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Barrow Wheels: RESURRECTION!


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Let's have a few more, shall we?



Now this was a golden moment.  I just pulled in to Barry&Quentin's DIY emporium and spotted these two together, with an empty space alongside.  Well it had to be done, didn't it?




Bonus shite in this one: that's my bike against the empty shop in the background!  First time out this year, and being the Shite it is, one of the brake cables detached itself from the lever.  The brakes aren't much good anyway, so a spot of fettling is called for.  It's an Eddy Merckx Giro d'Italia.


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Time for some more, and stand by for something special at the end.  No reading ahead now!

Let's begin with a P38 that seems to have been a part-ex at a local dealer.  Someone's bought it, I see it often just over the railway from me.


There's a story to these two, I might make another thread out of it...


Now here's a shonky old Sprinter if ever I saw one.  Check out that rear arch!


Rover Metro that I spotted one morning at work...


This has turned up wearing For Sale signs, near my work.  Makes my MR2 look concours!


Spotted this left-hooker in Ulverston and just happened to be quick enough on the draw!


Particularly shonky Blondemobile that I see most days...


Just thought this deserved a photo somehow...


Red Rover belongs to a friend...


And now, ladies and gentlemen, for your delectation and delight, at long last....


Yes, the 190 taxi!  I got it!  B&Q today. 


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Another great selection there Eddy.
Is there anything more miserable than a rusty, pogweaseled van in northern English drizzle? I think not.


Red Rover belongs to a friend...

Not me this time :)

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Excellent spots there Eddy, that Volvo is a bit of alright...



Now here's a shonky old Sprinter if ever I saw one.  Check out that rear arch!


*Photo of a manky Sprinter*


I've always wondered how Mercedes managed to make vans that are water soluble and retain a reputation for excellence? Even the current generation seem more adept than most at fizzing away. 

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I've wondered the same many times.  It wouldn't matter quite so much if they were in any way nice to drive, but they're not, at all. 

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Deffo a banger racer, so entirely possible, I'm afraid he will have to confirm or deny though.  Over to you Dave...

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I've had to go all the way to page 9 to resurrect this... so, have some more treats.

First up, one of three or four Almeras I see around town, all with frilly sills...


Chrome-bumper conversion on a Midget 1500...


Daimler on his hols, last Saturday when it was thrashing down on me!  This was the second shot, I messed up the first as he passed my van.


I remember these kits from 40 years ago (I'm so ooooooooooooold!) but rarely did they look this good.  This one was in Barrow last Sunday (look at the difference in the weather!) wearing a For Sale sign.


I was following this yesterday, not sure if it's been done by brush or spray but it's pure Shite, whichever...


This beauty was on my way home from work today...


Now look at the back window...


I mean, wow.  And as if that wasn't wow enough...


Am I allowed to nominate one of my own for a Calendar Shot?  Cos I think I just did one there!

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Amazingly, I've accumulated a few more already...









Couple of unexpected treats in that lot, I think you'll agree!

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I've shown the Capri before, it'll be earlier in this thread.  There are two sitting at the garage in Ulverston where I take my cars.  They never seem to leave!  Having had two Capris now, I'd rather have a Mustang if I'm going to buy a Ford coupe ever again... I've near-missed two.

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Fine let you off, didn't realise that  :?


Whats the MR2 like to live with? There is one local to me down here in Essex that keeps winking at me on Autotrader

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MR2 is surprisingly practical to live with. Be aware that while the seats are very comfy, it's a long way down to them! The rear boot is quite roomy so you can do your weekly shop with confidence. It feels like it's exactly the right thing for a lone commute, especially if you have some open road along the way. Be careful where you park, because you need to be able to open the door all the way so you can get in! Budget for a cambelt as there's no mention of it in the advert, but the basic price doesn't seem out of order. Good luck!

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Time for a few more...


Spridget was at Martin's garage, indeed still is, or at least was a week ago.

There's a local chapter of one of the Rover clubs that has an annual outing in this area, and they meet at a hotel that I deliver to...






Scammell was parked up beside a car-boot sale, it was the best thing about the entire morning...


