

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Once owned a Mazda 323 saloon on a r plate. Different front ends to the coupe. A few years ago I also owned a Daihatsu applause. Looked like a saloon but was actually a hatch back. Never seen either of them before or since. Both of them had full electric windows,air con and electric sunroof and both had stupidly light steering.

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