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The Price is SHITE!


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23 hours ago, CaptainBoom said:

@TheOtherStu Come on down, you've won The Price is Shite!


Why thank you! I can't wait for my ..... prize ūü§£

Well, you'll see from my avatar that I'm sceptical of anyone who says "Barn find". They're normally some old shite that's been sitting in a yard, with the hope that someday they'll get round to fixing it (I know many of you have similar "projects" in your yards)

So let me introduce you to the this 1983 Starion. It clearly has lots of interest, because it's still got 6 days left and has 13 bids



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11 hours ago, grogee said:

£7k on the nose. A more eighties slice of Japanese goodness you could not find. 

Look at what mk2 rx-7s are going for these days

Oh I'm well aware what it is. I'd happily own one.

It's the whole "barn find" nonsense. Why can't people say what it is?

"I've been storing this in my garage,  hoping to get round to restoring it. But I'm a lazy fucker and I prefer going fishing with my pals and it's just rotting away, so I'm hoping someone will pay strong money for the seized engine and rotten floorpan"

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Not a bad description and seller seems friendly and helpful in his replies.

It's rolling and not siezed but I think truthfully you'd want to hear that running before committing mega ££££ to it.

However, I'd say without doubt if you've bothered turn it over by hand to check it's not siezed, and put a battery on it to "test the electrics" then I'm sure you've tried to start it, and failed and now can't be arsed spending weeks with fuel cans/impromptu pumps, tracing out many silly wiring/immobiliser faults and so on.

A ULEZ/tax/MOT exempt cool car does appeal to many I'm sure but to have the bollox to go forth with more than £5001 for it I think would be optimistic.

If he's playing clever and "miraculously" gets it to start just before auction end with a "smoky turbo from sitting" then my number could be miles out.

So I say £5001.01

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After much dicking about here is the bid history.


The highest actual bid was £2300 but as the £2000 came in after that, I reckon that the bid would have been on £2020 when the seller shithoused the auction?

If you're happy with that as a result then looks like it's my turn

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£1950. Will be stripped of mechanicals and then shell sold on as barn find project.


Last MoT

2 January 2020
32,823 miles
Expiry date
1 January 2021
Repair as soon as possible (minor defects):
Nearside Front Outer Steering rack gaiter damaged or deteriorated, but preventing the ingress of dirt (2.1.3 (g) (i))
Offside Front Outer Steering rack gaiter damaged or deteriorated, but preventing the ingress of dirt (2.1.3 (g) (i))
Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories):
Front Outer both front outer sills coroded

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On 26/06/2023 at 21:04, CaptainBoom said:

I'm going to offer £1,750.00 and the lucky* buyer will find that the rubber floor mats are structural

Boom_daughter says 1,416.00 with a mummified Bounty bar under the drivers seat

Ended at £1245 so Boom_daughter is the winnar

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I did the Geography Homework and to continue the blue pickup theme, boom_daughter found this...


Finishes at Sunday lunchtime, it's currently at £310 with 15 bids from six bidders

Volkswagen caddy mk1 1.6 diesel project classic cars vw pick up - Picture 1 of 17

1990/1 VW Caddy Pickup 1.6 in derv

Let's list what it has going for it:

  • Nothing, it's end of life utter grot.¬† It needs to be folded up and cubed.

List of viability for Price is Shite:

  • It's gopping, check
  • Very frilly in all of the wrong places, check
  • The seller is a bombsite dealer with 75% positive feedback score, check
  • It's been towed by the plastic front bumper, check
  • Stinging nettles growing inside the bulkhead, check
  • Number plate says EEW, check

NB, it has this winning contradictory feedback:


It's her birthday today and she's well pleased to be part of the game.

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