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  1. The Latest Installment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v59dDxCk9w
  2. Its bitterly cold, not only that Bob has managed to slice a large chunk of his leg with a plate glass window ( I offered to suture it up be he declined and went to A&E where they glued it back together), so with Christmas, New Year, a trip to France and some snowboarding and climbing (not by me) the car has taken a back seat. Not a right lot has changed since we were last here, mostly bits of body work prep. Not run since 1965, it does at least turn over on the starter freely. Today it was the "lets get this thing started day" A lot of fiddling with the electrics got us ( and a heavy duty 12v battery) to the stage where the genuine 1960's sparking plugs burst into life As you can tell from the commentary this was a huge family occasion with three generations present. t Then we set about feeding the car with petrol, though this was after bolting the cylinder head back down ( no torque wrench here, just a big spanner and a "thats tight" attitude) Sadly after a Heath Robinson affair involving a funnel, the top of a wood glue bottle, some rubber hose and a couple of coke cans worth of unleaded we were no nearer, even trying to get it running on fumes wasnt working. By this point it was late and we buggered off in for our tea. Hopefully in a couple of weeks it should be running. Then its on with a gusto with the body work. A pair of headlamp bowls were proving very difficult to part company with the light bar, they seem to be held in place with a brass washer that almost seemed to be shrink to fit. I was in danger of wrecking either the bowl or the washer so admitted defeat with that today. Heat and swearing clearly wasnt working, but then the whole lamp bar was working as a giant heat sink and clearly too much for the soldering torch. Everyone needs a tin of rusty big ends
  3. Negative feedback happens, I got one from some mouth breather who emailed to tell me that a rug I had sent her had been delivered by MyHerpes but pushed through an open kitchen window into a sink of bleach whilst she was out. "Oh dear" I said, "thats terrible - I wont use them again, but thanks for letting me know you got it and it was the courier that damaged it. If I were you I would complain to them" Negative feedback received saying the rug wasnt like the picture but was all faded and washed out looking. I got over it. You can "follow up" a feedback comment and put your 2pennorth in.
  4. I have them on the MicraShed, but only on the driven wheels ( the non driven ones have decent enough radials with plenty of tread). Never had a problem in snow. Generally leave them on until they wear out as they are OK in the wet. Not great, but good enough for me.
  5. White Metro makes me want to cry - i want to bring it home and love it.
  6. Is 1992 too new for you? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1992-VOLVO-240-TORSLANDA-WHITE-ESTATE-7-SEATER-NEW-MOT-TOW-BAR-1-PREVIOUS-/121502176293?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item1c4a181425
  7. Whats with the press studs?
  8. A number of the mental health nurses where I work have lease cars through Thompsons (what took over the old "crown cars" service) - supposedly great and not mega expensive, until they come to hand them back and they [Thompsons] go over them with a fine toothed comb and bill you for any blemishes to the car. One girl had a mint looking Jimny which cost her £900 back in 2005 because of some stone chips and a parking ding. Bollocks to that for a game of soldiers - I'll just claim the 54p/mile and keep my old shitter on the road a bit longer thanks.
  9. £250 a month = £1000 in 4 months saving up - some superb chod around the bag of sand mark
  10. Holy fuck - what did I just look at? Lings cars... Bought a car once on HP - never ever ever again. Never.
  11. There are a number of shite over style cars I really like. I have to justify it to the wife when I pitch up with one in tow.
  12. Atlantic 252, used to shut down at 7pm IIRC due to drowning out everything for miles around
  13. Each to his own, in my works locker is a photo of Anneka Rice and a signed Rolfaroo
  14. Ah well, Im clearly too busy chasing chod to check every single post in every single thread.
  15. Meanwhile, somewhere far, far away.... http://cars.donedeal.co.uk/vintagecars-for-sale/rover-sd1-3-5-v8-pick-up-lpg-45mpg-manual/8293965
  16. http://youtu.be/y-4JqsXozaI9 "Spong"
  17. Ah... That explains it - I was getting a distinct feeiling of Deja Vu about the floor repairs.... Its been annoying me all morning whilst doling out the Tramadol.
  18. WIN this winter http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1992-FORD-SIERRA-GHIA-2-0L-4X4-ESTATE-BLUE-METALLIC-/261694193608?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3cee307fc8
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