I drove past one morning on my rounds and thought, oh a Bagheera, I'll come back later and get a snap.  When I came back I realised it was in fact a Pontiac Fiero!


I was following this Mini one morning in my work van, couldn't resist a shot...


Even hospital-visiting you should have a camera with you; MrsR spotted this P5B on Queen's Drive in Liverpool after we'd been to see an old friend in the Royal.  I was in the right-turning lane so just had to hit maximum zoom...


C15 camper was at Pets At Home...


Right across the road from the bakery we have a public car park and you never know what will turn up...


LDV appears to be still earning a crust (sorry!)


Don't know if this is a genuine Lotus but thought it was lovely anyway...


And finally, from this very morning, a 1989 Toyota 4x4 outside the local hospital.  Crusty tailgate makes me wonder how long it has left...



To be continued, obviously... :-D


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Fairground Scammell is an I Spy Red Letter Day, I reckon....Nice P4 action too, I am pretty sure that Cyclops lived down our way not too long ago....

Good stuff, I must start carrying my camera around again

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Yes you must!  If only to catch sights like these...


Capri (above) and battered Fiat (below) were parked almost together by my local post office.  The Capri belongs to my builder's niece...


I drove past this little Austin one day in the work van and couldn't resist...


Inevitably if it's American, I'm going to force the Mercury into shot...


Poor old Mini van is supposedly somebody's project...


As, I think, are these two...


Clio (above) and Xsara (below) were parked opposite each other for weeks, getting covered in leaf mould and stuff.  The Clio has now been moved, to where I do not know.


Spotted the Minor in the next street while walking my dog...


Been trying to get this Audi for months!


Also this Saabillac...




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I like the minor van with added rear windows. Home conversion?

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A couple more for you...

I spotted this SD1 at  a local scrappy as I set out on my rounds one morning, so obviously I had to stop and get the snap!  It's a 2.6 according to the badge.


On the way to Ulverston to pick up my Mercury from the garage I saw this on a pub car park; again, I just had to stop!  1965 Humber Imperial, lush!


And finally... I was in Kendal on Friday, and from the depths of a charity shop I could hear something heavy idling in the traffic outside.  It was so lumpy I thought it was a JCB telehandler or some such, until I came back to the front and realised it was a V8.  Then I stepped outside... 1973 Ford Gran Torino!  Score!


It sounded just like an old American V8 should, all lumpy and full of snarl.  Beat that, Radio 2!


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Had that shitey Cadillac follow me out of Barrow last week, and saw the Humber waft past me in Ulverston a few weeks back. Good spots! I've seen loads of suitable stuff in the area lately but not got any photos :(

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I think it was, yes.  It had a strong look of a disreputable ghetto-racer about it, which I thought suited it perfectly.  The driver was a young Oriental who fitted with it as if designed by Ford.

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Yes you must!  If only to catch sights like these...


Capri (above) and battered Fiat (below) were parked almost together by my local post office.  The Capri belongs to my builder's niece...

Spotted that Capri out and about recently. I assume you'll know what I mean when I say 'Phwoarrrrrrr'

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I'm having to go back further than I expected with these.  The first two date from before our Cyprus trip, I can't believe I haven't posted them already, but apparently I haven't, so here they are...


It's well-enough known around here that I'm no fan of German cars, but even I have to admire this.

And as if one wasn't enough, look, here's another!  Spotted at my neighbouring garage, looking suitably disreputable.  We could almost be in 1989 here.


The rest are since we returned, starting in Ulverston with a Renault Master that doesn't seem to leave this spot.


Trip to Asda yielded a 205...


There are still Capris about, this one appears to be a newcomer.


A mate wanted me to go with him to look at a classic, this is what he found (and didn't buy):


This was across the road...


My toy fair trip wasn't a total waste, this was outside...


Back on the mean streets of Barrow, and here's one for the LDV pervs...


Here's what Gary bought instead of the Spitfire...


And finishing where we started, with the Germans...


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 a Renault Master that doesn't seem to leave this spot.


So no sooner did I post this, than it drove past me yesterday!  I guess that means it does work.  Still looks like it's spent five years under a tree though.

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