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The Price is SHITE!


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Sorry chaps, I completely forgot all about this last Tuesday after posting that there was only a few hours to go on Monday.


As for the Jeep, black is the wrong colour for one of those and they're not big enough to carry bodies out to the forest, so the market is limited.

I suspect a relist after the top bidder of £4,124 gets cold feet realising that they need a ladder to get in it.

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Are people stupid bidding that up? That sold last week at SWVA for £500 plus commission. The Ebay vendor hasn't even bothered with taking their own pictures.

Opel Manta GTE 1985 - South Western Vehicle Auctions Ltd (swva.co.uk)

That's gonna get relisted after the top bidder (at £3,500) views what he has bid and runs away quickly making excuses that the car was not correctly listed etc etc.

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£2,800 with the inevitable immediate relist, which it will do again and again until it goes for a bit more than it was won for at auction. I love a Manta and they have their fans, (on here anyway) but it's not well described. I mean, at least open the bonnet and see if the oily bits are still there.

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Just in from Greece


A few words about the car on sale
This example was bought in 2013 from south Greece in very good body condition, without crash damage or rust in crucial parts, with a perfect interior, complete with all its original parts except for the engine, which was replaced by a similar later one 1600 cc and 90 bhp, and which combined with the car's low weight (<850 kg) gives this little Fiat "wings".

Some minor repairs - maintainance have been performed (brakes - starter motor - electrics), also some light bodywork - painting where was deemed necessary to reach a stable and reliable condition.

It has a 5 speed gearbox and thus relatively small fuel consumption, and can easily travel far, giving many classic rally rivals a run for their money in regularity and why not in sporting category. Additionally, thanks to low tax and insurance costs it can very finely make a pleasant and stylish every-day-car with spirit and nerve when needed.


Rare in the UK now.


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I just want to point out the choice of this is nothing to do with me:



Ex-salvage Vauxhall VX220 looking a bit ravaged and has been a front garden ornament for a few years.  Bidding seems to be at £2,055.00 from the seller's mates honest bidders.  The seller also has a non-fucked one up for auction as well as a pile of parts from a third one.  A whisker under four days to go. 

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